Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 495

After Chen Feng hung up the phone lightly, the pretty waiter smiled disdainfully: “It’s about this time, do you dare to pretend to be a ghost?”
“Qin Shao’s aunt, is this kind of cock like you can know?”
“Do you recognize it, you? I’ll know in a while.” Chen Feng glanced at the beautiful waiter faintly.
After a few minutes.
A black Rolls-Royce stopped at the door of Aihai Western Restaurant.
Qin Zhen, wearing a suit, got out of the car with a gloomy expression.
As soon as he entered the restaurant, the earrings young people greeted them and said respectfully: “Uncle Qin.”
“Where is the person?” Qin Zhen asked coldly.
“There.” The young man with earrings pointed to Chen Feng who was eating slowly.
Qin Zhen’s mouth twitched: “I’m talking about that wicked animal!”
That wicked animal?
The young man with earrings was taken aback for a moment, then his complexion changed drastically. What Qin Zhen was talking about?
“Shao Qin, Shao Qin is over there…” Seeing that Qin Zhen’s expression was obviously wrong, the stud youth’s momentum suddenly weakened.
With a cold snort, Qin Zhen strode towards Qin Ming.
“Dad, you are here!” Seeing Qin Zhen, Qin Ming’s face was immediately full of ecstasy.
“Dad, help me chop up that bastard. You see, the wounds on my face are all from that bastard.” Qin Ming said, he sold it miserably.
But it’s okay if he doesn’t sell miserables, as soon as he sells miserables, the anger in Qin Zhen’s chest increases a little more.
Qin Zhen raised his hand involuntarily, and slapped Qin Ming’s face with a slap.
With crisp applause, Qin Ming’s swollen face once again showed five blood-red finger prints.
Completely confused.
The whole place and people were completely confused.
Qin Zhen, isn’t Qin Ming’s father? Why does he fight Qin Ming?
“Dad, why did you hit me?!”
Qin Ming asked, covering his face, his eyes were filled with incredible.
“Niezi, who caused you to make trouble outside?!”
Qin Zhen shouted angrily, and his voice was like a thunder, and it shook everyone in the room, and his eardrums shook.
Qin Ming more incomprehensible: “Dad, I was hit ah, your son was hit, almost to death, do not you go play your son who’s in trouble, you ……”
“pop” is not Give Qin Ming a chance to finish speaking, Qin Zhen slapped his face again.
This slap is powerful and powerful!
After being thrown to the ground, Qin Ming didn’t get up for a long while.
The audience was silent.
Qin Zhen, isn’t he crazy?
Why did he…
Just when everyone was thinking about why Qin Zhen beat Qin Ming violently when he came, Qin Zhen moved!
He walked towards Chen Feng.
Seeing this scene, the pretty waitress was immediately relieved, after teaching his son, Qin Zhen, should he find Chen Feng’s trouble?
Qin Zhen came to Chen Feng, but to everyone’s expectations, he did not trouble Chen Feng!
He bowed slightly, and said in a deep voice:
“Mr. Chen, I have already taught that wicked man. I hope Mr. Chen will not take it to heart.”
Mr. Chen? !
Qin Zhen, actually called this dick, Mr. Chen? !
Hearing Qin Zhen’s address to Chen Feng, the pretty waitress shook his heart, and his face instantly turned pale.
Many diners are also dumbfounded, Qin Zhen, but the real power figure of the Qin family, looking at the entire Zhong Hai, he is the top group.
But now, he actually called a young man, Mr. Chen! And looking at him, it seems that he is still apologizing to this young man!
What kind of identity is this young man ? !
With this attitude of Qin Zhen, Chen Feng was also slightly taken aback. Immediately, Chen Feng waved his hand and said with a smile: “Uncle Qin is serious. I will not take the matter to my heart just now. Qin Ming and I will not fight. No acquaintance.” No acquaintance if you don’t fight?
Hearing this, Qin Zhen couldn’t help but twitched his mouth. Are you not acquainted? You clearly abused Qin Ming unilaterally!
Although he thought so in his heart, Qin Zhen couldn’t say it.
Before coming, he already knew the identity of Chen Feng.
He is the illegitimate son of the Chen family.
Although he was only an illegitimate child, Chen Feng’s weight in the Chen family was no worse than some direct heirs, even worse!
Because he is Chen Zhennan, the only designated heir to the Chen family!
Chen Zhennan…
Thinking of Chen Zhennan, Qin Zhen couldn’t help but shudder.
This is the true soul of the Chen family.
He is also one of the most powerful people in China!
In addition to being the actual controller of the Chen family, Chen Zhennan has another identity: the master of martial arts!
He is the youngest among the nine martial arts masters in China!
Although Chen Zhennan is the youngest among the nine martial arts masters, he is rumored to be strong enough to rank in the top three among the nine martial arts masters!
Such a monstrous giant, the Qin family, did not dare to provoke him!
Even if Chen Feng is only the illegitimate child of the Chen family, but after getting involved with Chen Zhennan, the Qin family dare not have the slightest idea about Chen Feng.
Qin Zhen did not talk to Chen Feng too much. After a simple apology, he took Qin Ming and left.
But the many diners who stayed in the restaurant were all in a petrochemical state.
The impact of the scene just now on them was too great.
In just ten minutes, they witnessed the beating of the top rich second generation of Zhonghai, and witnessed the Patriarch of the top family of Zhonghai apologize to a young man…
All of this seemed like magic, which was incredible.
“Where is our dessert?”
At this time, a faint voice rang in the restaurant, and everyone was awakened from shock.
“Dessert?” The pretty waiter was taken aback for a moment, and then he was shocked all over his body as if waking up from a dream, and said, “The horse…I’ll be ready, I ‘ll be ready.” “Go and prepare, my wife is hungry. “Chen Feng frowned and urged. At noon, at Lin Xiaoxian’s birthday banquet, he still ate some, but Xia Mengyao didn’t eat much at all. If he can’t wait for dessert, Xia Mengyao should be hungry.
“I’m going to get people to prepare, I’m going to get people to prepare.” The beautiful waitress nodded like a chicken pecking at rice. At this moment, she is not even a little bit arrogant, although it is not clear about Chen Feng’s The real identity, but even the person that Qin Ming’s father would treat respectfully would never be too small. At least it would be easier to clean up a little waiter than to kill an ant.
In less than ten minutes, Chen Feng ordered all the desserts.
However, it is not the beautiful waiters who serve the dishes, but the manager and deputy manager of the restaurant.
“Mr. Chen, the dessert you want.” After putting the two desserts on Chen Feng’s table respectfully, the manager in suit and leather took two bottles of red wine from the tray behind him and placed them on Chen Feng’s table.
Chen Feng glanced around and found that the two bottles of red wine were Lafites in 1982. In terms of value alone, a bottle would start at least 100,000, which was more than three times more expensive than the bottle Qin Ming had just given.

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