Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 59

Seeing the waiter approaching with a few boxes of beer, Shen Junwen’s heart became more irritable, and things completely deviated from the trajectory he expected.
He failed to dismount Chen Feng, and wanted to use Roman Nikon to humiliate Chen Feng and was stopped by Xia Mengyao. Shen Junwen felt that not only did he not vent his anger, but he was rather angry.
“Mengyao, I heard from my aunt, you are very interested in piano?” Shen Junwen can’t humiliate Chen Feng when he sees this. He has inquired about Xia Mengyao’s preferences from Lin Lan and knows that Xia Mengyao has been interested in piano since childhood , And also specially applied for a class to learn piano.
Xia Mengyao frowned and nodded lightly. Although she didn’t want to talk to Shen Junwen, she also understood that she couldn’t be too obvious, otherwise Lin Lan would not be able to explain it.
Shen Junwen smiled warmly and said: “It just so happens that I also like pianos, and I have a lot of research on pianos. In order to further my piano skills, I went to Europe a few years ago and paid homage to them. A Chinese pianist is a teacher. I learned a lot from that master, Mengyao, if you don’t mind, I’ll play a song for you today.”
Xia Mengyao wanted to say that I mind, but Shen Junwen didn’t give her a chance at all, and went straight to the stage in the middle of the restaurant, where there was a piano that was very valuable at first sight. This was prepared by Shen Junwen just in case. Unexpectedly, it really came in handy.
Shen Junwen’s thinking is also very simple. Since he can’t conquer Xia Mengyao with money, then he will use his talents. Anyway, most women can’t escape the two.
Shen Junwen sat on the chair, and several anchors’ cameras pointed at Shen Junwen.
This is Shen Junwen’s personal talent show, such a good opportunity for flattering, they will naturally not let it go.
“Shen Shao looks so handsome playing the piano.”
“This posture and technique are professional at a glance, and they are not much better than some domestic piano masters.”
“What kind of shit luck did Xia Mengyao take? How could she meet a man of many talents and gold like Shen Shao.”
The audience in the live broadcast room also began to kneel and lick Shen Junwen.
Shen Junwen took a deep breath. The piano was the only talent for picking up girls. He used this skill to make many ladies in the circle fall in love with him, and finally climbed onto his bed and let him be at his mercy, so Shen Junwen Very confident.
He wants to let Xia Mengyao understand that he Shen Junwen is not the kind of rich boy who is worthless, his talent is equally brilliant!
Shen Junwen played Beethoven’s tune, called “To Alice”, which was a song composed by Beethoven for one of his female students in 1810. It is one of the top ten famous songs in the world.
The difficulty of playing the piece is naturally extremely high, but Shen Junwen’s daring to choose shows that he has worked hard on this piece. Although it cannot be said to be perfect, it is really amazing.
Xia Mengyao frowned. She has a deep understanding of the piano. She has to say that Shen Junwen’s “To Alice” is really good. Whether it is the control of the rhythm or the pitch, it can be handled. Very good, I can’t fault it at all.
Several members of the heavenly band under the stage also showed sincere admiration. They are engaged in music, and they can better understand how difficult it is to play this top ten famous song in the world. Shen Junwen can be regarded as a non-professional musician. Identity, playing “To Alice” so beautiful, really talented!
Xia Mengyao and Heavenly Band are like this. One can imagine how shocked the millions of viewers in the live broadcast room are at this time.
Most of them don’t understand piano, but they can hear it. Shen Junwen’s performance is really good!
“Shen Shao’s level is enough to participate in some domestic piano competitions.”
“Shen Shao is so awesome, are the children of rich people so good?”
“It’s so nice, I’m going to cry.”
“Shen Shao, I want to marry you, and I want to give birth to a monkey for you.”
Many viewers started to give Shen Junwen supercars and rockets. It was just a piece of work. The live broadcast room received more than 500,000 gifts.
This has broken several anchors to Le. Shen Junwen is naturally not short of the money, but they are short. No one thought that just came out to do an outdoor live broadcast and could earn more than 500,000 yuan.
It can only be said that Shen Junwen’s hand is too awesome and has impressed many audiences.
After the performance of one piece, Shen Junwen got up, and then bowed gracefully to the audience before he got off the stage.
“Mengyao, do you think there is something wrong with my song “To Alice”?” Shen Junwen’s face was red, obviously, what he said was just a scene, not to mention that he made few mistakes when he played. Saying yes, with Xia Mengyao’s level, he would never see it, so he meant it was obvious, that he wanted Xia Mengyao to recognize his talent.
“Too much.” Before Xia Mengyao spoke, Chen Feng smiled and spoke.
Shen Junwen was taken aback, and said, “What is too much?”
“I said that when you played, there were too many mistakes!” Chen Feng continued, Shen Junwen’s level can show off in front of ordinary people, and in front of professional masters, it is impossible to make the stage.
“You trash, what do you know?! Do you know piano!”
Shen Junwen was immediately furious. Before Chen Feng had robbed his seat, he could not be angry, but now, Chen Feng, this trash, dares to question his most proud piano. How can Shen Junwen bear it? This rubbish, I’m afraid he hasn’t even touched a piano before. Why should he say that he has made many mistakes!
“Do you think I don’t understand piano?” Chen Feng asked with a sneer. His accomplishments on the piano are not much less than his martial arts accomplishments. Since the age of three, he has been exposed to the piano and spends time on the piano every day. , At least three or four hours.
His teacher is his mother, Su Zhaoqing.
More than 20 years ago, Su Zhaoqing became famous in Kyoto and is a famous instrument master in Kyoto. It is precisely because of her wonderful talent that her mother Su Zhaoqing was admired by Chen Haotian, the youngest of the Chen family, but because of the combination of the two With the permission of the Chen family, Chen Feng bore the notoriety of an illegitimate child.
Being bullied in the Chen family.
However, his mother Su Zhaoqing was very strong at that time. Even though their mother and son lived in the Chen’s house in dire straits, Su Zhaoqing never gave up on his training.
Not only did she bestow all her talents on Chen Feng, but also let Chen Feng practice martial arts every day.
It was those hard days when life was worse than death that cultivated Chen Feng today.
On the piano, Chen Feng’s level, even if compared to those of the world’s famous masters, is not much better!
Shen Junwen wanted to hit himself with the piano, it was like a trick!

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