Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 487

After the middle-aged woman came to Lin Lan, she first glanced at Lin Lan and saw that Lin Lan was wearing a famous brand. The middle-aged woman’s expression eased, and then she asked: “Did you bring the money?”
“My husband You caused the injury on the leg?!”
Lin Lan did not answer the middle-aged woman’s question, but instead gritted her teeth and asked the middle-aged woman.
The middle-aged woman frowned: “I asked you if you brought the money? Can you not understand human words?”
“First, tell me who caused the injury on my husband’s leg. Let’s talk about the money!” Lin Lan said angrily.
“Oh, I didn’t cause the injury on your husband’s leg.” The middle-aged woman glanced at Xia Weiguo faintly, and immediately said: “My son caused it.”
“Where is your son?!”
“There. The middle-aged woman glanced at the right side. Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao glanced in the direction of the middle-aged woman’s glance. When they saw that the’son’ that the middle-aged woman said was a black Tibetan mastiff that was half human, Lin Lan and Xia Mengyao’s eyes burst out with anger.
“Chen Feng, kill this beast for me!” Lin Lan was almost about to be blown up with anger. She originally thought that Xia Weiguo was made like this because he had beaten someone, but now she was caught The Tibetan Mastiff is made like this.
“Who do you mean to be a beast? Bitch!”
Chen Feng hadn’t reacted yet, but the middle-aged woman became angry first: “Clean my mouth. This is my son. It’s not a beast.”
“Son? Do you call a dog your son? Are you a human or a dog?!” Lin Lan was about to be blown up.
“Dad, what’s going on?” Chen Feng ignored the quarrel between the two of them. At this moment, he was more related. The cause of the matter was not like Xia Weiguo. Under normal circumstances, he would not talk to him. This middle-aged woman was in conflict.
Xia Weiguo looked at Chen Feng, some weak and said: “After I have come down from the plane, I called the car, ready to go to you, and the driver did not hear me say the location, pulled me here.”
“Under After the car, I planned to take another taxi to find you, and then I saw this woman walking her dog outside. There were a lot of people at the gate of the community. The dog she was walking with was a Tibetan mastiff and the rope was not tied yet. I was afraid of this. Tibetan mastiff bite a child, I advised her to Tibetan mastiff tied a rope. ” ” the result was that a woman is not happy, saying that the Tibetan mastiff is her son, she could not give his son tied a rope. ” ”
I was angry but , Just quarreled with her, and then she let the Tibetan mastiff come to bite me…”
“I see, Dad, you should rest first, and leave the rest to me.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. Immediately he got up and looked at the middle-aged woman, and asked blankly, “Is what my dad said is true?”
“Who are you?” The middle-aged woman frowned and glanced at Chen Feng. The woman’s instinct told her. Chen Feng in front of him was very difficult to deal with.
“I ask you, is what my dad said is true?!”
Chen Feng still expressionless, asked every word.
“So what if it’s true?” The middle-aged woman curled her lips, and immediately she glanced at Xia Weiguo on the ground with contempt, and said: “Smelly hillbilly, don’t pee to see what she does. She even asked her to give her to her. My son tied the rope, and it’s not bad for my old lady to let his son kill you…”
“Pop” the middle-aged woman hadn’t finished speaking, and there was a clear applause in the field.
This slap was Xia Mengyao fan.
At this moment, Xia Mengyao gritted her teeth and looked at the middle-aged woman, and said: “Do you believe that I killed you?” The middle-aged woman covered her face, her eyes full of incredulous: “You dare to hit me?”
“You bitch ? Dare to hit me?”

Pop ” Xia Mengyao raised her hand and slapped the middle-aged woman’s face with another slap,
“Why not dare?!”
“Ah!” The middle-aged woman screamed, and then turned hysterically. Xia Mengyao rushed over: “Smelly bitch, my old lady is going to kill you!”
“Papa” was another big hand that slammed the middle-aged woman’s face.
This time it was Chen Feng.
Chen Feng’s effort was more than ten times stronger than Xia Mengyao.
Weighing nearly 200, the middle-aged woman who was comparable to a small tank screamed and flew out.
With a “puff,” she hit the ground heavily.
“Good fight!”
Lin Lan clapped her hands and cheered, her expression full of delight.
Some onlookers who knew the inside story also secretly gave a thumbs up to Chen Feng. This middle-aged woman was used to being arrogant in the community on weekdays. She never tied the rope when walking the Tibetan mastiff. Many people in the community were worried about this. It’s not that no one has protested, but most of these protesters were miserably cleaned up by middle-aged women.
“Little brother, hurry up after hitting someone. This woman has a very deep background.” At this moment, someone in the crowd reminded him in a muffled voice that he still knew the background of the middle-aged woman.
The middle-aged woman’s full name is Li Hong. Her brother is a famous broker in Zhonghai, and she knows countless powerful figures. She also has a husband who is also a famous ruthless man in Zhonghai Dao.
Relying on these two people, Li Hong has been arrogant in the area of ​​Fairview International.
“Go? Don’t even want to go!”
The voice in the crowd didn’t remind me . It was good. When reminded, Li Hong who was lying on the ground staggered and got up from the ground. She glanced and squatted. The black Tibetan mastiff, lying down, viciously ordered: “Son, tear me up these bastards!” The black Tibetan mastiff can understand people’s words, but after Li Hong gave the order, it did not immediately pounce on Chen. Feng, instead, looked at Chen Feng with extremely jealous eyes. Although Chen Feng in front of him, although his appearance is not good, but the animal’s hunting instinct told him that Chen Feng is extremely dangerous. If it dares to act rashly, it will hardly escape death!
“Come on! What are you still doing!” Seeing the black Tibetan mastiff motionless, Li Hong immediately became angry. She walked a few steps to the black Tibetan mastiff, kicked the black Tibetan mastiff on the waist, and cursed: “You are a trash Things, what’s so scary! Hurry up and tear up these bastards for my old lady!”
“Oh~” The black Tibetan mastiff screamed, its teeth snapped, staring at Chen Feng, and the throat kept making a low growl. Like a threat, but also like a warning.
But no matter what Li Hong orders, it just doesn’t move.
“Trash things, my old lady usually raises you for nothing!” Li Hong cursed angrily, and then she took out her mobile phone, pointed at Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao, and said bitterly: “You two bastards, wait for the old lady, old lady Or kill you today, my mother will give you your surname!”
Then, Li Hong dialed a number.
“What’s the matter?” A helpless voice came from there.

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