Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 58

The barrage began to confess Xia Mengyao frantically, and Shen Junwen’s eyes lit up.
Before, he only heard Xu Feirong mention Xia Mengyao once, but at that time his heart was all on Xu Feirong, so he didn’t pay attention to Xia Mengyao. But when I saw him today, Shen Junwen regretted it a little. This is not inferior to him. Xu Feirong, even a beautiful woman who has ever lived, should have noticed earlier.
Maybe something could happen to Xia Mengyao.
This also made Shen Junwen a little jealous of Chen Feng for the first time, and he was able to have a relationship with such two big beauties at the same time. What kind of ability is this waste?
“Meng Yao, you are so beautiful today…”
Shen Junwen stretched out his hand, with a gentle smile on his handsome face. Who knows that before he finished speaking, Xia Mengyao walked past him, from beginning to end, without looking at him.
Shen Junwen stretched out his hand awkwardly in the air, and the smile on his face was frozen, and there was a touch of anger across his face. Why is this bitch’s attitude different from what he thought? Didn’t Lin Lan tell her that she is her own now?
Shen Junwen took a deep breath, and then prepared to return to his seat.
But then he saw Chen Feng sitting in his seat, and Shen Junwen’s face suddenly turned black.
“Who told you to sit there!”
Shen Junwen looked at Chen Feng in anger and scolded. He only prepared two chairs, one of his own and the other of Xia Mengyao. His original plan was that if Chen Feng came, he would let Chen Feng stand. , Watching him have a dinner with Mengyao, it can be regarded as giving Chen Feng off the beaten track.
Who would have thought that because Xia Mengyao didn’t shake hands with him, Chen Feng sat on the main seat himself with his dazed effort. Doesn’t it mean that he is required to stand as the master?
“Is your name written on this chair?” Chen Feng said lightly. Shen Junwen’s little trick is really naive.
“You…” Shen Junwen’s face was blue and red. Of course he didn’t write his name on the chair. At this time, he had to force Chen Feng to leave. He would only appear stingy. He couldn’t do this, so he had to ask the waiter to move another one. The chair came over and placed it in the middle.
Only in this way, it seems that he has become a foil for Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao.
At the same time, the popularity of the live broadcast room has exceeded one million, which is very rare in outdoor live broadcasts.
“This rubbish has come! Where does he have the courage?”
“Where are the two people who said about running super running and shit standing upside down? Others are here!”
“This man is really thick-skinned. His wife is dating other men. Isn’t he looking at him from the sidelines?”
“That’s not thick-skinned, it’s useless!”
Although he did not succeed in giving Chen Feng a disarm, Shen Junwen was in a good mood at this time.
Because only Chen Feng came over, he could step on Chen Feng under his feet in front of Xia Mengyao and tell Xia Mengyao who was worthy of her.
Shen Junwen snapped his fingers, and several tall waitresses in split cheongsam walked over with various exquisite dishes.
The professional sommelier came over and began to sober up. This time, Shen Junwen was smart and gave the sommelier a look, so the sommelier only poured two glasses of wine, one for Xia Mengyao, one for Shen Junwen, and Chen Feng could only do it. Baba watched.
“Chen Feng, do you know what kind of wine this is?” Shen Junwen asked jokingly, shaking the red wine in the glass.
“I don’t know.” Chen Feng said blankly.
“It’s normal if I don’t know. This is the Romani Conti brought back from France by my trustee. At present, there are only less than a thousand bottles in the world. This wine is comparable to the Lafite in the eyes of ordinary people. It’s much more precious.” Shen Junwen’s tone has a sense of supremacy. Many people think that Lafite 1982 is the best red wine, but as everyone knows, there is also a wine in the red wine called Romane Conti, known as the Emperor of Wine, because It is extremely scarce, so in recent years, money cannot buy it.
A touch of disdain rose from the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. If he remembers correctly, there are hundreds of bottles of Romani Kant in the wine cellar of the Chen family. No one cares about it. It is also the rich second generation in a small place like Shen Junwen. , Will take Romani Conti seriously.
Seeing Chen Feng not answering, Shen Junwen snorted coldly and said, “Do you know why I didn’t let the waiter pour you wine?”
“Afraid that I would waste it?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
Shen Junwen’s tone was stagnant, and he said: “You are quite self-aware. Indeed, even if this wine is given to you, you can’t drink anything. Only people who understand wine can taste the best wine. Where, people like you deserve only beer.”
Shen Junwen jokingly smiled, snapped his fingers, and said, “Bring him a case of beer.”
“Yes, Shao Shen.”
“Wait a minute, give me a case of beer.” At this time, Xia Mengyao immediately followed, and as for the Romani Conti in front of him, she didn’t even look at it from beginning to end.
The waiter looked at Shen Junwen embarrassedly, wondering what Shen Junwen meant. If he could do it here, his winks would naturally not be bad. As soon as Chen Feng and Xia Mengyao entered, she observed that Shen Junwen hated Chen Feng, so Chen Feng is embarrassed everywhere, but Xia Mengyao…
Shen Junwen’s irritation was even worse. This slut was really cheap. He kept the million-dollar Romani Conti and didn’t drink it. He wanted to accompany the waste to drink a bottle of beer for a few dollars.
“Mengyao, do you like beer too? Say it early. I told someone to bring a few bottles of special beer. Then take a few more cases of beer. I haven’t had beer for a long time. This opportunity is to have a drink with the beautiful woman.” Although his heart is angry, Shen Junwen’s surface demeanor is still very good, and his face is still light.
“Yes, Shao Shen.” The waiter wiped the cold sweat from his head and hurriedly left.
Looking at Shen Junwen’s clenched fist under the table, Chen Feng only felt funny for a while, this idiot, I am afraid that Xia Mengyao would have such an attitude towards him.
I have raised my wife for three years, dare to come to grab it? Don’t take a piss and take pictures of yourself.
At this time, Shen Junwen’s heart was also uncertain. Lin Lan promised him vowedly that Xia Mengyao would definitely stand on his side and be obedient to him, but how did Xia Mengyao get to the scene and helped Chen Feng deal with him? ?
Shen Junwen was puzzled.
If Lin Lan knew what he was thinking, I’m afraid he would call him wrong. In fact, in Lin Lan’s vision, Shen Junwen should be good enough to deal with Chen Feng’s trash, and he should be caught in his hand. At that time, just let Xia Mengyao see, How wasteful Chen Feng is, and how good Shen Junwen is, comparing the two, Xia Mengyao should know who to choose.
However, Lin Lan overestimated Shen Junwen and underestimated Chen Feng, let alone understand Xia Mengyao’s true thoughts.
No matter how good other men are, Xia Mengyao would never look at it directly. In her eyes, only Chen Feng.

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