Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 451

“I will remember.” Li Le glanced at Chen Feng with some gratitude. Chen Feng’s move was naturally to cultivate his courage. At the same time, he also believed that Chen Feng’s true identity was by no means simple.
At least not one Yuwenbo can compare.
After slapped Yuwenbo two slaps, Li Le’s courage was obviously much bigger. He walked up to Yuwenbo and pulled out the car key from Yuwenbo’s pocket.
Then he drove Yuwenbo’s Lamborghini out of the parking space and parked Chen Feng’s Audi in it.
After all this was done, the two of them walked out of the underground parking lot in a big way.
At the gate of Chu Mansion, many guests consciously formed a queue, and then submitted invitations one by one at the gate. After security checks and confirmation of the correctness of the invitations, they could enter.
Seeing that everyone else had invitations, but Chen Feng and himself were empty-handed, Li Le couldn’t help but become nervous.
“Brother Feng…”
Li Lezheng was about to ask Chen Feng how to get in, but saw Chen Feng take out his cell phone and dial a number.
“Miss Chu, I’m here.”
“Brother Feng, I’m sorry. I suddenly encountered an accident and couldn’t get out. Can I ask Mrs. Zhou to pick you up?” On the other end of the call, Chu Celadon apologized slightly. Tao.
“Yes, my friend and I are at the door, and housekeeper Zhou can see it when he comes out.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Brother Feng, wait a minute, butler Zhou will come out immediately.”
“Okay.” After
Chen Feng hung up the phone, Li Le was relieved. If the butler from Chu Celadon came out to pick up the invitation, it was not important to invite invitations or something. .
A few minutes later, a vigorous old man in a suit and combing his back appeared at the door.
“Housekeeper Zhou.” After the old man appeared, the security guards at the door bowed and greeted the old man respectfully.
The old man nodded slightly. In the eyes of many security guards, he walked in front of Chen Feng and Li Le and bowed slightly: “Mr. Chen, Miss, she has something to do now and can’t get out, so let me pick you up.”
“Trouble with the steward Zhou.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. A big family like the Chu family generally had a high status as a steward in the clan. Chu Celadon had shown her sincerity by allowing steward Zhou to pick him up in person.
“Mr. Chen is polite.”
Manager Zhou smiled slightly, then turned his gaze to Li Le, and tentatively asked: “Mr. Chen, this is…”
“Li Le, my friend.”
“Mr. Li, hello. “Steward Zhou greeted him enthusiastically. Although Li Le looked like an ordinary person, he might have been brought here by Chen Feng. He must have been approved by Chen Feng.
With Chen Feng’s approval, even if it is an ordinary person, he should give enough attention.
“Housekeeper Zhou, hello.” Li Le’s performance was somewhat flattered, as if he didn’t expect Housekeeper Zhou to be so polite to him.
“Mr. Chen, Mr. Li, let’s go in, the dinner has already begun.”
With the personal leadership of Zhou’s housekeeper, the security at the door dare not ask the slightest question about the invitation, even the safety of Chen Feng and Li Le. The inspection procedures are saved.
Seeing Chen Feng and Li Le being brought into the lobby by Zhou’s housekeeper, the other guests waiting in line at the door were whispering to each other and began to talk about the background of Chen Feng and Li Le.
There were four to five hundred guests who came to the Chu family to attend the banquet tonight. Maybe the Chu family’s butler came out to greet them in person, but it was only Chen Feng and Li Le.
What are the identities of these two people?
“Mr. Chen, something happened to Miss. I need to go over and see. You and Mr. Li are waiting here for a while. If you need help, you can call the waiter in the lobby.”
Will Chen Feng and Li After Le led into the banquet hall, butler Zhou seemed to have something urgent, so he hurriedly told him and turned to leave.
No one followed, Chen Feng and Li Le also went to a leisurely pace and began to wander the hall at will.
Those who can attend this dinner are either elites from all walks of life or wealthy wealthy people. In short, there are not many simple ones.
They got together and celebrated Chu Celadon’s birthday is one aspect, and the more important aspect is to expand the network.
Chen Feng and Li Le came along and saw a lot of men and women talking in groups of three to five.
These men and women are well-dressed, and their conversation and cultivation are far beyond ordinary people.
In contrast, Chen Feng and Li Le looked a little shabby.
“Shiping, I seem to have seen that waste…” In a corner of the crowd, Wang Shiyuan pulled Li Shiping’s clothes corner, and said with some uncertainty.
“That waste?” Li Shiping was taken aback for a moment, and then reacted. Wang Shiyuan was talking about Chen Feng.
“Impossible! Baby, you must be mistaken, this kind of place, that waste can’t get in.” Li Shiping resolutely denied, this is the birthday party of the top celebrity Chu Celadon in Zhonghai City, even if it is him. , I also begged grandpa to tell grandma to take care of it, and finally came in, Chen Feng? A door-to-door son-in-law, why should he come in?
“No, I’m not mistaken, it seems that it is really that rubbish.” Wang Shiyuan was a little surprised, although it was far away, but Chen Feng’s casual appearance was really too eye-catching, and the other guests were all holding their feet. Cup, elegantly sipping red wine, and Chen Feng seemed to have never eaten anything before, slurping various exquisite pastries in front of the dining table.
“Impossible, baby, you must be nervous and dazzled. There is no invitation for that waste. He can’t enter…” Li Shiping wanted to continue to deny it, but just halfway through the conversation, he was stunned: ” Li Le?!”
” Li
Shiping ?” Li Shiping exclaimed, and it passed into Li Le’s ears. Li Le also noticed Li Shiping.
“How did you come in?!” After confirming that the person in front of him is not someone else, it is Li Le, a small employee of his company, Li Shiping’s complexion suddenly became gloomy, and at the same time he thought of a possibility. If Li Le is here, then Wang Shiyuan Chen Feng, whom I said before, is probably also here.
“Come in.” The corner of Li Le’s mouth raised a bit of playfulness. If Li Shiping asked him before, he would definitely answer in a solitary way, but now, after experiencing the two slaps of Yuwenbo just now, his courage has grown. That’s a lot, even if Li Shiping is the sales manager, in his eyes, that’s nothing more.
“You don’t have an invitation?” Li Shiping’s expression became even more gloomy.
“What if there is no?”
Li Le smiled faintly.
“What if there is no?” Li Shiping sneered, and then he suddenly yelled: “Li Le, you are so bold! How dare you sneak in through the window!”
After Li Shiping’s violent drink , the audience was silent.
Then, the crowd began to noisy.
“Someone came in through the window?”

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