Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 469

Lin Lan persuaded tirelessly on the side, while Yu Wenbo on the side lowered her head to listen, but the expression on her face was a little disapproving.
Last night, he read the information from Yu Wen Chengying’s investigation over and over several times, so he naturally knew that Lin Lan in front of him was Chen Feng’s previous mother-in-law.
When Chen Feng was in the Xia family, Lin Lan was the one who suppressed Chen Feng the most.
In the end, Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao divorced, Lin Lan also contributed.
Unexpectedly, now Lin Lan begged Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao to remarry.
Although I don’t know what happened in the middle, Yu Wenbo doesn’t feel that Chen Summit and Xia Mengyao have remarried.
Without him, because Chu celadon also fell in love with Chen Feng.
Compared to Xia Mengyao, Chu celadon is obviously more suitable for Chen Feng. She needs to have a look, a figure and a figure, and she is also the most popular female star in China…
In addition to the identity of the female star, Chu celadon is also the only granddaughter of the old god of war. The jewel in the palm of the Chu family.
In front of Chu Celadon, Xia Mengyao was nothing to mention.
As expected by Yuwenbo, before Lin Lan said a few words, Chen Feng frowned and interrupted Lin Lan: “I’ll talk about the remarriage later.”
“From now on…” Lin Lan’s tone stagnated, as if she didn’t expect Chen. The summit gave this answer. In her opinion, as long as she proposes to remarry today and give Chen Feng a step, Chen Feng will definitely agree to her.
Unexpectedly, Chen Summit said so…
Doesn’t Chen Feng love Xia Mengyao? A thought suddenly popped into Lin Lan’s mind, and immediately her face became difficult to look. If Chen Feng really doesn’t love Xia Mengyao, then the remarriage will probably be indefinitely.
On Chen Feng’s terms, what kind of woman can’t be found?
“Chen Feng…”
Lin Lan raised her head and wanted to say a few more words, but Chen Feng was no longer in front of her.
At this time, Chen Feng has entered the Kangmei Group.
He has always considered remarrying Xia Mengyao, but now, it is not the time.
The grudge between him and the Chen family has not yet been resolved.
Chen Yingrou’s revenge did not come.
Now that he and Xia Mengyao are remarrying, it is not only to put a shackle on himself, but also to harm Xia Mengyao.
“Brother Feng…”
“Neither Li Shiping nor Wang Shiyuan came here today.” As soon as Chen Feng entered the office, Li Le said in a low voice.
“I didn’t come, right?” Chen Feng smiled faintly. He really didn’t pay attention to Li Shiping and Wang Shiyuan, so he didn’t bother to care about the whereabouts of the two.
“Brother Feng, do you think Li Shiping’s grandson will retaliate against us?” Li Le asked eagerly. For some reason, he expected Li Shiping to take the initiative to retaliate against him and Chen Feng. If it had been before, he would not retaliate. He would have this kind of thought, but now, he is hoping Li Shiping can come to him for trouble.
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded lightly, and Li Le was surprised.
“The premise is that his brain is flooded.”
Chen Feng added with a smile. Indeed, if Li Shiping’s brain flooded, he would really retaliate against him, but the probability is less than five million.
“I hope his brain is flooded.” Li Le sighed with disappointment. Li Shiping is not stupid. After experiencing the events of last night, even if he is blind, he should be able to tell that Chen Feng’s is extraordinary.
Wang Shiyuan slept until more than ten o’clock before waking up. As soon as she woke up, she felt that her whole body was surrounded by soreness.
Especially somewhere in the lower body, this soreness is more intense.
“What happened last night?” Wang Shiyuan frowned her eyebrows with some doubts. The only thing she remembered was that Li Shiping poured her a glass of red wine last night, and she had no impression of what happened after drinking the red wine.
But no impression, no impression, the soreness of the lower body is real.
As a woman who has experienced intercourse, she naturally understands what causes this soreness.
Li Shiping alone is probably not enough!
Thinking of this, Wang Shiyuan’s face changed.
“World Peace!” Wang Shiyuan took a deep breath and shouted.
After shouting for a few seconds, Li Shiping walked out of the next room with two dark circles under his eyes.
Seeing Wang Shiyuan’s icy face, Li Shiping made a sigh in his heart.
“Shiyuan, are you awake?” Li Shiping said with a strong smile.
“What happened last night?” Wang Shiyuan did not answer Li Shiping’s question, but asked Li Shiping coldly.
“Last night…nothing happened last night.” Li Shiping stubbornly didn’t dare to look at Wang Shiyuan. Seeing Wang Shiyuan’s appearance, he obviously realized something. If he tells the truth, Wang Shiyuan might be killed on the spot. he.
“Impossible!” Wang Shiyuan gritted her silver teeth. If Li Shiping said nothing about what happened last night, she wouldn’t doubt it, but Li Shiping hesitated, this look obviously has a problem!
“Did you drug the wine?!” As if thinking of something, Wang Shiyuan suddenly gritted her teeth and asked. Although her drink volume is average, she hasn’t reached the level of a cup.
But last night, Li Shiping poured the glass of red wine, she just drank half a glass, and she was unconscious.
And when I got up this morning, I couldn’t remember what happened last night.
In this case, only medicine can explain it!
“No…no!” Li Shiping hurriedly denied that Wang Shiyuan inferred the truth of the matter so quickly, which was somewhat beyond Li Shiping’s expectations.
“Don’t you think I’m a fool?!” Wang Shiyuan’s face was blue and she screamed angrily. Li Shiping’s appearance has confirmed her guess that the glass of wine last night was definitely drugged!
“Shiyuan, I…I didn’t take the medicine, you think too much…”
“If you don’t tell the truth, I will call the police!”
Li Shiping still wanted to explain, but Wang Shiyuan spoke with an angry face.
At this moment, she was about to be blown up. Although she didn’t know who was pressing on her last night, Li Shiping contributed to all this.
Maybe, Li Shiping watched her being ravaged by that person.
Hearing the word alarm,
Li Shiping shuddered, and said without thinking: “You can’t call the police!” Li Yi had warned him before leaving last night that he should not make a big deal. The video inside will make him ruin, not to mention, Matsushima Feng will certainly not let him go.
So you must not call the police!
Calling the police is a dead end!
“Shiyuan, listen to me, it’s like this.” Seeing that Wang Shiyuan, who was in anger, took out her cell phone and was about to call the police, Li Shiping didn’t care about anything else. He hurriedly stepped forward and grabbed Wang Shiyuan’s cell phone. His face was painful and said: “In the wine you drank last night, I did take the medicine.”
Upon hearing Li Shiping’s confession, Wang Shiyuan suddenly felt dizzy in her mind, as if she had been hit with an axe.
After a long while, Wang Shiyuan was relieved.
After slowing down, two lines of clear tears slipped down her pretty face.
“Why? Why are you drugging my wine?”
Wang Shiyuan raised her head and asked hoarsely.

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