Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 488

“You who killed a thousand knives, where did you die?! Do you know that my old lady is about to be killed?” Li Hong roared.
“You are going to be killed by someone? What’s the matter?” The voice over there sank and asked hurriedly.
“Someone is going to kill my old lady! Are you going to come back?!” Li Hong scolded angrily, obviously losing his patience.
“I’ll take people back.”
“Beep” hang up the phone, Li everywhere look to the grim and Xiameng Yao Chen Feng: “?! Hear me bastard, his aging mother’s husband immediately came over,”
“Come again and again What? He can still eat us?”
Lin Lan sneered. If she had seen this situation before, she would probably first think about running, how far and how far.
But now, when she heard Li Hong calling someone, she actually had some expectations, and Li Hong called more.
“Eat you?” Li Hong grinned, “It’s too cheap for you to eat!
My old lady will chop up your bastards and feed them to the wild dogs!” “Feeding the wild dogs? I’ll wait. I have to see who is being fed the wild dog!” Lin Lan snorted coldly. Chen Feng is here, and Li Hong invited the Heavenly King Lao Tzu over. Today she is not afraid.
Ten minutes later, the people Li Hong invited came over.
The head was a black Land Rover, and behind the black Land Rover were three Jinbei vans.
After a blaring tire rubbing sound, the black Land Rover and three Jinbei vans steadily stopped at the gate of the community.
The door of the car opened, and more than twenty men with different clothes but with extremely sturdy figures rushed down from the car. They carried all kinds of weapons, mountain knives, axes, and three-sided army thorns…
They are all equipment that has seen blood.
This scene naturally frightened many onlookers.
Many people looked at Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao with sympathy.
“It’s over, this family is going to be over.”
“Just let them go, they won’t go, now it’s okay, Zhang Zhihao brought so many people over, they can’t leave if they want to leave.”
“Or call the police for them .”
Right .” “Call the police? Are you not afraid of Zhang Zhihao’s revenge? Li Hong’s brother has something to do with Director Song. You don’t know who she wants to check with the police. It couldn’t be easier.”
Several people were discussing, twenty A number of sturdy men have already walked over. .
The leader is a middle-aged man who wears a loose shirt and a big gold chain, and is not much inferior to Li Hong.
After seeing the slap print on Li Hong’s face, the middle-aged man’s face suddenly became cold: “Who did it?!”
“These bastards!” Li Hong pointed at Chen Feng with a bitter expression on his face .
Zhang Zhihao looked at Chen Feng and his expression suddenly became gloomy: “You dare to beat my wife, you are so brave!” “What’s wrong with beating your wife? This bitch owes a beating!” He seemed to be afraid that things would not be big enough. , Lin Lan added fuel to the fire again.
This sentence immediately made Li Hong angry. She did not expect that Zhang Zhihao had already brought so many people over, and Lin Lan would dare to scold her.
“Tear this stinky bitch’s mouth first!” Li Hong commanded sharply.
As soon as she finished speaking, two sturdy men walked out with grimace.
Chen Fei took a step forward and glanced at Zhang Zhihao coldly: “Aren’t you going to know what happened first?”
“What happened?” Zhang Zihao sneered, “Is the course of the matter important?”
Zhang Zhihao’s mouth raised a cold look. How could he not know what happened? When he first came to the scene, he knew everything.
It was nothing more than Xia Weiguo’s nosy, and then was bitten by Li Hong, and Chen Feng’s family came to ask for trouble.
If someone else encounters this kind of thing, it must be an apology, but in Zhang Zhihao’s dictionary, there is no such thing as an apology at all.
He will only dominate people with his power!
“Isn’t it important?” Chen Feng sneered. Originally, he didn’t plan to do anything to Zhang Zhihao, but Zhang Zhihao himself insisted on trying to die, so no wonder he!
“It doesn’t matter whether it is important or not you have the final say, do it!” Zhang Zhihao glanced at Chen Feng contemptuously and said. As soon as he finished speaking, several tattooed men rushed towards Chen Feng behind him. The faces of these tattooed men were full of grinning smiles. Before coming, Zhang Zhihao promised them that all the people who came here have Two hundred yuan of’appearance fee’.
Those who do it can add an additional three hundred yuan in’labor fees’.
With Chen Feng’s small body, it is impossible for everyone to do it. At most three or four people are enough to beat Chen Feng to his feet. In other words, those who can earn the three hundred’labor fees’ are at most Three or four people, the others, can only get 200 yuan for the appearance fee.
Therefore, they must act fast!
If it is slow, three hundred yuan will not be earned.
The ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny.
Before the three big tattooed men rushed in front of Chen Feng, there was a black foot shadow in their sight.
In the next second, their pupils couldn’t help but shrink, almost subconsciously, they had to stretch out their hands to block the black foot shadows.
But how could they reach out faster than Chen Feng’s speed!
Without a chance to react, Chen Feng’s feet were printed on the faces of the three of them one by one.
The three of them felt their cheeks tightened, and then the whole figure seemed to be knocked down by a high-speed truck, flying backwards uncontrollably.
“Bang” flew upside down a full seven or eight meters away, and the three men hit the ground heavily.
“Puff” after a big mouthful of blood was spit out, the three of them rolled their eyes and passed out!
Seeing this scene, the sneer at the corner of Zhang Zihao’s mouth could not help but solidify, and even the hand holding the cigarette trembled slightly.
How can this kid fight like this? !
Not only Zhang Zhihao, but the other two dozen tattooed men were also sluggish in place, staring at each other.
Kicking three adult men seven or eight meters in one kick is obviously not something ordinary people can do.
I’m afraid they will end up similar to the three adult men.
“What are you still doing, come on!”
Zhang Zhihao became a little angry. Chen Feng’s kick is indeed terrifying, but there are more than 20 people on his side, and they all have weapons, more than 20 have weapons. Yes, can you still be afraid of an unarmed person?
“Go!” After
Zhang Zhihao gave the order, the remaining twenty-odd men gritted their teeth, clenched their weapons, and Chao Chen Feng rushed over.
Chen Feng sneered, stepped forward, using both fists and feet.
He didn’t use any major moves, but the twenty-odd men who rushed over were no match for him.
Almost every big man, as long as he touches him a little bit, he will fly upside down like a puppet toy.

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