Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 448

“Is it the same person? You’ll know if you go.” Chen Feng smiled. In fact, he took Li Le over. He had some consideration. First of all, Li Le is a good person and trustworthy. What he lacks is a face to face. Opportunity.
And this Chu Celadon’s birthday dinner can just give him this opportunity.
Not to mention how many celebrities and dignitaries can be met by Li Le, but it can definitely make Li Le see and see.
These insights and insights will play a vital role in Li Le’s future development.
“Okay, I’ll go.” Li Le nodded his head. If what Chen Feng said was true this time, then Chen Feng did this for only one purpose: Chen Feng wanted to help him.
So he can’t live up to Chen Feng’s expectations.
Even if there were swords and fires at the birthday dinner of the Chu family, he had to step over.
Time soon came to the evening.
Under the shroud of bright lights, Zhonghai, an international metropolis, shone with charming brilliance.
Chen Feng did not go to the Chu Mansion for the first time, but drove to the antique market and picked a jade bracelet for Chu celadon.
The value of the bracelet is not high, only seven or eight thousand.
When he saw Chen Feng asked the clerk to wrap the bracelet, Li Le suddenly showed a surprised expression: “Brother Feng, you will give this to Miss Chu?”
Chen Feng smiled slightly, “What’s wrong, can’t it? ”
“Of course not, Brother Feng, Ms. Chu is the hottest female star in China in recent years. With seven or eight thousand bracelets, you are more than enough to give to ordinary people, but if you give it to someone like Ms. Chu, I’m afraid. It won’t be accepted.” Li Shiping said very tactfully. In his opinion, Chen Feng’s gift is indeed a bit shabby. In order to please Chu celadon, Li Shiping bought an ancient painting worth more than 100,000 yuan, and Chen Feng bought it. The bracelets are worth less than 10,000.
In front of a wealthy lady like Chu Celadon, a gift worth less than 10,000 may not even be as good as a toy.
“Don’t worry, she will accept it.” Chen Feng smiled slightly. He understood that Chu celadon was not a kind of snob, gifts of thousands of dollars, and gifts of millions. In her eyes, it was not that big. the difference.
The important thing depends on who gave the gift.
In addition, it is not that Chen Feng can’t afford to give expensive gifts. If he wants to, he can afford even tens of millions of gifts, but there is no need.
Firstly, his relationship with Chu celadon has not reached that point, and secondly, he doesn’t need to prove himself to Chu celadon. Therefore, it is most appropriate to choose a gift that is neither expensive nor cheap.
“Okay.” Although he still had doubts about Chen Feng, the gifts were already wrapped, and Li Le couldn’t say anything else.
Soon, the two drove to Chu Mansion.
When I arrived at Chu Mansion, it was exactly seven o’clock.
In front of the Chu Mansion, all kinds of luxury cars were already parked.
“Brother Feng, what should I do if there is no parking space outside?” Li Le played the role of a driver today. The first time he came to such a place, he would inevitably feel a little nervous, especially when he saw that there were hundreds of After tens of thousands, even tens of millions of luxury cars, this tension is even more obvious.
If this is accidentally scratched, he will not be able to explain it here for the rest of his life.
“Keep going inside, there should be an underground parking lot inside.” Chen Feng sitting in the co-pilot glanced out the window and said.
The Chu Mansion is Chu’s own hotel. All facilities of this hotel are built according to the standards of a five-star hotel. Unlike a five-star hotel, the Chu Mansion is not open to the public on weekdays and is only used for reception. The guests of the Chu family or the Chu family hosted some banquets.
For hotels like this, in addition to open-air parking lots, there should be underground parking lots.
Following Chen Feng’s guidance, Li Le continued to drove a few hundred meters inward, and he really saw a passage leading to the parking lot of the vehicle.
However, after entering the underground parking lot, Li Le discovered that there was only one parking space left in the entire underground parking lot.
“Just stop here.”
“Okay, Brother Feng, wait for me to reverse.” Li Le nodded, and immediately put the car into gear, preparing to park the car in the parking space.
At this moment, a red phantom suddenly flashed in front of him.
Immediately, a big red Lamborghini occupied the only parking space.
Li Le honked his horn dissatisfied.
However, the owner of the Lamborghini didn’t seem to hear it, and skillfully turned off the engine, then opened the butterfly door and walked off the main driver.
With the help of the car lights, Chen Feng finally saw the appearance of the Lamborghini owner who had occupied Li Le’s parking space.
This is a handsome young man about twenty-four or five years old, dyed with fashionable yellow hair.
The handsome young man wears a black stud in his left ear, and his expression looks extremely shameless.
After getting off the car, the handsome young man did not leave immediately. Instead, he took out the cigarette case from his pocket, then smoked a cigarette from the cigarette case and held it in his mouth.
After the young man took the cigarette into his mouth, soon, the tall beauty with a net red face who came down from the co-pilot came to him and respectfully lit a cigarette for him.
Full of style!
At this time, Li Le, who got off the car to prepare for theory, happened to be in front of the youth.
Before Li Le spoke, the young man spit out a smoke ring on Li Le’s face.
Although he was extremely upset in his heart, Li Le didn’t get angry for the first time. The Lamborghini opened by this young man is a domestic limited model. There are only less than ten cars in China, and the average price per car is 10 million!
People who can afford to drive a car of 10 million must have little background.
So Li Le’s attitude is very polite.
“Hello, I saw this parking space first…”
“What did you see first, is yours?” The young man sneered, and interrupted Li Le before he could finish.
“Friend, you have to talk about first come first.” Li Leqiang said angrily.
“Come first, come later?” The young man took a look at Li Le’s clothes, and then dismissed him with a smile: “You deserve it too?”
“What are you? Give me a fool, I don’t have the time to take care of you now.” Without reasoning with Li Le, he raised his hand and slapped Li Le’s face.
After a clear applause, five blood-red finger prints appeared on Li Le’s face.
But the young man was like a okay person, already smiling and hugging the waist of the red-faced beauty, ready to leave.
At this moment, Chen Feng’s cold voice sounded. The young man stopped and turned to his side. The smiley face of hippie disappeared in an instant, and turned to a very gloomy look: “Is it shameless to face?”
“Apologize to him.” Chen Feng came to the youth coldly and spoke calmly.
“Apologize to him?” When the young man heard Chen Feng’s words, he seemed to have heard some big joke, his expression was extremely exaggerated, and then he was sullen for a moment: “What if I am wrong?”

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