Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 552

“You are determined to think that Xiaofeng did this thing?!” Shi Pojun was furious. He didn’t expect that Song Licheng could even say that Chen Feng intervened in Japan.
“Hall Master Shi, I didn’t mean this, but you don’t have clear evidence to help Chen Feng clear the suspicion…” Song Licheng bit his head and said, if he can, he doesn’t want to offend Shi Pojun. After all, Shi Pojun represents at this moment. Zhanmeng, offending Shibajun means offending Zhanmeng.
However, the development of the matter has left him no retreat, and he must stick to the previous statement.
At this moment, the door of the conference room was pushed open.
A tall woman in a black combat suit walked in.
“Hall Master Shi, there is the latest news…”
“Say.” Shi Pojun recovered his calm.
“Just now, colleagues from the Japanese branch of the War League sent a secret letter saying that the place in the video of Miss Lin is in the Ninjin Headquarters in Japan.” The tall woman said solemnly.
“Nin Soul headquarters?!”
Shi Pojun’s pupils suddenly tightened.
Everyone in the field looked at each other. Where is the headquarters of Shinobu?
“Ninjuku, is an underground force in Japan.” As if seeing everyone’s confusion, the tall woman explained.
“Underground forces?”
Everyone looked at each other, still puzzled. It’s okay, why did they get involved with underground forces again?
“Yes, everyone should be clear that Japan is a country where underground forces are legalized.”
“Their underground forces can affect the general elections in Japanese politics, just like some large consortia in Europe and the United States can affect local elections. same.”
“The Shinobu kidnapping Miss Lin is a big underground force in Japan .” “The status of this force in Japan is not much weaker than the Yamaguchi team.”
After listening to the explanation of the tall woman, everyone in the field suddenly revealed. Ran’s look.
At the same time, he was a little surprised and had the strength of Shinobu, which turned out to be a super-large underground force not much weaker than the Yamaguchi group.
The Yamaguchi group is the leader of all the underground forces in Japan. According to rumors, the gang members of the Yamaguchi group alone exceed one hundred thousand.
In addition to the large number of personnel, the Yamaguchi Formation also has close ties with many big chaebols in Japan.
Many Mitsui, Panasonic and other super-large chaebols with nearly trillions of property are all solid backing for the Yamaguchi Group.
It is conceivable that Shinobu who is not much weaker than the Yamaguchi group would be terrifying.
Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help but glance at Song Licheng.
Obviously, the kidnapping of Lin Wanqiu was done by Shinoun and had nothing to do with Chen Feng.
Chen Feng’s energy could not be so great that the underground forces at the town and country level in Japan could take action.
“Now, can Xiaofeng’s suspicion be removed?” Shi Pojun looked at Song Li Chengdao coldly.
Facing Shangshi Pojun’s cold gaze, Song Licheng only felt his face hurt.
“I’m sorry, Hall Master Shi…”
“I’m sorry to say something to me, tell Xiaofeng!” Shi Pojun coldly interrupted.
Song Licheng’s tone was stagnant, and then he glanced at Chen Feng with some humiliation, and said, “I’m sorry, Chen Feng, I misunderstood you. I shouldn’t treat a gentleman like a villain…”
“Brother Shi, still follow Let me talk about the situation of Soul Ninja.” Chen Feng ignored Song Licheng. For him, the most important thing at the moment is to find out Lin Wanqiu’s situation as soon as possible. As for a villain like Song Licheng, his mouth is on him, he loves Whatever you say.
“Ninja Soul is very powerful in Japan.” Shi Pojun said solemnly.
“This organization has always recruited only elites. Their gang members may not have as many members as the Yamaguchi group, but their members are much stronger than the Yamaguchi group.”
“What is their relationship with the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce?” Chen Feng asked. He didn’t think that underground gangs like Ninhun would be interested in things like Ji Dao Zhenjie. Behind Ninhun, there must be the support of warriors.
“They don’t have a clear relationship with the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, at most they have some economic contacts.” Shi Pojun thought.
Is there no clear relationship?
Chen Feng frowned. If there is no clear relationship, there is no way to be sure that the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce did it.
“Although there is no clear relationship between them, I guess that the abduction of Wanqiu was instigated by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce in all likelihood.” Shi Pojun said.
“Because they don’t want the IWUF to catch the handle.”
“This time the IWUF is supervising the entire game. It stands to reason that we won the gambling fight. The truth is that Ours.”
“But the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce is not reconciled to just send the Ji Dao Zhen Jie into our hands.”
“So they want to use the hands of the soul to bring the Ji Dao Zhen Jie to Japan.”
Shi Pojun calmly. Analysis Road.
“Brother Shi, what do you mean is that Qianshui Chamber of Commerce can’t directly intervene in Jidao True Understanding, they must borrow the hands of Ninth Soul?” Chen Feng asked.
“Yes, if they openly kidnapped wan autumn, then it is not obvious to the international military indifference, and that time, the International Wushu Federation will inevitably find their troubles.”
“But they are now, we do not see the International Wushu Federation They did the things that came out?” At this moment, Chu Yifei asked suddenly.
Shi Pojun glanced at Chu Yifei and said, “Of course the IWUF can see that this was done by the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, but they have no direct evidence.”
“Without direct evidence, they can’t find the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce. The trouble.”
Chen Feng frowned, Shi Pojun said that it made sense. Qianshui Chamber of Commerce has always been good at doing this kind of thing. Last time, when Wang Hongyi was sent to assassinate him on Melai Island, Qianshui Chamber of Commerce did not leak water. Picked himself out.
The kidnapping of Lin Wanqiu was the same.
“There is another possibility that they are afraid of Great Master Lin.” Shi Pojun said again.
Hearing Master Lin, everyone couldn’t help but pricked their ears. After all, Emperor Lin Qing had disappeared for almost 20 years, and everyone didn’t know whether he was dead or alive.
“Presumably everyone knows that Grandmaster Lin disappeared eighteen years ago.”
“We don’t dare to talk about the whereabouts of Grandmaster Lin.”
“However, we can be sure that Grandmaster Lin should still be alive. “Shi Pojun said in a deep voice.
Still alive? !
Hearing this news, the person in charge of the Qin family and Song Licheng in the stadium changed their expressions. Before, they were opposed to the exchange of Jidao Zhenjie for Lin Wanqiu.
Why are they opposed?
Didn’t think that Emperor Lin Qing was dead.
But now, Shi Pojun said that Emperor Lin Qing might still be alive.
If Emperor Lin Qing is really alive, then next time he comes back, knowing that their two families are opposed to replacing Lin Wanqiu with Ji Dao Zhenjie, I am afraid they will be destroyed directly.

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