Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 470

She didn’t understand why Li Shiping would do such a frenzied thing. She was Li Shiping’s girlfriend. Why did Li Shiping give her to another man.
“I…I’m doing it for your own good.” Li Shiping bit his scalp and spoke. Now, there are some things I can’t hide.
“For my good?” Wang Shiyuan’s mouth raised a sneer: “Send me to another man for my good?”
“Li Shiping, why didn’t I find out before, you are so shameless?”
“Shiyuan, I… ”
Let’s go, who is the man who slept with me last night? Matsushima Feng, or Li Yi? Or is it both?” Wang Shiyuan asked coldly. After Li Shiping went out the door last night, she suddenly asked Those who wanted to drink with her, at that time, he could come into contact with these two people.
Hearing Wang Shiyuan saying these two names, even though a layer of cold sweat appeared on Li Shiping’s forehead, he hurriedly denied: “It’s not them.”
“Who is that?” Wang Shiyuan’s expression remained cold.
“It’s Chen Feng!” Li Shiping rolled his eyes and suddenly a name popped up in his mind.
“Chen Feng?!”
Wang Shiyuan’s expression changed immediately upon hearing Chen Feng.
“Yes, it’s him!”
Li Shiping hurriedly agreed. At this time, he could only save Li Yi and Songdao Feng by buckling the feces basin on Chen Feng’s head.
If he tells the truth, Wang Shiyuan will definitely go to Li Yi and Songdao Feng to make a fuss. Li Yi and Songdao Feng do not have such a good temper.
“After coming out of Master Songdo’s room last night, Chen Feng approached me. He said…” Having said that, Li Shiping couldn’t help but glance at Wang Shiyuan.
“What did he say?” Wang Shiyuan asked with her beautiful eyes breathing fire, gritted teeth.
“He said he wants you to stay with him for one night! Otherwise, he will let you and me disappear in Zhonghai.” Li Shiping gritted his teeth and said.
“That’s what he said?!” Wang Shiyuan’s chest rises and falls, her complexion pale, she would never have thought that Chen Feng would say such threatening words, although she had known that Chen Feng coveted her body, But when Chen Feng said this, she still couldn’t believe it.
“He really said that.” Li Shiping looked helpless, and the best way to solve the problem is to give Chen Feng an image of bullying.
If he had created such an image for Chen Feng before, Wang Shiyuan would definitely not believe it, because Chen Feng did not have such a bully capital, but last night, Chen Feng was in the Chu family, showing his relationship with Chu celadon. Today’s Chen Feng is fully qualified to let him and Wang Shiyuan disappear in Zhonghai.
Sure enough, after Li Shiping repeatedly affirmed, Wang Shiyuan’s chest ups and downs became more severe, apparently she believed Li Shiping’s words.
“If he asks you to administer the medicine, you will administer it?! Wouldn’t you resist?” Wang Shiyuan turned her gaze to Li Shiping again. Although Chen Feng’s actions made her disgusting, Li Shiping also disappointed her. She was also Li Shiping’s girlfriend. As a man, Li Shiping didn’t protect her and gave her to other men…
How could she not be disappointed?
“Shiyuan, do you think I would like that?” Li Shiping’s face was full of pain, “The scumbag said last night, if you don’t sleep with him, he will do everything possible to make you and me disappear from the sea, I If you don’t do what he said, I’m afraid that today is the death date for you and me…”
“Why did he?! Why did he make us disappear from the sea!” Wang Shiyuan bit her silver teeth, and anger continued to erupt from her beautiful eyes. Yu Yi’s dislike of Chen Feng, at this moment, she did not doubt the authenticity of Li Shiping’s words.
“The Chu family.”
“He is now hugging the Chu family’s thigh.”
“You saw it in the banquet hall last night, Chu Celadon is obviously different to him than to other people…” Li Shiping’s face was full of jealousy. He didn’t understand why Chu Celadon fell in love with Chen Feng.
Regardless of his appearance or his family background, Chen Feng has nothing to do with it. Compared with Chu celadon, it can even be said that there is a gap between heaven and earth.
And most importantly, Chen Feng is still a divorced door-to-door son-in-law!
Even if Chu Celadon is blind, he shouldn’t be attracted to Chen Feng’s trash.
However, Chu celadon has something to do with Chen Feng.
This makes him not jealous.
“Call the police! Shiping, we call the police! We sue him for rape!” Wang Shiyuan’s beautiful eyes were full of hatred, and she couldn’t tolerate it. She was defiled by Chen Feng’s waste.
“Shiyuan, do you think it is useful to call the police?” Seeing Wang Shiyuan no longer doubted her own words, Li Shiping was immediately delighted, but his face showed a touch of helplessness and aggrieved just right.
If it was Chen Feng who slept Wang Shiyuan last night, calling the police would be of no use at all.
“Why is it useless? Wouldn’t the Chu family clean him up? Would Chu Celadon sit and watch this?” Wang Shiyuan said angrily. She didn’t believe that a person like Chu Celadon would like a rape. Crime, if Chu Celadon knew what Chen Feng did, she would definitely teach Chen Feng a lesson that she would never forget. Even if Chu Celadon did not do this, the Chu family would take action.
“Shiyuan, you are too stupid.” Li Shiping sighed, “Let’s not say if Chu celadon and Chu family will believe you, take a 10,000 step back and say, even if Chu family and Chu celadon believe, you think they will Will you spare you?”
“Don’t let me?” Wang Shiyuan was taken aback for a moment, and then her face turned pale. Indeed, as Li Shiping said, the Chu family would not let her go.
There is a high probability that the Chu family will first teach Chen Feng a lesson that will never be remembered for a lifetime, and then let her disappear in Zhonghai.
After all, as far as the Chu family is concerned, she is a restless time bomb.
If you let outsiders know that the person Chu Celadon likes is a rapist, it will surely bring the Chu family to shame.
Therefore, for the sake of stability, the Chu family is likely to let her disappear into this world.
“Shiyuan, accept your fate, now there is the Chu family behind this waste, and we can’t fight him.” Li Shiping sighed helplessly. Seeing what Wang Shiyuan looked like now, he had obviously believed his words by 70% to 80%, regardless of the truth At this moment, the man who slept with Wang Shiyuan last night could only be Chen Feng.
“Accept fate?! I don’t want to accept fate! I want to kill that trash!” Wang Shiyuan gritted her teeth, and she felt sick when she thought that she was crushed under her body by a well-known wimp last night.
“How to kill? He has the Chu family behind him, let alone killing him, we just touch him, and the Chu family will not let us go.” Li Shiping hurriedly persuaded him that Wang Shiyuan hated Chen Feng. , And then look for an opportunity to take action against Chen Feng. At that time, his lie will be exposed.

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