Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 54

“It must be Chen Feng, the trash who said something in front of Mengyao, otherwise Mengyao couldn’t be so stupid. I had known so, I shouldn’t have agreed with Lao Xia to take this trash home!” Lin Lan resented. If Chen Feng were to die outside three years ago, there would be no such thing as today.
“Don’t talk about that, but first think about how to get the bitch to agree, and see Shen Junwen in the Queen’s Building tomorrow.” Sun Guifang said gloomily. If Shen Junwen can’t see Xia Mengyao tomorrow, he will vent his anger with their mother and son and Lin Lan.
“I’ll try calling her again.” Lin Lan sighed, then dialed Xia Mengyao’s number again.
“Mengyao, I’ll say sorry to you first, this time it’s because my mom didn’t care about your feelings.” Lin Lan’s tone softened again. She was very clear about Xia Mengyao’s character, whether he was soft or hard.
Xia Mengyao frowned, Lin Lan’s tone made her somewhat uncomfortable.
“But Mom wants you to understand that the reason why Mom did this is for your own good. You also know the situation of our family. Your dad is not valued by your grandfather. The annual family dividends have almost nothing to do with him. Just became the person in charge of the Yuquanshan project, but in terms of finances, your grandfather is very tight-lipped and doesn’t want you to take a cent from the Yuquanshan project.”
“As for Chen Feng…It’s not that my mother said that he is really hopeless. The salary he earns in a month is not enough to buy you a few bottles of good cosmetics. Women are supported by money, mom. I don’t want you to become a yellow-faced woman in the poverty and downfall you will live in.”
“So this time Mom made her own way and put you on the line of Shen Junwen, Mengyao, you have to trust her, Mom won’t harm you, Shen Junwen, he is indeed your best destination.”
Xia Mengyao sighed when Lin Lan tried to persuade herself bitterly. She didn’t understand why Lin Lan had to link love with matter. Couldn’t you have love without matter?
“Mom, I know you are for my good, but I really don’t want to leave Chen Feng. And I think you should also give Chen Feng a chance, and he will definitely make changes.” Xia Mengyao did not listen to Lin Lan’s words , She still wanted to persuade Lin Lan again, hoping that Lin Lan could change her view of Chen Feng.
Lin Lan gritted her teeth, expecting this waste to change, unless the dog changes it and eats shit! But at this moment, although Lin Lan is extremely disgusted with Chen Feng in her heart, her tone is very soft: “Okay, Mengyao, Mom can give you Chen Feng a chance, but this time, Mom hopes you will also give her a chance. Whether you like Shen Junwen or not, go and contact him tomorrow, okay? When the contact is over, if you still insist on liking Chen Feng, then my mother won’t stop you.”
Lin Lan’s idea is very simple. As long as Xia Mengyao is delivered to Shen Junwen, it has nothing to do with her. She believes that Shen Junwen definitely has enough means to subdue Xia Mengyao and cook the raw rice.
“Mom, I said, I’m not interested in Shen Junwen, I won’t go!”
Xia Mengyao frowned, she didn’t understand why Lin Lan wanted her to see Shen Junwen so much, but she is now Chen Feng’s wife, dating another man, didn’t she make it clear that she embarrassed Chen Feng.
“Mengyao! Just be my mother, please, go and meet Shen Junwen, okay?” Lin Lan almost begged. If Xia Mengyao doesn’t go, she will not only be retaliated by Shen Junwen, but she will also fly away if she gets 100 million yuan It makes her feel more uncomfortable than killing her.
“Mom, are you hiding anything from me?” Xia Mengyao asked in doubt. Lin Lan had always been very strong in front of her, but this time, she was so low-pitched. Xia Mengyao always felt that Lin Lan had something Keep it from her.
Chen Feng sighed in his heart. Xia Mengyao didn’t know that he had been’sold’ by Lin Lan’s mother.
“Mengyao, Mom… Mom has accepted Shen Junwen’s money.” Lin Lan’s voice was very unassuming, and she also understood that she had done too much in this matter, selling women for glory, and she would be disgraced at any time.
“How much did you collect!”
Xia Mengyao asked with her silver teeth.
“One hundred million.” Lin Lan replied weakly.
Xia Mengyao was struck by lightning, her face pale instantly, a hundred million…
Even if she didn’t know anything about the world, she should understand that what it means to be 100 million yuan, Shen Junwen paid so much money, it is not just as simple as wanting to see her, there must be other ulterior purposes.
“Mom, tell me honestly, what kind of agreement did you reach with Shen Junwen?” Xia Mengyao asked angrily. It was natural for her to be innocent, but the frantic Lin Lan would use her first night as an auction item.
“No…no agreement, Mengyao, Shao Shen just wants to see you.” Lin Lan thought about telling the truth to Xia Mengyao before, but Xia Mengyao is like this, if she tells the truth, I’m afraid Xia Mengyao will tear her up.
“To meet me, spend 100 million? Mom, do you think I’m a fool!” There were tears in Xia Mengyao’s beautiful eyes, she had probably guessed what Lin Lan did, but she didn’t want to believe it. .
Lin Lan couldn’t say anything.
“Mom, you immediately return the 100 million to Shen Junwen, I can treat it as nothing happened.” Xia Mengyao coldly said, she is not stupid, she knows her value very well, apart from being beautiful, she has nothing else to do. Even if there is, it is definitely more than 100 million. Shen Junwen must have other ulterior motives.
“Mengyao, the money can’t be returned. Mom signed a contract with Shen Junwen. He only wants people and doesn’t need money. If he doesn’t see you tomorrow, he won’t let me go…” Lin Lan whispered, this time Even if the money can be refunded, she will not refund it. This is a hundred million yuan. Chen Feng’s waste will not make so much money in ten lifetimes.
“I said, I! No! No! Go!” Xia Mengyao said every word while biting her silver teeth.
Unexpectedly, Lin Lan cried directly, “Meng Yao, please help mom. If you don’t see him, mom will be in jail for the rest of her life. This time, I was fooled by lard. I’m sorry, but you can’t leave me alone…”
Xia Mengyao was trembling with anger, and two lines of tears flowed down her cheeks. What Lin Lan was talking about, she had no intention of listening. She couldn’t believe that her mother had already become so rich in her interest.
Chen Feng sighed. He naturally understood how embarrassed Xia Mengyao was at this time. On the one hand, it was his mother who had raised him for more than 20 years, and on the other hand, it was his husband.
“Mengyao, do you believe me?” Chen Feng asked with a smile, he would not embarrass Xia Mengyao, never will.
Xia Mengyao glanced at Chen Feng in a daze. This was the third time Chen Feng asked her. Every time Chen Feng asked her, she would solve her difficult situation and bring her unimaginable surprises. Will it be the same this time?

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