Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 472

“Then… don’t talk about it yet.” Xia Mengyao paused. Tomorrow is grandpa’s birthday banquet. Even if she and Chen Feng have to tell her about the divorce, they can only wait for the birthday banquet.
“Don’t say… I’m afraid it won’t work.” Lin Lan said embarrassedly, “You should understand that the reason why your grandpa suddenly let go this time is not only for you…”
“It’s for Chen Feng, your grandpa wants to see you. Chen Feng, he wants to know what kind of character the door-to-door son-in-law hired by our family is. He wants to determine whether Chen Feng can give you happiness.”
“So, for tomorrow’s birthday banquet, Chen Feng must pass.”
Lin Lan looked at Xia Mengyao carefully and said that she did not have the slightest water in what she said. Father Lin suddenly let go this time, half of the reason was for Xia Mengyao, but half of the reason was for Chen Feng.
The old man really wanted to test Chen Feng to see if Chen Feng could give his granddaughter happiness.
Xia Mengyao frowned, and Lin Lan could think of it, she naturally could think of it, but now she has this relationship with Chen Feng…
“Or, call Chen Feng and let Chen Feng accompany you tomorrow. Now, among everyone in the Lin family, only your second aunt’s family knows about your divorce with Chen Feng. Others don’t know. Your second aunt’s mother can tell them not to disclose the news.”
“So, tomorrow you just have to With Chen Feng, no one will know about your divorce.” Lin Lan said confidently. In fact, these words are her real purpose.
It doesn’t matter whether the old man’s birthday banquet will go or not. What is important is that it can give Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao a good chance to get back together.
Tomorrow’s birthday banquet, as long as Chen Feng goes, she will have a way to match Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao.
“Let me think about it again.” Xia Mengyao rubbed her eyebrows helplessly. She had to say that this method Lin Lan said was the only way to keep her grandpa from getting angry.
As long as she takes Chen Feng over tomorrow and lets grandpa see Chen Feng, the grievances between grandpa and the Xia family can be wiped out.
It’s just that her relationship with Chen Feng now…
“Mengyao, leave this to my mother. Mom will take Chen Feng to you tomorrow.” Lin Lan seemed to see Xia Mengyao’s embarrassment. Take the initiative to speak.
Xia Mengyao sighed without saying a word, but with this attitude, she indirectly agreed with Lin Lan.
In the afternoon, Chen Feng met Lin Lan again at the door of the company.
Lin Lan happily greeted Lin Lan when he saw Lin Lan.
“Get off work?” Lin Lan asked enthusiastically.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng responded indifferently, Lin Lan’s sudden enthusiasm made him a little uncomfortable.
“That’s it, Chen Feng, tomorrow Mengyao’s grandfather will hold a birthday banquet at the Golden Horse Hotel. Mom wants you to accompany Mengyao.” Lin Lan said straightforwardly.
“Meng Yao’s grandfather?” Chen Feng frowned. He didn’t have much impression of Mengyao’s grandfather in Lin Lan’s mouth. He only remembered that when he and Xia Weiguo went to visit this old man two years ago, he ate closed doors and even Without seeing anyone, he was driven out by the Lin family.
“Well, it’s my dad, Lin Xiaoxian.” Lin Lan did not evade, and directly called out the old man’s name.
“Why let me accompany Mengyao? Grandpa…want to see me?” Chen Feng asked. He didn’t have a lot of disgust with Lin Xiaoxian. Although he had never seen this old man, he had also heard from Xia Weiguo. The old man loved Xia Mengyao very much before.
In order to prevent Xia Mengyao from marrying his door-to-door son-in-law, the old man even released the harsh words that the Xia family would not enter the Lin family for life.
“Well, my dad really wants to see you. He wants to see if the husband Mengyao personally selected can give Mengyao happiness.” Lin Lan said truthfully, although Lin Xiaoxian never mentioned Chen Feng’s name from beginning to end, but The juniors of the Lin family can see that Lin Xiaoxian wants to see Chen Feng.
Nothing else, just for my own thoughts.
If you don’t see Chen Feng, you are not sure whether Chen Feng is suitable for Xia Mengyao, even if Lin Xiaoxian enters the loess, it will be uneasy.
“Me and Mengyao…”
“My dad doesn’t know about the divorce between you and Mengyao. Only Lin Yue knows about it.” As if he knew what Chen Feng was going to say, Lin Lan spoke first.
“Okay, I will pass tomorrow.” Chen Feng said solemnly. He had no reason not to. Although Lin Lan raised this matter, it was for Xia Mengyao’s sake.
If he does not accompany Xia Mengyao to the father’s birthday banquet tomorrow, it will only be Xia Mengyao who will be embarrassed in the end.
So he must go tomorrow.
And not only to go, but also to go with great beauty.
At least let the old man see that he has the ability to give Xia Mengyao happiness.
“Then it’s settled. At 6 o’clock tomorrow afternoon, Mengyao and I will be waiting for you at the door of the company. Come and pick us up. Let’s go to the Lin’s house first, and then to the Golden Horse Hotel.” Lin Lan smiled, and Chen Feng agreed Please, this proves that her previous guess is correct. Chen Feng does still like Xia Mengyao. If not, he will not think about Xia Mengyao in everything.
“Okay.” Chen Feng nodded slightly and looked at Lin Lan’s appearance. This time the Lin family was obviously planning to host Lin Xiaoxian’s birthday banquet, otherwise he would not choose the Golden Horse Hotel as the venue for the birthday banquet.
After Lin Lan left, Chen Feng drove to Antique Street again.
He wants to pick a gift for Lin Xiaoxian.
This is Lin Xiaoxian’s 80th birthday. By then, important figures from the Lin family will definitely be there.
As juniors, he and Xia Mengyao congratulated the elders on their birthdays, so naturally they could not go there empty-handed.
So you have to bring some gifts.
As for the gift, Chen Feng had a plan. First of all, the value of the gift should not be too precious. If it is too precious, it will steal the limelight from the rest of the Lin family, and it does not fit the status of his son-in-law.
But the gifts shouldn’t be too cheap. If the gifts are too cheap, it will definitely affect the perception of Old Man Lin. The rest of the Lin family will also despise him. In the end, it is Xia Mengyao who loses face.
Therefore, the best way is to choose a gift that can be on the table and be liked by the old man to give it at the birthday banquet.
After parking the car in the parking lot in front of Antique Street, Chen Feng got out of the car and walked into Antique Street.
Although he had a rough plan in mind, Chen Feng still didn’t have a specific concept of what gift to give.
Chen Feng didn’t know much about Lin Xiaoxian. He didn’t know what the old man had in his daily life. The only thing he knew was that the old man was a businessman and a businessman from scratch.
Chen Feng has no idea what kind of things such people like, so he went to several antique shops without gain.
After sighing, Chen Feng moved his gaze to a small three-story attic ten meters ahead.

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