Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 459

“You’ll know in a while.” Chen Feng replied faintly. In fact, with his strength, he can easily subdue the masked man before the masked man shoots, but he did not do that, because , He knew that the masked man in front of him was just Yu Wenbo’s doglegs.
Even if this masked man is subdued, in the future, thousands of masked men will come to the door.
Although it is not a threat to him, it will consume his energy.
In order to get it all done once and for all, Chen Feng made the decision to get into the car with the masked man.
I believe that Yu Wenbo will be very surprised to see him in a while.
“Bo Shao, I got it, you tell me a place, I will send it to you immediately.” The masked man took a look at Chen Feng and found that Chen Feng was sitting still in the middle of the back row before he put it away. Pistol, took out his cell phone, and dialed Yu Wenbo’s number.
The order given to him by Yu Wenbo just now was to stay alive, and he would use Chen Feng to vent his anger, making Chen Feng worse off.
Had it not been for Yu Wenbo’s order, he would have shot Chen Feng at the first sight.
“Brother Biao is too efficient!” On the other end of the call, Yu Wenbo had just pressed a third-line star under him to vent. He was smoking after the incident. He laughed at Wang Biao’s words. Get up: “I’m in the Donggong Villa, bring him here!”
“Okay, Bo Shao!”
Wang Biao answered in a deep voice, and then hung up.
“Brother Biao, what does Bo Shao plan to do with this guy?” After
Wang Biao hung up, the black man in the back row asked curiously.
“I think he will probably be chopped up by Bo Shao, and then fed to the dog.” Another big black man said with a sneer.
“What to do with this guy?” Wang Biao jokingly said, “It depends on Bo Shao’s mood. If Bo Shao is in a good mood, maybe he will just chop up this guy and feed the dog.”
“Bo Shao If it’s in a bad mood, then this guy’s family will not survive tonight!”
Wang Biao said with a sneer at the last sentence. After saying this sentence, the whole business car was filled with one Gu Senhan’s killing intent.
The other two big men in black, together with the driver sitting in front, shuddered.
They knew very well that Wang Biao was serious, not just for fun. Yuwenbo is very likely to really vent Chen Feng and Li Le’s family!
It’s not a disaster for your family, just listen to it!
At this moment, Li Le was frightened pale by Wang Biao’s words. He didn’t expect Yu Wenbo to be so cruel that even his family didn’t plan to let it go.
After a moment of fear, Li Le gritted his teeth, a look of decisiveness passed across his eyes.
He can’t wait for death like this anymore. If these three gunmen are allowed to send him and Chen Feng to Yuwenbo, then the chances waiting for him will be dead!
Even with his family, I’m afraid I won’t survive tonight!
He must fight for his life!
Thinking of this, Li Le couldn’t help but turn his gaze to Chen Feng, as if he wanted to reach an agreement with Chen Feng.
And Chen Feng was also watching Li Le at this time, and seeing that Li Le had made a decision in such a short period of time, Chen Feng had a touch of relief in his eyes.
He didn’t see the wrong person, Li Le is worth training.
Although Li Le’s usual performance has always been indecisive.
But in the face of major events, Li Le was surprisingly decisive.
Being able to make a desperate decision to fight the three gunmen in such a short period of time at least shows a problem. Li Le is not a fool.
When it’s time to fight, he dares to fight! brush!
At this moment …The sound of breaking through the air sounded, and Chen Feng started!
His hands would come out like lightning and slammed on the wrists of the two big men in black behind him.
“You…” The expressions of the two big men in black changed, and they subconsciously exclaimed.
“Kacha” but before they heard the exclamation, they heard a sound of broken bones.
The next second, two big men in black screamed together, and the pistols in their hands fell off instantly.
After a successful blow, Chen Feng did not stop, but turned his hands into a knife, which would appear like a phantom, and instantly slashed the necks of two big men.
The two big guys fell into a coma before making a muffled snort.
All of this, seemingly complicated, actually happened in the blink of an eye.
From Chen Feng’s shot to the time when the two big guys fainted, it took less than two seconds!
At this time, Wang Biao in front finally found something wrong.
Almost subconsciously, Wang Biao turned around to draw the gun at his waist.
As a result, he was greeted with a pitch-black muzzle!
“Dare to move and you will die!”
Chen Feng held Wang Biao’s head with a gun, and said with a smile.
There is no answer.
Wang Biao’s whole body was tense, and his hands froze in the air.
At this moment, he didn’t even dare to gasp.
Although the desire to survive is extremely strong, reason tells him that if he dares to move, Chen Feng will definitely shoot him.
“Brother Feng…” With a grunt, Li Le swallowed heavily, his eyes full of incredulous expressions.
What did he just…see?
In less than two seconds, two men with guns were knocked out by Chen Feng without a chance to resist?
And now, Wang Biao, who could just decide their life and death, was pointed at by Chen Feng with a gun?
Li Le rubbed his eyes vigorously, until he rubbed his eyes out of water, he was sure that he was not mistaken. What happened just now is true!
Chen Feng really took less than two seconds to turn the situation around!
Is Chen Feng a man or a ghost? !
At the same time, the man who drove also saw a scene in the car through the mirror. When he saw Chen Feng’s gun against Wang Biao’s forehead, the man who drove immediately trembled.
Even his hands were shaken uncontrollably with fright.
The chain reaction caused by the shaking of hands is naturally the steering wheel out of control, and then the car sways violently!
Taking this opportunity, Wang Biao moved!
A ray of cold flashed in his eyes. Instead of drawing his spear, he slammed the left and right into hand knives and slashed at Chen Feng’s throat.
As the top killer in the industry, it is not his style to sit still!
He wants to seize, all the opportunities he can seize!
For example, in front of you!
As long as his hand knife is fast enough, he can give Chen Feng a fatal blow at the moment Chen Feng shakes his mind!
The ideal is full.
However, the reality is very skinny.
Just when Wang Biao thought his hand knife was about to cut Chen Feng’s throat, Chen Feng smiled and shot.
A phantom flicked across, and Wang Biao’s wrist was lightly pinched by Chen Feng.
As if being caught by a pair of pliers, Wang Biao’s hand couldn’t move anymore!
“It seems that you are taking my words as the wind in your ears.”
Chen Feng said, suddenly exerting force.
With a crisp sound, in Wang Biao’s horrified eyes, his wrist was directly crushed by Chen Feng!
That’s right… It was crushed!
It was crushed by Chen Feng abruptly!

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