Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 556

Half an hour after the announcement of the war alliance, the entire Japanese martial arts community fell into silence.
I have to say that the development of the situation has transcended their original imagination.
In addition to the pressure of the Chinese martial arts world, several other martial arts masters around the world have also begun to put pressure on the Japanese martial arts world.
In Tokyo, Japan, in a mansion where the Sensui Chamber of Commerce resides.
As soon as Miyamoto Hanzo retired from the Budo Forum, he received a call.
Taking a look at the caller ID, Miyamoto Hanzo’s pupils suddenly tightened. It was Saito Samu, the master of the Shinto War Hall!
“Saito-kun!” Miyamoto Hanzo hurriedly connected the phone. Before he could speak, a dissatisfied questioning voice came out on the phone: “Miyamoto, what are you doing?!”
“The descendants of the grandmaster are Do you dare to tie up?! You know, how much influence my Japanese martial arts world has been affected by this incident?!”
“Saito-kun, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect that Chen Summit stabbed this matter on the martial arts forum. .” Miyamoto Hanzo hurriedly said, in front of Saito Samu, he didn’t have to hide the kidnapping of Lin Wanqiu.
“Do not tell me I’m sorry, now you are dissatisfied with the teacher, he let you eliminate the impact of this matter on the national day martial arts community as soon as possible, in addition, no matter what way you want to, we must kill that Chen Feng!”
“National Day The majesty of the martial arts world cannot be offended by a small Chinese warrior.”
“Yes, yes, Saito-kun, I must kill that Chen Feng!” Miyamoto Hanzo hurriedly made assurances, Chen Feng’s previous actions , It is tantamount to challenging the entire Japanese martial arts world. In this case, if he can’t solve Chen Feng, then Shenyin will definitely not bypass him.
Soon, the phone was hung up.
Miyamoto Hanzo’s expression was a little gloomy: “This damn shit, he actually stabbed this matter to the Kwu Dao forum. Now the world of martial arts knows the truth about Ji Dao!”
“Father, he will really come to rescue that. A grandmaster descendant?” Miyamoto asked with a bow. Although Chen Feng had clearly stated on the forum that he would come to rescue Lin Wanqiu, he still did not believe that Chen Feng would really do so.
He felt that this was a smoke bomb released by Chen Feng.
“This clerk said that the live broadcast saved people, he should come over.” Miyamoto Hanzo said solemnly.
“If he really saves people by live broadcast, what should we do?” Miyamoto couldn’t help but ask. He also read the analysis post on the Budo forum, so he knew very well that Chen Feng’s live broadcast could indeed save people. The martial arts masters and some powerful men with names and surnames that affected Japan.
These martial arts masters are absolutely afraid to stop Chen Feng in front of the global warriors.
“I know what you mean, you are worried that the strong men in the Japanese martial arts world will not come forward, right?”
“Yes, father, I am indeed worried about this. If there are no strong men in the martial arts world to come forward, I am afraid that I will rely on Shinobu. I can’t stop that mess.” Miyamoto told the truth. Although Shinobu is a super-large underground force in Japan and has countless elite gangs, it may not be easy to stop a warrior like Chen Feng.
“It’s hard for Shinobu to stop that crap, but we have others.” Miyamoto Hanzo suddenly sneered.
“Father, what do you mean…”
“Wild bear-kun is still alive.” Miyamoto Hanzo said lightly.
“What?! Wild bear-kun?! He is still alive?! More than ten years ago, he didn’t die?!” Miyamoto was shocked, and the full name of the wild bear-kun Miyamoto Hanzo said was Matsui Wild Bear.
He is a very famous martial artist in the Japanese martial arts world, but when he was practicing a kind of exercise more than ten years ago, Matsui Wild Bear had an accident. It is said that he died in that accident.
But today…
“Mr. Wild Bear is not dead.”
“The accident more than a decade ago only caused him serious injuries, but he did not die. Our family spent a lot of effort to save his life. Now, his strength has completely recovered.” Miyamoto Hanzo said proudly.
“If Chen Feng dares to come over this time, Wild Bear-kun will definitely tear him apart!”
Although Miyamoto Hanzo said with confidence, Miyamoto Yuichi still felt a little unsafe.
“Father, the realm of Lord Wild Bear is almost the same as that of Chen Feng. If you use Huaxia’s realm to calculate, they are both in the early stage of turning strength, can he really tear that Chen Feng?”
“Hmph, the realm does not explain anything. , that although Chen Feng also of the early strength, but he certainly became the last couple of years of the early strength, while wild bears Jun, a dozen years ago was the beginning of the king, they simply immeasurably. ” ” and In addition to the wild bear-kun, there is also a member of the Matsushima family who will make a move in the early stage.” Miyamoto Hanzo said.
“Does the Matsushima family also have?” Yuichi Miyamoto’s eyes lit up. The Matsushima family, also a member of the Qianshui Chamber of Commerce, is not much weaker than the Miyamoto family.
“Yes, the Matsushima family was also a’dead’ in the early stage of transformation.” Miyamoto Hanzo sneered. Of course, the’dead’ he referred to was not a real dead person.
It’s people who should have died, but survived inexplicably. The common feature of these people is that they have no visible identity in the outside world. They have been’dead’ many years ago.
Now that he suddenly made a move, other people couldn’t find it even if they wanted to.
“That’s great, that mess is dead, I don’t believe that the two will make a move in the early stage, and they can’t stop him!” Miyamoto was a little excited. Originally, he was worried that Miyamoto Hanzo would despise Chen Feng, but he didn’t expect , Miyamoto Hanzo paid more attention to Chen Feng than he did, and he secretly sent two early stages of Huajin to bear the soul. This kind of power is enough to kill a middle stage of Huajin.
“By the way, the people below didn’t do anything to the descendants of the grandmaster?” Miyamoto Hanzo suddenly asked, seeming to think of something.
“Back to my father, the people below didn’t do anything to the descendants of the grandmaster.” Yuichi Miyamoto responded respectfully. He knew what Miyamoto Hanzo was worried about. The descendants of the grandmaster looked very beautiful, and Miyamoto Hanzo was worried about the following. People can’t control themselves.
“Well, that’s good, you urge them again, you must never touch the grandmaster descendants, if you move her, we will definitely be condemned by the global martial arts community.” Miyamoto Hanzo said solemnly.
“Yes, father.” Yuichi Miyamoto took his orders immediately.
“Also, use the relationship as soon as possible to connect with all the foreign airports of Japan, and to inquire about all the Chinese people coming to Japan. Once Chen Feng enters Japan, we must know the first time.” Miyamoto Hanzo said. Ninjuku gave Chen Feng three days, and within three days, if Chen Feng wanted to reach Japan, he had to take a plane.
“Yes, father, I will follow your instructions and make arrangements to ensure that there will be no errors.” Miyamoto Yuichi took his orders again.

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