Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 496

“What are you doing?” Chen Feng glanced at the middle-aged manager with a smile.
The middle-aged manager wiped the cold sweat from his head and said:
“Mr. Chen, something that didn’t have eyesight interrupted your meal before. This is your compensation.”
Something that doesn’t have eyesight?
Chen Feng smiled faintly, it was naturally the beautiful waitress just now.
“Well, let’s put it here.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly, and when the things were delivered, there was no reason not to accept them.
“Thank you Mr. Chen, thank you Mr. Chen.” The middle-aged manager hurriedly bent over and thanked him. Chen Feng accepted these two bottles of red wine, which means that he would no longer care about the restaurant. If Chen Feng cares, then he is the manager. , It is bound to be unable to continue.
“Mr. Chen, then I’ll go down first. I won’t disturb you and this lady’s meal. If you need any help, just call me.”
“Well, go down.” Chen Feng waved his hand and passed away. Year manager.
Soon he picked up the fork in front of him, forked a piece of dessert, and put it on Xia Mengyao’s plate.
“Eat quickly.” Chen Feng said with a slight smile.
Xia Mengyao nodded gently, lifted up the green silk on the forehead, put the dessert in her mouth with a fork, and chewed carefully.
“How’s it taste?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. In the past, Xia Mengyao loved the desserts he made the most, but because he often got fat by eating desserts, Xia Mengyao always restrained herself almost every other time. Only eat dessert once a month.
“It’s not as delicious as you did.” After some careful chewing, Xia Mengyao spoke seriously.
Chen Feng was speechless for a while. The dessert master of this restaurant was at least invited according to the grade of a five-star hotel. How could the desserts made by others not taste as good as he did?
“By the way, what is the pill that you asked me to take last time?” Xia Mengyao suddenly asked, thinking of something.
“Ice lotus pill.” Chen Feng said truthfully. He refined three ice lotus pills and sold one to Huo Hongyan, one for Huang Laosan’s treatment, and the remaining one went to Xia Mengyao. Belly.
“That ice lotus pill, is there any more?” Xia Mengyao said with some embarrassment. After taking the ice lotus pill, she felt that her body had undergone various magical changes. Not only did she become younger, but her vitality also increased. a lot of.
“No more.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. The ice lotus pill is a real priceless treasure. The one sold to Huo Hongyan bought a full 1.5 billion yuan. For this, Huo Hongyan felt that she was taking advantage.
“But if you want, I can refine some other medicines for you.” Chen Feng said again, there are many medicines with similar effects to Binglian Pills, but these medicines are not made of ice lotus. Dan’s materials are so unavailable.
Xia Mengyao shook her head and was about to say no, when her mobile phone rang.
“Daughter, where are you now?” Lin Lan’s panicked voice came from the other end as soon as the phone was connected.
“In the restaurant outside, what’s the matter?”
“I just saw that bitch in the hospital, and that bitch’s brother seems to be looking for us.” Lin Lan panicked.
That bitch?
Xia Mengyao frowned, “Mom, what you said is a bitch…”
“Just the one who let the dog bit your dad, her brother took her to the hospital, she seemed to see me, and now it is filling the hospital. Look for me.” Lin Lan said hurriedly. She saw Li Hong in the hospital corridor. Li Hong was being carried on a stretcher. It was for this reason that she was not caught on the spot.
“Mom, don’t worry, I’ll be back with Chen Feng right away.”
Xia Mengyao realized the urgency of the matter. If Li Hong really brought someone to revenge, then Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo would suffer.
At this moment, there are indeed many thugs wearing black suits and headsets in the hospital looking for people.
“Are you sure you just saw that family?”
Li Yi looked at Li Hong who was lying on the hospital bed with a gloomy expression.
“I’m sure!” Li Hong gritted his teeth, “Brother, I’m sure that the bitch I saw is in the same group as the bastard who broke my leg!”
“Well, don’t worry, I will give it to you. People find it out.” Li Yi calmed down with a gloomy expression. Li Hong is his only relative, but now, she has been beaten and disabled. How could he not be angry.
“Brother, that bastard is very powerful, you make your people be careful.” Li Hongxin said with lingering fear. Although she hated Chen Feng, she had to affirm Chen Feng’s strength. Her husband brought more than twenty. A thug, he was brought down by Chen Feng in less than ten seconds, which was simply appalling.
“Don’t worry, the person brought by my brother this time is different from the person brought by your husband. There are real masters in this!” There was a touch of confidence in Li Yi’s eyes. In order to help Li Hong get revenge, he specially borrowed from Matsushima Feng. A warrior came over.
He didn’t believe it, who else could not be dealt with by warriors!
At this moment, a thug in a black suit walked into the ward.
“Brother Yi, I found it!”
“Found it?” Li Yi said with a cold expression: “Take me over!”
“Yes, Brother Yi.” The black suit thug nodded and was about to get up. At this moment, Li behind him Hong said sharply:
“Brother, I want to go there too!”
Li Yi frowned and glanced at Li Hong: “Your injury…”
“My injury is not in the way! I don’t watch you peeling that bastard with your own eyes and cramping, I have trouble sleeping and eating!”
Li Yi sighed, “Well, you can come with us.” A few minutes later, two black suit thugs raised their hands. With Li Hong, he walked into Xia Weiguo’s ward.
At this moment, Xia Weiguo had been torn from the hospital bed and forced to kneel on the ground.
Lin Lan yelled from the side: “Let go of my old mother! Do you know who the old mother’s son-in-law is?! You dare to beat my old mother, and my old mother’s son-in-law will kill you!”
Seeing Lin Lan was tied up, he still dare Arrogant, Li Yi immediately became angry: “Palm mouth!”
“Yes, Brother Yi.” The black suit thug came to Lin Lan, and without giving Lin Lan a chance to open his mouth, he raised his hand.
“Pl” slapped the face for several consecutive times, and the corners of Lin Lan’s mouth were suddenly covered with blood.
“Don’t beat my wife!” Xia Weiguo, who was half-kneeling on the ground, roared with a hissing voice.
“Where is that bastard? Where is the other person?!” Li Hong asked sharply. As soon as she entered the ward, she began to look for Chen Feng, but she scanned around and didn’t see Chen Feng.
“He went out to eat and will be back soon.” Lin Lan said hurriedly, and she was quite honest after being slapped a few times.
“Come back soon?” Li Yi snorted coldly. “When is it soon?”
“Ten minutes, ten minutes at most!” Lin Lan hurriedly said.
“Brother, first interrupt the legs of this stinky bitch and this old miscellaneous hair to vent my anger!” Li Hong looked at Lin Lan and Xia Weiguo viciously. Chen Feng didn’t come back. It’s not bad to use Xia Weiguo and Lin Lan to vent their anger. .

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