Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 455

I thought that Songdao Feng gave such an expensive gift, Chu Celadon would be seriously grateful no matter how, but who knows, Chu Celadon just smiled faintly, took the key and handed it to the steward Zhou.
“Thank you for the gift from Master Songdao.” After putting the key into the hands of the steward Zhou, Chu Celadon said to Songdao Feng not salty or indifferent.
From her look, people who didn’t know thought she received a gift of one hundred yuan instead of a yacht worth more than one billion.
“Miss Chu is polite.” Songdao Feng twitched the corners of his mouth, obviously also not expecting that a gift worth more than one billion would be exchanged for Chu Celadon’s reaction.
“By the way, Miss Chu, this is…” Fengfu Songdao turned his gaze to Chen Feng again. In fact, Li Yi had already told him Chen Feng’s identity when he entered the field before. Now he asked Chu Celadon. It’s just a gesture.
“Chen Feng, friend of celadon.” Before Chu Celadon could speak, Chen Feng said his identity lightly.
“It turned out to be Chen Fengjun, hello, Chen Fengjun, my name is Songdao Feng.” Songdao Feng smiled and stretched out his hand to Chen Feng, his attitude seemed quite enthusiastic.
“Hello.” Chen Feng also smiled slightly, then stretched out his hand and held Matsushima Feng together.
The Matsushima Maple in front of him, although he looks ugly and fat, but his identity is obviously not simple. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t appear on the stage and the audience would be breathless.
“Chen Fengjun, listened to Li Yi, your previous identity was a door-to-door son-in-law?”
Matsushima Feng narrowed his eyes again, and a playful light flashed through his eyes.
The complexions of the many guests in the venue became weird. Matsushima Maple was… it was clear that Chen Feng was looking for trouble, which pot he specifically mentioned.
Everyone thought that Chen Summit was a bit uncomfortable when asked by this question, but Chen Feng smiled faintly and admitted frankly:
“Yes, my previous identity is indeed the son-in-law.”
Matsushima Feng was surprised. , It seems that Chen Summit would directly acknowledge the general.
But soon, he reorganized the wording: “Chen Fengjun, you must be able to see that Songdo is a Japanese, so he doesn’t know much about the culture of China. Hearing from them, in China, the son-in-law comes to the door Not very much treated …” “They are right, in China, door-to-door son-in-law is really not very much treated.” Before
Matsushima Feng finished speaking, Chen Feng smiled and took over Matsushima Feng’s words.
Feng Songdao was caught off guard again. In his opinion, the identity of the door-to-door son-in-law should be Chen Feng’s scars. A normal person who had been exposed to so many people in front of so many people, wouldn’t his reaction? Should it be angry or uncomfortable?
How come you can’t see these emotions when you get to Chen Feng?
And looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, he seems to be quite calm?
“Since Chen Fengjun knows that the door-to-door son-in-law is not well received in China, why does Chen Fengjun want to be the door-to-door son-in-law?” Songdao Feng asked unwillingly, quite a bit breaking the casserole to ask what he meant.
“Because of love.” Chen Feng smiled faintly.
“Love?” Matsushima Feng’s tone was stagnant, and he obviously didn’t expect Chen Summit to answer like this.
“Do you have anything else to ask?”
Chen Feng glanced at Matsushima Maple. The reason Matsushima Maple was hostile to him must be Li Yi’s ears, or Matsushima Maple. If you have any thoughts about Chu Celadon, you will regard him as a potential enemy.
“Nothing.” Matsushima Feng shook his head, and then smiled again: “Chen Fengjun, you are very interesting, I think we can be very good friends.”
“? Friends” Chen Feng pondering smile, “if you know my real identity, you probably will regret to say the word.”
Kaede Matsushima slightly surprised: “Chen Fengjun, what do you mean?”
“Nothing means , Just say casually.” Chen Feng waved his hand. By now, he has more or less guessed the identity of Maple Matsushima. He could not guess the specific identity, but he probably couldn’t separate from the Japanese envoys. relationship.
And if Matsushima Maple is really a member of the Japanese Mission, then if he knows his Xiao Guozhong’s closed child, he will definitely regret saying such a thing.
“Say it casually?” Matsushima Kaede seemed to be talking to herself, her eyes flickering.
After Songdao Feng sent out the yacht, the other guests in the hall all came to Chu Celadon one by one and began to give gifts.
In the first few people, Chu Celadon would be more interesting. When it came to the back, Chu Celadon simply asked Butler Zhou to collect the gifts on his behalf, and he took Chen Feng to a living room.
After arriving in the living room, Chen Feng discovered that in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, a tall and handsome man of about 30 years old stood with his hands in his hands and looked out the window.
“Brother, I brought Brother Feng.” After entering the door, Chu Celadon yelled at the man with a smile.
Hearing Chu Celadon’s voice, the man shook his head helplessly and smiled, then turned around, took a few steps, and came to Chen Feng, smiling and extending a big hand: “Brother Chen Feng, hello, I It is the eldest brother of celadon,
Chu Yifei.” “Brother Chu, hello.”
Chen Feng stretched out his big hand and held Chu Yifei together. On the way, Chu Celadon told him the identity of Chu Yifei.
In addition to being Chu Celadon’s eldest brother, today’s Chu Yifei is still the third generation of the Chu family at the helm. If nothing else, Chu Yifei will be in charge of the Chu family in the future. At that time, his position in Zhonghai will be It is the top batch.
“I heard about the Chen Feng brother’s name for a long time, and I finally saw it today. It really is extraordinary.” Chu Yifei said with emotion. In the past few days, the name he has chanted most frequently by Chu celadon is Chen Feng. For this reason, He also deliberately investigated Chen Feng.
I have to say that after learning about Chen Feng’s various past, even if he is the heir of the Chu family, he has to sigh that Chen Feng’s experience is indeed extraordinary.
Aside from other things, just daring to confront the Chen family is enough to make him worship.
“Brother Chu is too acclaimed, I’m just a mere son-in-law, so what’s your name?” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Chu Yifei’s words may be from the sincerity, but now he is just a fish on the chopping board. Words, really can’t afford it.
“My son-in-law?” Chu Yifei stunned, and said, “Didn’t the Chen Feng brothers divorced Miss Xia?”
For the Chu family, it is naturally not difficult to find out the relationship between Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao.
“I divorced Mengyao, but in my heart, she is still my wife.” Chen Feng paused.
“Brother Chen Feng is infatuated with Miss Xia. Miss Xia is lucky to find a good son-in-law like Brother Chen Feng.” Chu Yifei sighed. He thought, did Chen Feng go to Cangzhou to do it. The son-in-law, just to let the Chen family put their guard down, now it seems that Chen Feng is more likely to enter the Xia family because of Xia Mengyao.

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