Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 477

Chen Feng did not know the comments made by many Kangmei Group employees.
At this moment, Chen Feng was driving safely.
The atmosphere in the car was very quiet, and Xia Mengyao didn’t say a word after entering the car.
In the end, Lin Lan took the lead to break the calm: “Chen Feng, have you prepared a gift for your grandfather?”
” Just prepared, just prepared.” Lin Lan breathed a sigh of relief. When she left, she forgot to remind Chen Feng about the gift. Today, all important people of the Lin family will be there for the grandfather’s birthday banquet.
If Chen Feng passed empty-handed, he would definitely be criticized.
“Where is Grandpa’s house?”
Chen Feng asked. Lin Lan said yesterday that he would go to the Lin family to gather first, and then go to the Golden Horse Hotel, but he didn’t know exactly where the Lin family was.
“At Donggong Villa! My dad moved there last year.” Lin Lan said hurriedly.
“Donggong Villa?” Chen Feng frowned, and the villa that Yu Wenbo gave him was also in the East Palace.
Ten minutes later, Chen Feng drove the car to the Donggong villa area.
The Lin family’s villa is on the outermost periphery of the Donggong villa area. Compared with the villa that Yuwenbo gave him, the area of ​​the Lin family’s villa is obviously much smaller, only more than 500 square meters.
However, although it is only more than 500 square meters, the price of this villa is at least more than one billion yuan.
When Chen Feng arrived, the Lin family’s villa was already full of cars.
These cars are obviously driven by Lin Xiaoxian’s descendants. The grades of the cars vary. The last is a domestically produced car of the same grade as Chen Feng’s Audi A6, and the better one is a million like Porsche. Class luxury car.
As for the more expensive luxury cars, of course, but they are rare.
Chen Feng only saw two cars, one was a Bentley Mulsanne and the other was a Lamborghini Ursv.
Among them, the Bentley Mulsanne, which Chen Feng just saw in Cangzhou not long ago, is Lin Yue’s car. At that time, Lin Wanqiu’s mother drove an electric scooter to the Bentley Mulsanne. That’s 300,000…
“Hey, why are you parked here? This is not a parking place.” Chen Feng was about to find a place to park, but a middle-aged man in a T-shirt walked over and stopped the car. before.
Lin Lan hurriedly opened the car door and got out of the car.
“Lin Wu, this is my son-in-law’s car.”
“Are you… Lin Lan?” The middle-aged man named Lin Wu glanced at Lin Lan hesitantly, and said uncertainly.
“Why, don’t you know me?” Lin Lan smiled triumphantly. Since Lin Xiaoxian ordered the Xia family not to enter the Lin family for half a step, she hasn’t returned to the Lin family for three years. In addition, her current dress is better than before. It is normal for Lin Wu not to recognize her.
“Yes, why don’t you know me? I just didn’t expect that you would come over.” Lin Wu’s eyes narrowed, and his tone was quite sarcasm. Although Lin Lan had the same surname as him, but in a strict sense, they Not a family.
Lin Lan is the daughter of Lin Xiaoxian’s first wife, and he is Lin Xiaoxian’s current son.
He and Lin Lan are half-parents.
“Look at what you said, today is Dad’s 80th birthday, how could I not come.” Lin Lan heard the mockery in Lin Wu’s tone, but she didn’t take it seriously.
“Hmph, stop here, don’t block other people’s way.” Lin Wu snorted softly. Although he was dissatisfied with Lin Lan in his heart, he would not be too obvious.
At this time, Xia Mengyao also got out of the car.
“Where is my father?” Xia Mengyao asked. Lin Lan said yesterday that Xia Weiguo would also come, but until now, there is no figure of Xia Weiguo.
“Your dad is still on the way, I told him to take a taxi to the Golden Horse Hotel and wait for us.”
“Go, let’s go in first.”
After entering the living room with Lin Lan Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng saw Lin Yue at first sight.
Lin Yue was standing with a few middle-aged men and women who were about her age, talking and laughing.
Lin Yue’s complexion changed immediately after seeing Chen Feng, and a strong smile appeared on her face.
“Sister Yue.”
Lin Lan greeted with a smile. Now she is not as afraid of Lin Yue as before, so there is no need to lower her breath when talking to Lin Yue.
“Lin Lan, you are here.” Lin Yue forced a smile on her face. Lin Xiaoxian had revealed the news of lifting the ban on the Xia family to Lin Lan in order to sell her well.
“Well, what about our dad.” Lin Lan nodded and asked casually.
“My dad is washing upstairs,” Lin Yue said.
Lin Lan nodded slightly and was about to open her mouth. At this moment, there was a strange voice behind her: “Oh, Lin Lan, where did you get the news? As soon as our dad lifted the ban on the Xia family, you
Came here.” “Xie Yunfang…”
Lin Lan turned her head, but saw a middle-aged woman with big red wavy curly hair and heavy makeup walking over on high heels.
Seeing this middle-aged woman, Lin Lan’s complexion suddenly became a little unnatural.
This middle-aged woman was named Xie Yunfang, Lin Wu’s wife.
In terms of seniority, Xie Yunfang should be her younger sibling. If you meet her on weekdays, you have to call her sister.
But Xie Yunfang never meant to call her sister. Every time I saw her, he called her by her first name.
A few years ago, she even had a big fight with Xie Yunfang over this issue.
However, at that time, everyone in the Lin family did not stand by her Lin family’s side. Instead, they stood on Xie Yunfang’s side and helped Xie Yunfang count her down.
Since then, she has hated Xie Yunfang. Now that she sees Xie Yunfang again, it is impossible to give Xie Yunfang a good face.
“Xie Yunfang, listening to what you mean, it seems that I am not welcome back?” Lin Lan snorted coldly. She didn’t dare to have such an attitude to Xie Yunfang before, but now, behind her, Xia Mengyao and Chen Feng are behind her, facing Xie Yunfang. No fear at all.
“What if you are not welcome? Some people have already come back with a cheeky, I can’t drive them out.” Xie Yunfang sneered.
“Cheeky?” Lin Lan looked cold when he heard this, “Xie Yunfang, who do you say is cheeky?!”
“Lin Lan, what are you excited about? I’m talking about some people, but I didn’t name it. The surname said you, of course, if you insist on bringing in by yourself, then I can’t help it.” Xie Yunfang sneered.
“Xie Yunfang, believe it or not, I tore your mouth!”
Lin Lan gritted her teeth, her eyes breathing fire.
“Tear my mouth? Lin Lan, you are so capable!” Xie Yunfang’s expression also became cold. She didn’t expect Lin Lan to be so tough after coming back this time.
Seeing that the two have a tendency to get started, Lin Yue hurriedly stepped up to be a peacemaker: “It’s alright, stop arguing. Today is a day when Dad is happy. If you make such a noise, Dad will be unhappy.”

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