Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 452

“This person can’t dare to eat the bear heart leopard. In places like Chu Mansion, they dare to turn the window and come in.”
Everyone turned their eyes to Li Le and Li Shiping.
Li Le’s expression didn’t change much, and his face was still calm.
Li Shiping was proud. Before entering the field, he was still thinking about how to make a splash on the court. Unexpectedly, Li Le gave him the opportunity in a blink of an eye.
“Chen Feng brought you in, didn’t you?” Li Shiping’s eyes gleamed fiercely. He didn’t have much hatred with Li Le, but with Chen Feng, Liang Zi had grown up. So, such a good revenge. Chen Feng’s opportunity, he would not let it go.
“I brought him in.”
At this moment , Chen Feng smiled and walked over and stood with Li Le.
Seeing Chen Feng daring to admit it, Li Shiping’s expression suddenly became more excited, but in the presence of so many people, he couldn’t express this excitement. He just said coldly: “Do you know what place this is? ”
I know, this is Chu Mansion.” Chen Feng said lightly.
“Knowing that this is the Mansion of Chu, you dare to sneak in through the window. You are brave, but you are really big.” Li Shiping sneered. At this moment, he probably knows why Chen Feng appeared here. It was nothing more than hearing him in the morning. In the company, he said that he would attend a Chu celadon birthday party in the evening, and then jealous, so I wanted to come in and meet the world.
It’s a pity, this is Chu Mansion!
It was the Chu family that hosted this dinner!
Entering into the birthday dinner of the Chu family, it’s almost death!
“Who said we came in secretly through the window?” Chen Feng smiled faintly, “Why don’t we come in openly.”
“Frankly?” Li Shiping sneered again and again: “Chen Feng, are you all fools?”
“Ms. Chu’s dinner tonight, only those who have an invitation from the Chu family are eligible to participate, and you and Li Le are not in the Chu family. Invitation card!”
“Excuse me , how did you two walk in openly?!” Li Shiping gave a generous statement on his face, as if he were the protagonist of the banquet.
In this scene, the beautiful eyes she looked at Wang Shiyuan next to her were shining, and she admired her, and she said in her heart that she deserved to be the man she had chosen. Although he was of average origin, he can still show off on this occasion.
“Who told you that only those who have invitations from the Chu family are eligible to participate in Miss Chu’s birthday dinner?” Chen Feng raised his mouth with a hint of playfulness. He didn’t want to care about Li Shiping too much, but Li Shiping, the clown, is always Every time I have to take the initiative to bring his face up and let him fight, he is also very embarrassed…
“What do you mean?” Li Shiping frowned, how do you listen to Chen Feng’s meaning, Chu Celadon’s birthday dinner, except for the Chu family invitation, Are there other ways to participate?
“It doesn’t mean anything, just to tell you, Ms. Chu’s birthday dinner can be invited by Ms. Chu in addition to the invitation card of the Chu family.”
Was Ms. Chu invited to participate? !
Li Shiping looked weird for a while, this waste, is it possible that his brain is flooded?
Invited by Miss Chu to participate, how can he say such words?
Not only Li Shiping, but the many guests in the venue were also questioning.
“Ms. Chu invited to participate? Why haven’t I heard of this way?”
“I have never heard of it either. I think he is talking nonsense.”
“He must be talking nonsense. Everyone in the venue is through the invitation of the Chu family. No one who came in was invited by Miss Chu.”
“They must have sneaked in through the window.”
“In addition, even if Miss Chu invites this way, do you think they are worthy?” Someone snorted coldly.
The clothes of Chen Feng and Li Le look like a street vendor. To put it awkwardly, all the clothes of the two of them combined are not as valuable as the underwear of one of them. How could such a person be eligible for Chu celadon invite?
“Definitely not worthy!”
“The two of them are two dicks at first sight. I don’t know where I heard the news that Ms. Chu is celebrating her birthday, so I want to sneak in to meet the world.”
“I think they didn’t come in to meet the world.” Yes, the two of them came in to eat, hahaha, you may not have seen the scene where the two of them were eating like a starving ghost.”
Several celebrities stood together and sneered. In fact, Li Shiping had found fault as early as Li Shiping. Before, they had noticed Chen Feng and Li Le. Compared with the others in the court, the actions of these two were so prominent that it was difficult for people not to notice.
Others are here to talk about business and expand their contacts, while Chen Feng and Li Le come here as if they are eating, and they almost see everything in their mouths.
Seeing that he succeeded in making Chen Feng and Li Le the target of the crowd, Li Shiping was immediately even more proud.
He took a step forward and stood in the eyes of everyone: “I’ll tell you, I actually know these two people. He is called Chen Feng. He was a son-in-law before. He is called Li Le. Now I work in our Kangmei Group, but it’s just a small grassroots employee.”
“The reason why I say so much is to tell everyone that these two people cannot be related to Miss Chu anyway, and they are even less likely to get it. An invitation from the Chu family!”
“They came in sneakily!” Li Shiping pointed at Chen Feng and Li Le, quite a bit of swearing at Fang Qiu.
After Li Shiping revealed the identities of Chen Feng and Li Le, many guests who were still on the sidelines suddenly stood up.
“It turned out to be the son-in-law?!”
“My son-in-law dare to come to this place! Who gave him the courage? Liang Jingru?!”
“Hurry up and let him get out!”
“Yes, let him get out! Miss Chu’s birthday dinner, let a son-in-law come in , It is an insult to Miss Chu!”
“Hahaha, trash, did you hear that? In some places, the door-to-door son-in-law can’t come. If they are found, they will be driven out.” At this time, Li Shiping had a face. He was proud, just like a villain.
In this regard, Chen Feng and Li Le disdainfully smiled and ignored them.
Soon, the movement here attracted the attention of the waiter in the banquet hall. Several security guards rushed over in black and came to Chen Feng and Li Le.
“Sir, please show your invitation card.”
“They have no invitation card.” Before Chen Feng and Li Le talked, Li Shiping spoke gleefully.
The head security guard ignored Li Shiping, but turned his attention to Chen Feng.
“We have no invitations.” Chen Feng said calmly.
“No invitations?” The headed security guard looked cold: “Then how did you get in?”
“Housekeeper Zhou.” Chen Feng faintly spit out three words, and the headed security guard was shocked.
“Steward Zhou brought us in.” Seeing that the security guard did not seem to understand what Chen Feng meant, Li Le added.

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