Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 52

This auction finally ended.
As the group of people left one after another, Sun Guifang could no longer hold on, and collapsed to the ground like a puddle of slime.
“It’s over, this is over…” Sun Guifang whispered in despair.
“Sister-in-law, isn’t this one hundred million? How come it’s over?” Lin Lan didn’t think so deeply, her expression was very excited at the moment.
This is a hundred million, she has never seen so much money in her life.
She would never have thought of killing her, her daughter would be so valuable.
“If there were no such waste as Chen Feng, Mengyao would have married into a wealthy family a long time ago. For the past three years, I would never have to live in that slapped place, climb stairs all day, and be tired like a dog.” Lin Lan complained. For a while, looking at the black gold bank card in his hand, a smile appeared on his face again.
“It’s okay now, the hard days are finally over, my sister-in-law, this one hundred million, I will divide you ten million.” Lin Lan is very generous this time, she understands, if there is no Sun Guifang, this auction, let alone one hundred million. Ten million is enough.
Surprisingly, Sun Guifang slapped Lin Lan’s face directly, and immediately slapped five blood-red finger prints.
“You idiot! You know when you die!” Sun Guifang was so angry that her hair was about to explode. She thought that she was greedy for money, but Lin Lan, an idiot, was more greedy for money than she, wouldn’t she? Understand, Shen Junwen can’t collect this 100 million at all?
“Sister-in-law, why are you hitting me? What is the end of death?” Lin Lan covered her face with a look of confusion, “Did not Shen Shao pay all the money? What are you worried about?
“Shen Junwen’s money, do you dare to accept it?” Sun Guifang asked through gritted teeth.
“I dare not.” Lin Lan curled her lips, “I am his future mother-in-law, he dare not treat me like that.”
“If you want me to say, God opened my eyes and saw that I had been tortured by Chen Feng’s waste for three years, and I should have enjoyed the blessing, so I sent Shen Junwen, the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou.”
“When Mengyao will marry into the Shen family in the future, I will be the mother-in-law of the future richest man in Cangzhou. Hahaha, I didn’t expect Lin Lan to have a glorious day, sister-in-law, wait for my light when the time comes.” Lin Lan fell into the longing for a better life in the future, and did not notice at all, Sun Guifang’s desperate look on the side.
No help, this idiot is totally helpless.
If it was only ten or twenty million, Shen Junwen might be more generous and really handed the money to Lin Lan.
But that is a hundred million!
And it was still one hundred million. If Shen Junwen was narrow-minded, he would even think that it was the three of them who joined Zhang Dongchen to do the game for him.
Therefore, he will inevitably retaliate. Zhang Dongchen has the Zhang family behind them, but who is behind them?
Xia Yunsheng? I’m afraid it will be too late to clear up the relationship with them.
Sun Guifang was very regretful, but this time she really lifted a rock and hit her in the foot. She wanted to recruit a sheep into the door, but accidentally recruited a wolf.
Now this wolf is going to eat people, no one can save them.
I can only send hope to Xia Mengyao, and hope that Xia Mengyao can ask Shen Junwen to let them go.
After Zhang Dongchen went out with the Ukrainian girl beside him, he went straight into the underground parking lot. Seeing no one around, Zhang Dongchen dialed a number.
“Young Master, as you might expect, that idiot Shen Junwen has really come.” Zhang Dongchen’s expression was extremely respectful, completely devoid of the slightest cynicism before.
If anyone sees Zhang Dongchen’s appearance at this time, he will definitely be shocked. What is the identity of the person who can be treated so respectfully by Young Master Zhang.
“Well, how much did he pay in the end.” The voice on the other end of the phone was a little indifferent, as if everything was expected.
“Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine million!” Zhang Dongchen replied.
“Yes, Dongchen, you did a great job in this matter.” A smile was raised at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. This time, sending Zhang Dongchen there was really a trick.
“The young master is too acclaimed, because the young master taught well.” Zhang Dongchen’s tone became more respectful. Although his words were complimentary, the admiration from the bottom of his heart was also true, because he told Chen Feng to participate in the auction. After the list of people who would meet, Chen Feng expected that Shen Junwen would definitely pass, and he would still hold the attitude of certainty.
At that time, after shouting out 20 million, Zhang Dongchen was still a little bit nervous, and felt that Chen Summit would not have expected it wrong. Shen Junwen would not come, unexpectedly, at the last moment, Shen Junwen actually appeared!
No difference from Chen Feng’s expectations!
Later, there was nothing left to say, he followed Chen Feng’s orders, surging his acting skills in front of Shen Junwen, causing Shen Junwen to pay 70 to 80 million more.
The real thing is like a god!
Zhang Dongchen rarely admires a person his age so much, but for Chen Feng, he really admires the five-body cast.
“Dong Chen, you don’t have to be humble. If you don’t act well and show flaws, Shen Junwen will not be fooled.” Chen Feng smiled and said.
As early as when he learned that Lin Lan was going to auction Xia Mengyao, Chen Feng began to make secret arrangements. After investigating that Shen Junwen was on the list of all Lin Lan’s buyers, Chen Feng guessed that Shen Junwen would never give up this opportunity to avenge himself. He will definitely participate in the auction.
In order to impose a small punishment on Shen Junwen, Chen Feng used his own power in the Zhang family to let Zhang Dongchen participate in the auction. Punishing Shen Junwen was on the one hand, and on the other hand, it was also to maintain the stability of the situation.
It was impossible for Chen Feng to watch his stupid mother-in-law, really selling Xia Mengyao to someone else beyond his control.
It was sold to Shen Junwen because Shen Junwen was stupid enough and Chen Feng was confident enough that Shen Junwen could not even touch Xia Mengyao.
Otherwise, even if someone bid 10 billion today, Chen Feng would make Zhang Dongchen 100 million more than that person.
Because, to him, Xia Mengyao is priceless!
“By the way, Master, I have found out that Sun Guifang led this matter, and she has Mrs. Lin’s handle…” Zhang Dongchen said, Chen Feng can still make sense if he doesn’t clean up Lin Lan, but he doesn’t clean up Sun Guifang. I just don’t understand.
“Handle? What handle?” Chen Feng asked curiously.
“Um…” Zhang Dongchen seemed a little hard to tell.
“Let’s talk, there is nothing to hide.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, he had probably guessed it.

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