Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 456

“Brother Chen Feng, as for me, I have a straight temper and don’t know how to bend with others, so I will tell you directly if I have anything to do.” Chu Yifei smiled heartily.
“Brother Chu, please tell me.”
“The reason why Celadon called you here today is because of two things.” Chu Yifei cleared his throat.
“First, thank you for saving celadon at the subway station a few days ago.”
“Your life-saving grace to celadon will be remembered in our entire Chu family. From now on, you will be our great benefactor. In the future, whenever you encounter any troubles, you can ask our Chu Family for help. If we can help, we will definitely help. If we can’t help, we will do our best to help!” Chu Yifei said solemnly.
Chen Feng immediately sternly said: “Brother Chu, you are too polite, I helped celadon, it is purely easy, not to plot something in the Chu family…” Chu
Yifei waved his hand: “Brother Chen Feng, you can’t do that. Say, you may not know what celadon means to our Chu family. She is not only the heart and soul of my grandfather, but also the jewel in the palm of everyone in our Chu family.”
“If she died in Cangzhou that day, Our Chu family will definitely use the strength of the whole family to avenge her. At that time, the entire Zhong Hai will flow blood into a river.”
“Of course, our Chu family will not be better. After all, there are many people waiting for us to make mistakes. Once we really fight for the celadon in Zhonghai, there will be people who are unclear about us.”
“So, it is no exaggeration to say that you not only saved the celadon, you also saved our Chu family.” Chu Yifei said with a serious face, Chu Celadon and the Chu family are indeed too special. The person who wants to kill Chu Celadon obviously understands this. Once Chu Celadon is killed, the old God of War will be furious. , The entire Zhonghai will become the Sea of ​​Blood of Shishan, and the Chu Family, which is at the center of the Sea of ​​Blood of Shishan, will naturally suffer a lot of energy.
“Brother Chu, you continue to talk about the second thing.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. He saved Chu Celadon that day. It was really unintentional, but he didn’t expect that when he came to Chu Yifei’s mouth, he saved the Chu family. ,
“this is the second thing is that I personally have a presumptuous request, hope Chen Feng brothers promise.” Chu Yifei discretion after a moment, laughing.
“Brother Chu, but said it’s okay.” Chen Feng smiled slightly.
“Brother Chen Feng can be my brother-in-law.” Chu Yifei said directly.
“What?” Chen Feng’s mouth grew up, his face was astonished, and he almost thought that there was a problem with his ears.
“I said, Brother Chen Feng, can you be me…”
Chu Yifei wanted to continue, but at this time, Chu Celadon interrupted with a blushing face:
“Oh, brother, what are you talking about?!”
Chu Celadon turned his gaze to Chen Feng again: “Well, Brother Feng, don’t listen to my eldest brother’s nonsense.”
“That’s right, my eldest brother means to let you be my boyfriend.”
“Huh?” Chen Feng Continue to look dumbfounded.
Chu Celadon hurriedly explained: “Not really my boyfriend, but pretending to be my boyfriend.”
“Pretending to be your boyfriend?” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that it was pretending.
“Well, the boyfriend who pretends to be celadon, all this is for the gambling between China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce in three days.” At this time, Chu Yifei smiled and explained.
“By the way, Brother Chen Feng, did you know about the three-day gambling between China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?”
” Have heard.” Chen Feng nodded slightly. As early as half a month ago, Shi Pojun had told He, gambling.
The gambling game was initiated by the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, which was jointly formed by the four major members of the Chinese Shipping Industry. The gambling was held every five o’clock. Each time it was held, both parties would pour huge amounts of gambling money. After the winner is divided, the winner takes all the gambling funds.
“Since you know about gambling and fighting, then I will make a long story short.”
“The gambling and fighting between China Shipping Chamber of Commerce and Qianshui Chamber of Commerce has been passed down for a long time. Since the establishment of the two major chambers of commerce, there has been a tradition of gambling and fighting. The gambling and fighting has a history of sixty years.”
“In the past, our gambling and fighting with Qianshui Chamber of Commerce were half-and-half. Basically, both sides had each other’s wins and losses. So after several gambling fights, there was no one. Take advantage of it.”
“In order to avoid this situation, both sides have increased their bargaining chips in this year’s gambling fight, from 50 billion each to 100 billion each!”
“One thousand Hundreds of millions?” Chen Feng squinted his eyes. One hundred billion is not a small amount. You know, this one hundred billion refers not to real assets, but cash flow.
Even for the Chen family, it is not easy to spend 100 billion in a short period of time.
This is not easy. It does not mean that the Chen family does not have 100 billion yuan, but that the Chen family cannot raise 100 billion in cash in a short period of time.
Most of the wealthy people’s assets exist in the form of equity, stocks and real estate. Few rich people keep their money in banks.
“Well, one hundred billion, plus the one hundred billion from the Thousand Waters Chamber of Commerce, makes a total of two hundred billion. The two hundred billion had already been hit on a special account of the Swiss bank a month ago. As long as the outcome of the gambling battle is announced, UBS will give 200 billion to the winner.” Chu Yifei said in a deep voice. Naturally, the 100 billion is not from the Chu family, but is shared equally among the families that join the China Shipping Chamber. However, the main contribution is still The Chu family, the Qin family, the Wang family, and the Song family, the four major families, each contributed 20 billion yuan, and the other large and small families collectively contributed 20 billion yuan and collected 100 billion yuan in gambling.
“Then, in this year’s gambling, in addition to the 200 billion bets, there are two more items.”
“It is not convenient for me to disclose the specifics of these two items, but I can tell you clearly that the value of these two items is much higher than the 200 billion!” Chu Yifei’s expression became rare and solemn. The gambling between the two chambers of commerce involves only cash bets, but this year, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce made it clear that in addition to the cash bets, the two parties would have to put out another item as a bet.
The specific value of the items is naturally equal. Both parties also have candidates for judging the equivalence of the items, so there is no such situation. The items taken by one party are expensive and the items taken out by the other party are cheap.
“Much higher than 200 billion?” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. What item could be worth more than 200 billion?
“Brother Chen Feng, I can’t reveal the specifics of those two objects. The only thing I can tell you is that the two objects were originally one, but for some historical reason, they were separated and the latter half It fell into the hands of the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, and the other half fell into the hands of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.” “This gambling battle, to put it bluntly, the two sides are actually focusing on the item, 200 billion is just a cover. “Chu Yifei said vaguely.

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