Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 473

Jumbo Pavilion!
The three characters of dragon and phoenix dance on the golden plaque.
Even people who don’t understand calligraphy can see that the master teachers must write these three characters.
This Jumbo Pavilion is obviously the highest-grade antique shop on this antique street.
Even standing outside the door, Chen Feng could feel the heritage and style of Zhenbao Pavilion.
I hope that there is what he wants in the treasure pavilion, Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and then walked towards the treasure pavilion with his hands.
But as soon as he reached the door, he was stopped by a big hand.
“Please stop.”
A middle-aged man dressed in black tights, with a straight body and a cold expression, slammed at the door like a sword, looking at Chen Feng blankly.
Chen Feng’s brows moved slightly, this middle-aged man… actually had the breath of a warrior?
And… his realm is not low.
“Why don’t you let in?” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The middle-aged man in front of him was obviously not from the treasure pavilion. He was more like a personal guard for some big clan children.
“Because my lady and the young master are inside. They come out, you can go in.” The middle-aged man’s tone was calm, but in this calm, there was an undoubted dominance.
“What if I have to go in?” Chen Feng said lightly.
The middle-aged man looked cold: “You can try!”
Chen Feng smiled, and immediately set foot on the move.
Seeing that Chen Feng really dared to rush, the expression of the middle-aged warrior was suddenly cold, he snorted coldly, and the big hand that was blocking Chen Feng’s chest turned into a hand knife and cut it towards Chen Feng’s chest.
With this hand knife, the middle-aged warrior only used one-tenth of his strength.
However, although it is less than one-tenth of the force, hitting an ordinary person can at least cause this ordinary person’s chest to fracture.
The corner of the middle-aged warrior’s mouth raised a sneer. If nothing else, if he cut it down with a knife, Chen Feng would vomit blood and fly out at the lightest level.
Before the thought fell, the hand knife slashed in front of Chen Feng’s chest.
Predictably, the scene of Chen Feng vomiting blood and flying out did not appear. What appeared was that Chen Feng strolled into the Treasure Pavilion like an okay person. what happened?
The sneer at the corner of the middle-aged warrior’s mouth completely solidified, and an incredible touch appeared in his eyes.
He felt that the hand knife he had just landed on Chen Feng’s body was like tickling Chen Feng, and it did not cause any obstacle to Chen Feng.
Just when the middle-aged warrior was thinking about what happened in that moment, Chen Feng had already entered the treasure pavilion.
At this moment, there were not a few people in the huge Treasure Pavilion, except for a few shop assistants, there were no other customers.
Obviously, all this is the credit of the middle-aged warrior.
Several shop assistants looked at Chen Feng in surprise, not understanding how Chen Feng broke through the defense of the middle-aged warrior.
“Sir, what do you want to buy?”
A clerk greeted him.
“I’ll take a look.”
Chen Feng responded casually. He hasn’t decided what to give Lin Xiaoxian yet, he plans to check it out before making a decision.
The clerk bowed slightly and then stepped back.
As employees of Zhenbao Pavilion, they naturally cannot have the problem of judging people by appearance. Even if Chen Feng’s clothes are ordinary, they will not despise Chen Feng.
“Sister, do your Jianzong elders fly with swords?”
Just as Chen Feng concentrated on choosing gifts for Lin Xiaoxian, a familiar voice sounded behind him.
Following this familiar voice, there was another oriole-like clear voice. The owner of this voice was obviously a young woman.
“Why would it not? It’s not all written in Xianxia novels. The sword is flying in the sky. Thousands of miles away, taking people’s first level is like searching for things …” “Yuwenbo, you said it yourself. That’s Xianxia novels. How can things in Xianxia novels be taken seriously? Besides, your sister, I am a martial artist, not a fairy! A martial artist can’t fly with a sword.” The woman with a voice like a oriole is a little helpless She interrupted Yuwenbo. Soon, she was going to tell Yuwenbo to read less Xianxia novels and do more business, but she saw that Yuwenbo’s gaze fell on a young man.
“Brother Feng!”
Yu Wenbo shouted in surprise.
“What are you doing here?” Chen Feng smiled faintly. It was Yu Wenbo who just asked the woman a question. He just ran into it at the company in the morning, but he did not expect to ran into it again in the Jumbo Pavilion.
“I will buy gifts with my sister.” Yu Wenbo said.
“By the way, Brother Feng, this is my sister, Yu Wenqian.” Yuwenbo introduced enthusiastically, and Chen Feng slightly nodded his head and turned his attention to the young woman beside Yuwenbo.
A young woman named Yu Wenqian wore a long sky blue dress. Her figure was extremely tall, about 1.72 meters tall.
The appearance is somewhat similar to Yu Wenbo, quite a bit like a sister next door.
At first glance, it feels pure and innocent.
However, Chen Feng’s attention was not on Yu Wenqian’s appearance. What attracted Chen Feng was the long sword that Yu Wenqian carried on his back. Even if it was separated from the scabbard, Chen Feng could feel the lack of sharpness of the long sword. Comparable sword intent.
Obviously, what Yu Wenqian carried on her back was not a prop sword.
It’s a magic sword that has really killed people and seen blood!
Yu Wenbo didn’t notice the strange expression in Chen Feng’s eyes, he still introduced it to himself.
“Sister, this is Brother Feng, I told you about his situation…”
“Brother Feng?” Yu Wenqian was shocked when she heard these two words, and then her face became cold: “You just hurt me. The bastard of the younger brother?”
Yu Wenqian looked at Chen Feng coldly. If she remembers correctly, the guy who injured Yu Wenbo was a guy named Feng. This guy’s full name is Chen Feng, a child of the Chen family. .
Seeing that Yu Wenqian couldn’t help but find fault with Chen Feng, Yu Wenbo suddenly panicked. He hurriedly explained: “Sister, the matter between me and Brother Feng has passed. We are now friends…”
“Passed?!” Yu Wenqian raised her eyebrows, and glanced at Yu Wenbo a little disappointingly: “He beat you like you, you will be over after you pass?”
Chen Feng smiled lightly, he did not expect that Yu Wenqian looks temperamental Quite tactful, but his temper is so violent, he gets angry when he doesn’t agree.
“Sister, Brother Feng and I don’t know each other if I don’t fight. Besides, I deserved it when I was beaten. It was my fault first.” Yu Wenbo explained with his neck. For Chen Feng, he now fears from the bottom of his heart. In addition to Chen Feng’s identity as a child of the Chen family, there is also Chen Feng’s unpredictable strength. The two guns become iron bumps in Chen Feng’s hands in less than a second. This is simply non-human.
“You…” Yu Wenqian’s beautiful eyes were full of the meaning of hating iron and steel. She did not expect that her brother, who has always been fearless and fearless, would be so obedient this time. He gave him a platform by himself. Don’t dare to come forward.

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