Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 55

“Believe me, go and see Shen Junwen, I will protect you.” Chen Feng said, he did not tell Xia Mengyao the truth about this, because he wanted to teach Lin Lan and Sun Guifang mother and son a lesson, so that they would never dare Hit Xia Mengyao’s idea again.
“Yeah.” Xia Mengyao nodded lightly. She is not hard-hearted. Naturally, it is impossible to watch Lin Lan spend the next half of her life in prison. However, if this happens, Chen Feng will be wronged.
“Thank you, Chen Feng.” Xia Mengyao hugged Chen Feng heartily. There was never a moment when she would feel that Chen Feng was so important to her. In this world, only this man would support her so resolutely, and do something else. People are simply not so generous.
“Tomorrow I will pass, but I hope this is the first and the last time!” After a while, Xia Mengyao dialed Lin Lan’s phone and said coldly to Lin Lan. After this time, she would no longer owe anything. What happened to Lin Lan, if Lin Lan was smitten by profit and tried to profit from her, she would never be merciful.
When Xia Mengyao agreed, Lin Lan suddenly showed an expression of excitement.
“Daughter, trust mom, Shen Shao will never let you down, tomorrow you will be dressed beautifully…” Lin Lan also wanted Xia Mengyao to perform well, but Xia Mengyao had already hung up the phone.
Lin Lan was not angry, as long as Xia Mengyao agreed, it would be Shen Junwen who should have a headache.
Sun Guifang on the side also relaxed.
“By the way, Lin Lan, you call Chen Feng again and threaten this waste. I’m afraid he will find a way to stop Xia Mengyao.” Sun Guifang said.
“Okay, I’ll fight now.” Lin Lan was also a little worried about Chen Feng, afraid that Chen Feng would make trouble.
As soon as Chen Feng returned to the bedroom, the phone rang.
Seeing that the caller was Lin Lan, Chen Feng was not surprised, and pressed to answer.
“Chen Feng, is my daughter next to you?” Lin Lan asked coldly, her tone of voice for Chen Feng would not be so good.
“Not here.” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and said.
“It’s fine if you’re not here, presumably you already know that Mengyao is going to see Shao Shen tomorrow.” Lin Lan was very direct and didn’t have the intention of scrutinizing Chen Feng’s ideas.
“I know.” Chen Feng said in a hurry.
“Just know, you can listen to me. Mengyao will be Shen Shao’s woman from now on. Whether you agree or not, this will not change. Tomorrow is her first date with Shen Shao. You’d better Don’t bother!”
“Of course, if you insist on thinking about it, if you want to die, I won’t stop you. You should know who Shen Shao is. He wants to kill you, it’s as simple as playing an ant.” Lin Lan was crazy. Threateningly, she believes that if Chen Feng has a little brain, she should be clear about the big difference between him and Shen Junwen. One is the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou, and the other is a takeaway. There is no comparison at all.
“Mom, it’s okay if you don’t say that. As soon as you say this, I want to weigh how many catties that Shen Junwen weighs. Playing with it can kill me like playing with an ant.” Chen Feng jokes, Lin It’s okay for Lan to be honest and not come to provoke him, but Lin Lan couldn’t think about it, and threatened him, which made Chen Feng a little unhappy.
“You trash, do you want to die!” Lin Lan’s expression changed drastically. Chen Feng, this trash, dared not even pay attention to Shen Junwen.
“I’m telling you, Chen Feng, don’t forget about it. Shen Junwen is the nephew of the richest man in Cangzhou. You can’t imagine the energy he possesses. If you dare to provoke him, he will definitely make you worse off than death!” Lin Lan She hurriedly said, she was really afraid that Chen Feng’s mind was not good, and she would also be in great trouble at a critical moment.
“Life is better than death?” Chen Feng sneered. Even Shen Hongchang, the richest man in Cangzhou, would not dare to say this in front of him, let alone a nephew.
“Well, Chen Feng, I’ll give you one hundred thousand yuan, just as you and Xia Mengyao’s breakup fee, take this money, how far you can get me, do not disturb Mengyao.” Lin Lan’s There was a strong hint of charity in her tone. Originally, she didn’t intend to give Chen Feng a penny, but now, Chen Feng suddenly went crazy and she had to put out one hundred thousand yuan to appease Chen Feng.
“One hundred thousand?” Chen Feng sneered again and again. Lin Lan really used him as a fool. Shen Junwen gave her one hundred million, and she actually wanted to spend one hundred thousand to pass herself.
“Why? Are you still too young?” Lin Lan frowned and said in disgust: “Chen Feng, don’t be greedy. One hundred thousand yuan is more than enough. You can’t make so much money if you deliver food for two years.”
“Mom, should I thank you?” Chen Feng asked sarcastically.
Lin Lan didn’t seem to hear Chen Feng’s sarcasm, but rather confidently said: “You really should be thankful to me. If Shen Shao didn’t show up, you might never realize that you are such a waste, and you are not worthy of me. daughter.”
“Is Shen Junwen worthy?” Chen Feng asked rhetorically.
“Nonsense, Shen Shao is more than enough to match Mengyao.” Lin Lan’s face was taken for granted. In her opinion, Xia Mengyao marrying Shen Junwen is a blessing that Xia Mengyao can’t cultivate in her eight lifetimes.
“Idiot!” Chen Feng spit out two words coldly. With him, Xia Mengyao is priceless, but in Lin Lan’s eyes, Xia Mengyao has become a not-so-valuable goods. Lin Lan thought that Shen Junwen’s rubbish was Xia Mengyao’s climb.
“You trash, who are you scolding stupid?! What qualifications do you have to scold me!” Lin Lan’s voice was suddenly sharp. Once upon a time, Chen Feng was so useless, he didn’t even dare to breathe in front of her, but now he dares to scold her. Stupid, how does this make her accept this gap.
“Qualifications?” Chen Feng sneered and said: “After tomorrow, you will know what qualifications I have. I will let you understand that the luckiest thing in your life is to have such a good daughter as Mengyao. .”
“You trash, what do you mean?” Lin Lan felt a little uneasy in her heart. She always felt that Chen Feng was very confident, but she didn’t understand where Chen Feng’s confidence came from. You must know what he has to face. It’s not an ordinary person, but Shen Junwen, a super rich second-generation super rich.
“Beep.” Chen Feng hung up directly.
“I’m so useless, dare to hang up my phone.” Lin Lan was angry again.
“Sister-in-law, what do you mean by his last words?” Lin Lan asked nervously.
“It’s bragging.” Sun Guifang smiled disdainfully, “Do you really think that this waste will have any cards? If he really has, he won’t be a dog in your house for three years.”
“Yes.” Lin Lan’s hanging heart was let go again.

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