Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 553

“If Linda Zong division is still alive, and that one thousand water kidnap Miss Lin Chamber of Commerce, on a purely seek death.”
“Linda Zong division to be back one day, will directly kill the country the previous day, thousands of water off the Chamber of Commerce over the door.”
“Master not Humiliation, this is a well-known rule in the world of martial arts.”
“Especially the grandmaster’s descendants kidnapped by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. At that time, even if Grandmaster Lin wanted to destroy the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, those martial arts masters in Japan would also be extinct I dare not say anything.” At this point, Shi Pojun sighed: “However, the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is very clever in this matter. They did not leave any handle for Grandmaster Lin, but directly tied the Ninja Soul. Miss Lin.”
“At that time, even if Grandmaster Lin comes back, he can only go to the trouble of Ninhun, but not to the trouble of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce.”
Chen Feng frowned, and Shi Pojun said very reasonable. Thousands of Water Chamber of Commerce is playing an upright Yangmou this time, even if Emperor Lin Qing comes back to find trouble, he can only find trouble with Nin Soul.
“That said, the only way to go is to exchange the Jidao truth for Lin Wanqiu?” Chen Feng asked with a sigh.
“At present, there is really only this way.” Shi Pojun nodded.
“Of course, it can be rescued by force, but after all, Miss Lin is in the Ninth Soul headquarters. We can’t guarantee that there will be no accidents during the rescue…”
“I understand.” Chen Feng let out a sigh of relief . In other words, the safest way is to exchange the Jidao true solution for Lin Wanqiu.
However, the price of doing this is to allow the Japanese parliament to obtain the full version of the true interpretation of the ultimate truth. In a few years, they will inevitably have an additional martial arts master.
“What do you mean?”
Chu Yifei glanced at the other three leaders. After all, Ji Dao Zhenjie was the common property of the four people, and he couldn’t make the decision alone.
“I agree to exchange the truth for Miss Lin.” As soon as Chu Yifei’s voice fell, Wang Haiyang, the representative of the Wang family, spoke.
“I agree too.” The person in charge of the Qin family followed closely behind.
“I agree too.” Song Licheng also raised his hand with a sullen expression.
Before they disagreed, they thought that Emperor Lin Qing might not be alive, but now, Shi Pojun said that Emperor Lin Qing must be alive.
If Emperor Lin Qing is really alive, then they will not hand over the Ji Dao Zhenjie to exchange for Lin Wanqiu’s life. When Emperor Lin Qing returns, he will not give them any good fruit.
“Since everyone agrees, then I will exchange the Ji Dao Zhenjie for Miss Lin.” Chu Yifei said.
“No problem.”
“Thank you, I owe you a favor.” Chen Feng said in a deep voice. The reason why the four people are so refreshed to give him the true understanding is not how much his face is, but they are all Gu Jilin Qingdi.
Lin Qingdi, who has disappeared for almost twenty years!
Almost as soon as everyone had negotiated to exchange the Jidao true solution for Lin Wanqiu, Chu Yifei’s cell phone rang again.
“It’s an unknown number.” After seeing the caller ID, Chu Yifei’s pupils couldn’t help but shrank. I’m afraid that the only person who can call an unknown number at this time is Ninjin.
“How’s Mr. Chu thinking?” The call was connected, and a hoarse voice came from the phone.
“Who are you?” Chu Yifei did not give the answer immediately, but asked.
A chuckle came from the other end of the phone, “Didn’t Mr. Chu already know it? Why ask knowingly?”
“Are you Shinobu?” Chu Yifei’s expression darkened. Since the owner of this voice dared to say this, I am afraid they had leaked the address of Shinobu on purpose.
“Nin Soul? What Nin Soul? I don’t understand what Mr. Chu is talking about.”
“I called Mr. Chu this time just to ask Mr. Chu, how are things considered? Do you want to take it? Do you really understand Miss Lin’s life?”
“I want to make sure Miss Lin is okay now.” Chu Yifei said in a deep voice, if Lin Wanqiu is the daughter of Emperor Lin Qing, then her identity is probably more noble than all people in total. He must not allow Lin Wanqiu to do something.
“Mr. Chu, rest assured, we still have the proper measures. Ms. Lin is a descendant of the grandmaster after all. We won’t treat her like this.”
“However, if Mr. Chu doesn’t know each other, then we don’t mind, Miss Lin.
Throw it into the sea to feed the fish.” Chu Yifei’s face was cold: “Dare you!”
“Hehe, Mr. Chu can try it. I dare not.”
“I can give you the most true understanding, but you can’t move Miss Lin. Hair.” Chu Yifei suppressed his anger and said.
“Don’t worry, we only need the Ji Dao true understanding, as for Miss Lin… after she helps us open the Ji Dao true understanding, we will let her go.”
“Right, besides, we still have a small condition. ”
What conditions?” Chu Yifei’s voice sank.
“Let Chen Feng personally send the true interpretation of
Jidao to Japan.” “This is impossible!” Almost subconsciously, Chu Yifei retorted.
At this time, let Chen Feng go to Japan, isn’t it clear that Chen Feng will be sent to death?
Chen Feng only killed two Japanese geniuses the day before yesterday. At this moment, half of the Japanese martial arts circles hated Chen Feng.
If Chen Feng dares to pass, it is definitely a situation of nine deaths and no life!
“Impossible?” The man on the other end of the phone sneered suddenly: “Mr. Chu, I don’t think you have figured out one thing. Now we are not negotiating terms, but what I said, what you have to do!”
“I only give you three days. After three days, if I can’t see Chen Feng and Ji Dao’s true explanation, then you can wait to collect the body from Miss Lin.”
After saying this, call Was hung up.
The expressions of everyone in the venue were different.
Song Licheng was a little gloat. He didn’t expect that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce would have such a big appetite. It would not only require the ultimate truth, but also Chen Feng’s life.
Now it’s up to Chen Feng to choose.
“Xiaofeng, you can’t go, this is a trap!”
Shi Pojun’s face was very ugly. There is no doubt that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce acted to retaliate against Chen Feng.
They probably knew about the relationship between Chen Feng and Lin Wanqiu a long time ago. Perhaps, this time the Jidao true solution was only incidental. Their main goal is probably to solve Chen Feng!
After all, Chen Feng is already in the early stage of Huajin at the age of twenty-five. If nothing happens in the future, Chen Feng will definitely become the master of martial arts, and Ji Dao’s true understanding can increase the chance of a martial artist being promoted to the master of martial arts. Just increasing, not a 100% guarantee.
In contrast, removing Chen Feng is the top priority.
“I know this is a trap.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly, “but I have no choice.”
“No, when I report this to the headquarters, the headquarters will put pressure on the Japanese martial arts community and let them let go. Come back.”
Chen Feng shook his head: “Brother Shi, the headquarters can’t put pressure on the Japanese martial arts community. Take a 10,000 step back and say that even if the headquarters pressures the Japanese martial arts community, the Japanese martial arts community will never Let Shinobu let Wanqiu come back, maybe they will support Shinobu in secret.”

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