Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 476

“Hey, elder sister, what you said is that I will please you in the future.” Yu Wenbo smiled, her silly sister is really stupid to the extreme, and there is something in Du Haiying’s obvious words, she can’t hear it.
But it doesn’t matter if you can’t hear it, if you really want to hear it, she might still do something incredible.
“It’s pretty much the same.” Yu Wenqian nodded in satisfaction, and immediately seemed to think of something. She looked at Du Haiying again: “Uncle Ying, Brother Wang will come over tomorrow, right?”
“Yes, Wang Gan will come over tomorrow.” Du Haiying nodded slightly.
Yu Wenqian rolled her eyes and suddenly said, “Uncle Ying, you said, if I let Senior Brother Wang clean up that guy, will Senior Brother Wang agree to it?”
“Miss, never!” When Wang Gan was on his body, Du Haiying suddenly panicked.
Wang Qian is Jianzong’s most prestigious genius in the past 100 years. He is only 26 years old this year, but his martial arts training has reached the late stage of Dark Jin, and he can enter Hua Jin with only one step. Advanced martial arts master.
If he can advance to a martial arts master at the age of twenty-eight, then he will be the youngest martial arts master in the Chinese martial arts world!
There is no doubt that Wang Gan is Jianzong’s greatest treasure! Also the master of ZTE of Jianzong!
Yu Wenqian hit Wang Qian with her attention, which really broke ground on Tai Sui’s head.
If the senior Jianzong knew about it, at least Guan Yuwenqian had to be confined for several months.
“Uncle Ying, what are you afraid of? Don’t you think that Big Brother is not that guy’s opponent?” Yu Wenqian curled her lips. She didn’t understand why Du Haiying had to say no. Wang Qian is the first genius of Jianzong and a potential player in the martial arts world. On Longbang, Wang Gan’s ranking is also extremely high. He cleaned up Chen Feng, it can be said to be like playing.
“Miss, it’s not the problem of that fellow’s opponent, but your brother Wang’s identity is too special. He is the ZTE master of our sect and the default candidate for the next sect master. You should know that our sect The elders in the sect have so much hope for him, he must not have the slightest problem.” “Once the elders in the sect know that you instigate your brother Wang to take action against that guy, the elders in the sect will definitely punish you. At least you will be locked up for three months.” Du Hai said in English.
Yu Wenqian has no idea what Wang Gan means to Jianzong.
The other geniuses of Jianzong usually only bring one guardian to travel, and the guardian they bring will not be much stronger than this genius.
But Wang Gan here, every time he travels, he has to bring at least three Taoist protectors, and among these three Taoist protectors, there will be at least one Huajin, that is, the master of martial arts!
This time, Wang Gan traveled to Zhonghai to participate in the gambling fight for the Zhonghai Chamber of Commerce, and Jianzong directly sent a deputy master of the late Huajin period to follow him personally.
One can imagine how much Jianzong attaches importance to Wang Qian.
Yu Wenqian dared to hit Wang Qian with her attention, she was not happy.
Yu Wenqian shrank her neck when she heard Du Haiying say that she was going to be confined. Although she wanted to clean up Chen Feng, if the price of cleaning up Chen Feng was confinement, then she should not think about it.
“Wang Gan will come to Zhonghai tomorrow. Try not to disturb him in the past few days. He has to prepare for the gambling battle between the China Maritime Chamber of Commerce and the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, and he must not be distracted.” Du Haiying said again.
“Gambling with Qianshui Chamber of Commerce? What is there to prepare for? With the strength of Senior Brother Wang, even with one hand, you can sweep Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.” Yu Wenqian curled her lips. Regarding Wang Gan’s strength, she has With absolute confidence, there are two grades of geniuses in the young generation of Jianzong, one grade is Wang Qian, Wang Gan is the only grade, and the other grade is everyone except Wang Qian.
One can imagine how strong Wang Qian is.
“Don’t say that, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is not that vulnerable.” Du Haiying’s expression was a bit solemn. It is no secret that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce arranged Shenyin and the Sword Saint Disciple this time.
It is precisely because of this that China Shipping Chamber of Commerce has to turn to Jianzong for help.
Du Haiying originally thought that Jianzong would randomly send a few other geniuses to participate in the gambling fight for the China Shipping Chamber of Commerce, but he did not expect that Jianzong would directly send out the biggest trump card.
Sending Wang Gan means that the situation is much more serious than imagined.
The general Jianzong genius, really might not be the opponent of Shenyin and the disciple of Sword Saint.
Time came to the next day in a blink of an eye. After the time agreed with Lin Lan, Chen Feng drove directly to Kangmei Group.
As soon as he arrived at Kangmei Group, Chen Feng saw Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao standing in front of the company.
Lin Lan still wears the expensive clothes yesterday. In contrast, Xia Mengyao looks much simpler. She wears a beige suit jacket on her upper body, a black OL skirt on her lower body, and a pair of Gucci crystals on her feet. In high heels, two white and tender feet are exposed out of the air.
Chen Feng parked the car in front of the two, and then the window slowly rolled down.
“Chen Feng, are you here?” Lin Lan’s attitude was as enthusiastic as ever.
“Daughter, get in the car.” Lin Lan asked to open the co-pilot door for Xia Mengyao, but didn’t want Xia Mengyao to have opened the rear door by herself and sat in.
Helpless, Lin Lan could only follow Xia Mengyao into the back row.
After the two of them got in, Chen Feng rolled the window up, and then the car drove away.
“I’m not mistaken, right? President Xia seems to be in a man’s car?”
“You’re not mistaken, I saw it too.”
Although Chen Feng only stopped at the door of the company for less than a minute, the scene of Xia Mengyao getting on the bus was still seen by many dedicated employees of Kangmei Group.
For a time, everyone started talking.
“Who is that man? This seems to be President Xia’s first time in a strange man’s car, right?”
“I don’t know, President Xia’s mother seems to know that man too.”
“Couldn’t it be President Xia’s ex-husband? Right!”
Soon, someone guessed Chen Feng’s identity.
“It’s very possible! Looking at the appearance of President Xia and Xia’s mother, that man is likely to be President Xia’s ex-husband!”
“Isn’t President Xia divorced from him? Why is there still contact now?”
“It’s a divorce, again It’s not an enemy, why can’t we be in touch?”
“The man driving seems to be an Audi A6?”
“It’s an Audi A6, more than half a million cars, and it’s a new one.”
“It was originally driven. It’s an Audi A6, no wonder Xia always divorced him.” Someone licked his lips. The Audi A6, in front of most ordinary people, is indeed a high-end car, but in front of a beautiful president like Xia Mengyao, the Audi A6 is Very unpopular, not even the grade of the nanny car.
“That guy is a door-to-door son-in-law, a door-to-door son-in-law, what good car do you expect him to drive?”
” Yes , the door-to-door son-in-law can drive an Audi A6, which is already considered capable.”

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