Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 447

“Shiyuan, Brother Yi promised to take us in!” Li Shiping hung up the phone with some excitement, and said to Wang Shiyuan.
Wang Shiyuan looked surprised: “Really?”
“Of course it is true! Brother Yi and the son of the president of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce are friends. Tonight, the son of the President of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce will attend Miss Chu’s birthday dinner. After Wan square meters follow the young man, you can go in…” Li Shiping was smug.
“World Ping, you are great.” Wang Shiyuan was so excited, she hugged Li Shiping and offered a kiss on her own initiative, without any concern that this was a public area.
After being kissed by Wang Shiyuan, Li Shiping suddenly felt a little airy.
“Shiyuan, you have to dress nicely at night. In addition to our top dignitaries in China Shipping, there are many heirs of chaebols from other countries who attend Miss Chu’s birthday dinner. If you want to be friends with these people, decent dress is the best. Basically.”
Li Shiping looks like a person coming over. If the face of a woman is a face, figure and clothes, then the face of a man is much simpler, just two words: woman!
What kind of woman does a man bring? , It can reflect what kind of taste and grade this man has.
Tonight, whether he can be respected or not is highly likely to depend on Wang Shiyuan.
If Wang Shiyuan is beautifully dressed and amazes the audience, then his grade will naturally rise.
“Yeah, I understand.” Wang Shiyuan nodded her head, attending Miss Chu’s birthday party as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Naturally, she should cherish it. If she can meet a few celebrities and girlfriends at the birthday party, then she can be considered a half-footed. People in the upper class.
“It’s okay to understand, I’ll take you to buy some clothes and bags later, and then we will go there at night.” Li Shiping smiled flatly.
“Thank you, Shiping, you are so kind to me.” Wang Shiyuan had a sweet face.
Li Shiping chuckled. Although his mouth was relaxed, his heart was dripping blood at this moment. Buying a few clothes and bags for Wang Shiyuan is not something that can come out of thousands or tens of thousands, at least one hundred thousand.
But for the evening dinner, no matter how much money you have to pay.
In terms of their public personality, it is impossible to hide something worth showing off, so in less than one morning, the news that the two were going to attend Miss Chu’s birthday party spread to a small company.
Most people are envious of this.
Of course, there are also a small group of people who secretly ridicule, thinking that Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan’s actions are purely self-deceiving. If the mud loach in the river gets a little bit of water, they really treat themselves as seafood?
“Will you attend a birthday dinner for Chu Celadon soon? Look at that bastard Li Shiping, how is he crazy today? People who don’t know thought he was going to the birthday dinner of the head of Zhonghai City.” Li Le has some Unhappy, Li Shiping seemed to be afraid that others would not know that he would take Wang Shiyuan to the Chu Celadon birthday dinner in the evening, and he would almost say it today.
Chen Feng smiled faintly, and didn’t say anything. There is a reason why Li Shiping was so proud. In a sense, the status and status of the city leader of Zhonghai City is really inferior to Chu celadon.
Being able to participate in Chu Celadon’s birthday dinner, Li Shiping does have some energy. He is understandable to show off, but the show off is a bit too much.
“Brother Feng…” Li Le was about to complain a few words, but at this moment, Chen Feng’s cell phone rang.
Chen Feng picked up the phone, glanced at the caller ID, and immediately looked strange.
Really… Cao Cao will be here.
“Brother Feng, are you free tonight?” After the call was connected, a sweet voice came.
Without waiting for Chen Feng to speak, the sweet voice on the other end of the phone said: “Don’t say no.”
“You said so, what else can I say?” Chen Feng gave a wry smile, and it was Chu Celadon who called him.
“Hee hee.”
“Well, I won’t tease you, Brother Feng, for my birthday tonight, you can’t come to Chu Mansion. My eldest brother said they would like to thank you face to face for saving my life.” Chu celadon belt With a little playful way.
“What time?” Chen Feng asked after a moment of indulgence. If nothing happened at night, he could go there. In the eyes of outsiders, his relationship with the Chu family is now unclear.
“Seven o’clock.”
“Okay, I will come.” Chen Feng nodded.
“A word is settled.” Chu Celadon smiled.
“By the way, Brother Feng, you must call me in advance before you come, so that I can go out and pick you up.” Chu Celadon exhorted again.
“Okay, no problem.” Chen Feng smiled. The birthday dinner hosted by a wealthy family like the Chu family is not the same as the birthday dinner hosted by ordinary people. For ordinary people’s birthday dinner, guests can come if they want. Birthday dinner, but only those who are qualified to come can come.
As for who is eligible, the Chu family has the final say.
Generally speaking, more than ten days before the start of the banquet, the Chu family will send invitations to those who are eligible to participate in the banquet. These people are either the Chu family’s community of interests and have various cooperation with the Chu family, or they are the political and business people of Zhonghai City. Celebrities, in short, they are all in the upper class of Zhonghai City.
The invitation card of the Chu family is a kind of authentication of their identity.
The reason why Li Shiping tried his best to attend Chu Celadon’s birthday dinner was to get in touch with these upper-class people who were certified by the Chu family.
If he can get in touch with these people, it is no exaggeration to say that he can fight for decades less in the future.
This is the greatest role of the powerful, and it can shorten the struggle of most ordinary people by half, or even two-thirds.
After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng glanced at Li Le, and then suddenly asked: “Li Le, Chu Celadon’s birthday dinner, are you going?”
“Go…wait!” Li Le just subconsciously agreed. But when he was halfway through the conversation, he was stunned, and then he stuttered: “Brother Feng, you… whose birthday party do you mean?”
“Chu Celadon.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Damn, Brother Feng, are you kidding me?!” Li Le looked incredulous.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled: “Go or not?”
“Go, how can you not go with such a good opportunity to meet the world? But… Brother Feng, you didn’t lie to me? The Chu celadon you mentioned, tell Li Shiping Is that Chu celadon a person?” Li Le was still suspicious. Li Shiping asked his grandpa to tell his grandma to get the chance to attend the Chu celadon birthday dinner. But when Chen Feng was here, someone took the initiative to call Chen Feng and ask Chen Peak past.
The gap between this is too big.
It was so big that Li Le felt that this was a bit untrue.

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