Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 555

“You said, will Chen Feng go to the Japanese martial arts world to rescue the descendants of that grandmaster?”
“It should not be. He previously killed Shenyin’s assassins and saint disciples, offending most of the Japanese martial arts world. Many warriors in the Japanese martial arts world may wish to kill him. He passed by at this time, and he was sent to death.”
“Yes, Chen Feng must die in the martial arts world at this time, even if he did not kill the two geniuses before. , Shenyin and Daosheng will not allow him to leave alive.” On the martial arts forum, many people expressed their views on this matter, and most people felt that Chen Feng would not pass.
Because if Chen Feng had passed, it would be equivalent to fighting half of the Japanese martial arts world by himself.
This kind of behavior can only be done by people with long brains.
At the martial arts forum, some people are discussing whether Chen Feng will go to the Japanese martial arts world, and some people are starting to criticize the Japanese martial arts world for tolerating the soul abducting Lin Wanqiu.
“Does the Japanese martial arts community intend to become an enemy of the global martial arts master? The grandmaster’s descendants dare to tie it?!”
“That is, if you tie an ordinary person, you dare to do it, really. Are these martial arts masters vegetarian?”
“I advise the Japanese martial arts community to release the descendants of the Lin surname as soon as possible, otherwise, at your own risk!”
Most of these people who criticize the Japanese martial arts world are martial masters. Posterity.
The actions of the Japanese martial arts circles made the descendants of these masters panic.
In the past, they were all aloof and no one dared to violate them.
But now, someone stretched out their tentacles.
If this behavior is not stopped, it is difficult to guarantee that others will not follow the Japanese martial arts world in the future.
In response, the Japanese martial arts community quickly responded.
“Nin Soul kidnapped grandmaster descendants, we don’t know it.”
“Yes, we in the Japanese martial arts world did not know that Nin Soul kidnapped grand master descendants. All this was made up out of thin air by the Chinese martial arts world .” “Yes
, The Chinese martial arts community is throwing dirty water on us.”
The attitude of the Japanese martial arts community is very obvious, just denying it.
Of course, they couldn’t admit it at this time.
I thought that the war of words would come to an end here, but who knows, at this moment, the war alliance released another bit of news.
“Chen Feng few days the country will rush days, in addition, he will be live coverage of the rescue operation, I hope you pay more attention.”
Audience live? !
Upon hearing this news, the Budo Forum exploded again.
Is it a bold person or a show off?
The rescue operation was broadcast live throughout the whole process. Is the martial arts world really vegetarian?
“This Chen Feng is crazy, he has already decided to save people. He should sneak over. What kind of live broadcast? For fear that the enemy doesn’t know what he is doing?”
“Perhaps, he wants to fight the Japanese martial arts world through live broadcast. “Face?”
“Don’t tell me, it’s really possible. If he really rescues that grandmaster descendant in the presence of a global warrior, it will undoubtedly put the face of the Japanese martial arts world on the ground.
” you want more, if the Japanese national martial arts circles know he wants to live to save people, then I am afraid half day national martial arts community will be mobilized, are Japanese national martial arts community do not face it? ” ” is Japanese national martial arts community does not just If Chen Feng really dared to broadcast it so indulgently, they would surely lay the net in the Ninth Soul and wait for Chen Feng to take the bait.”
The news released by the Zhanmeng made the long-silent martial arts forum suddenly become active. For a while, countless warriors began to discuss the name Chen Feng.
Soon, some professionals released analysis posts.
“Chen Feng live rescue master posterity, not to steal, not to fight martial arts circles of Japan countries face, his real goal is to make day national martial arts community legislator!”
“We can look at, what time is said to Chen Feng The live broadcast rescued the descendants of the Grandmaster? It was after the Japanese martial arts community denied that they tolerate the soul abducting the descendants of the Grandmaster.”
“What does this mean? This means that the Japanese martial arts community has abducted the descendants of the Grandmaster by the Ninja soul. Unbeknownst, since they didn’t know, then Chen Feng went to endure the soul to rescue the grandmaster’s descendants, and they would not be able to take action.”
“If they did, they would wait to hit them in the face. Knowing that the grandmaster is not to be insulted, they still want Shinobu kidnapped the grandmaster’s descendants. Didn’t this offend all the martial arts masters all over the world?”
After such analysis by professionals, many martial artists on the martial arts forum suddenly realized it.
It turned out that the live broadcast of the rescue of the grandmaster’s descendants was to make the Japanese martial arts community cast a rat avoidance.
Think about it, the Japanese martial arts community has announced to the public that they don’t know that Shinobu has kidnapped the grandmaster’s descendants. As a result, when Chen Feng went to save people, two Japanese martial arts masters suddenly appeared. This is not a fight. Your own face?
I don’t know who came up with this attention, in short, just one word, absolutely!
With the help of live broadcast to save people, the Japanese martial arts masters absolutely dare not make a move.
Except for a few martial arts masters, some powerful men with names and surnames would never appear in Ninja Soul.
Unless, they want to be targeted by martial arts masters around the world.
At this moment, the Japanese martial artist was completely dumbfounded.
How can you do this?
A live broadcast to save people completely stuck the top powerhouses in Japan? Can’t even move?
Originally, many people still took a gloating attitude after hearing that Chen Feng was going to live to save people. They thought, if Chen Feng really didn’t know how to live broadcast live to save people, then the Japanese martial arts world would inevitably send several superpowers. In the past, guarding Shinobu.
As long as Chen Feng dares to show his face, he will instantly capture Chen Feng, and then tortured Chen Feng in front of the global warriors, making Chen Feng kneel down and begging for mercy…
If they really do as they wish, the face of the Chinese martial arts world will probably be. Was completely lost.
But who knows, a live broadcast to save people, but disrupted all their deployment.
Not surprisingly, in the next few days, most of Japan’s top powerhouses will not appear near Shinobu, once they appear near Shinobu, they will inevitably be condemned by warriors around the world.
Soon, the China War Alliance issued another announcement on the Martial Arts Forum.
“China War League is with Chen Feng!”
The content of the announcement is very simple, only nine words.
But these nine words have once again caused a great uproar in the global martial arts world.
There is no doubt that the Zhanmeng is for the Chen Feng platform!
As the top organizations in the world, Zhanmeng hasn’t made such a clear statement for many years.
The statement this time demonstrates the importance of Chen Feng.
At the same time, it also contains some kind of cryptic warning.
Warn the Japanese martial arts community, it is OK to shoot Chen Feng, but there must be a bottom line!
This bottom line must be the master of martial arts!

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