Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 595

After half a day, Chen Feng left the Special Operations Division.
He didn’t bring Lin Wanqiu with him, because Lin Wanqiu worshipped Zhou Pokong as his teacher, and she would need to stay in the Special Operations Division to practice.
After coming down from Xishan, Chen Feng was a little confused for a while, he didn’t know where to go.
Although his roots are in the Chen family, everyone in the Chen family today is eager for him to die.
Therefore, he is extremely reluctant to return to Chen’s house.
Just as Chen Feng was thinking about where to go next, a surprised voice sounded behind him: “Brother
Feng !” Chen Feng turned around, but saw an Aston Martin parked behind him.
At this moment, sitting on the Aston Martin Lord’s driver was the Yuwenbo who had just been cleaned up by him not long ago.
“It turned out to be you!” Yu Wenbo looked surprised. Just when he was far away, he saw Chen Feng’s figure. At the time, he was still a little unsure whether this figure was Chen Feng, because if nothing happened. If so, Chen Feng should have just returned from Japan at this moment.
But unexpectedly, when he came closer, it was really Chen Feng.
“Why are you here?” Chen Feng was also a little surprised at this moment. Why did Yuwenbo, a top-level Chinese master, appear in Yanjing.
“Brother Feng, I’m here to participate in the race.” Yu Wenbo said, and got out of the car excitedly.
“What game?” Chen Feng asked casually.
“A game with the apprentice of the Korean car king.” Yu Wenbo said.
“Koryo Car King?”
“That’s it, Brother Feng. A few years ago, my master and I bought a racing track here in Yanjing. After several years of operation, this racing track has now become the largest underground racing track in China. After I said that, I brought a group of Korean riders over, saying that they wanted to learn from us…” Yuwenbo said enthusiastically.
Chen Feng nodded from time to time. He has always been aware of the urination of Korean people. These people said that they were to learn from each other, but in fact, I am afraid that they are here to play.
“When did you compete with the apprentice of the Korean car king?” Chen Feng asked.
“My game with the apprentice of the Korean car king is the penultimate game, which should be around 11 pm,” Yu Wenbo said.
“Then I will stay to watch your race.”
Chen Feng is not very interested in watching a racing game. He originally planned to leave here after talking with Yuwenbo, but at the moment he heard Yuwenbo’s words, but he changed his mind.
Yu Wenbo was a little excited when he heard that Chen Feng was going to watch the car race.
Half an hour later, the two appeared in the parking lot of Kunshan Scenic Area.
I saw trucks driving into the parking lot. Those trucks were loaded with gorgeous motorcycles or sports cars, all with Korean license plates.
“Brother Feng, those cars that were all Korean riders first came by sea from Goryeo, and then they were transported here by truck.” Seeing Chen Feng cast his eyes on those trucks, Yu Wenbo explained.
“It seems that the Korean riders have spent time this time. Is there a high bounty in the race?” Chen Feng first sighed, and then thought of something.
“There is no bounty, but this time the game is a pair of bets. In addition to the normal handicap bets on the racetrack, there are bets on both sides of the race. The bets range from one million US dollars to 100 million US dollars. The fight for the car king is 100 million dollars.”
Yu Wenbo nodded, and then said: “If it weren’t for this, the Korean driver would not try to get the car over.”
Chen Feng nodded and said no more, and walked towards the three-story building with Yu Wenbo.
The first floor of the three-story building is a huge hall, the size of nearly four basketball courts. The hall is full of sofas and seats, like a coffee shop.
There are dozens of screens hanging on one wall of the hall, and there is a rectangular podium below the screen.
Generally speaking, before the start of the race, the odds of the participating drivers will be displayed on the screen, and then the guests will place bets with the betting machine.
After the race starts, the dozens of screens will show the pictures of the drivers driving through the monitoring place. When encountering major races, the live broadcast commentator will stand on the podium and use the laser pointer to explain, so that the audience can understand more intuitively. The progress of the game.
When Chen Feng and Yu Wenbo walked into the lobby on the first floor, Ji Hong, the president of the supercar club and the King of China Motors, was surrounded by a group of drivers wearing racing suits, talking about something.
Ok? Seeing Chen Feng and Yu Wenbo entering the lobby, Ji Hong stopped talking with the drivers around him and turned his attention to Chen Feng: “Wenbo, who is this?”
Ji Hong looked at Chen Feng and his gaze was full of scrutiny. On weekdays, Yuwenbo rarely brings outsiders to the supercar club, because ordinary people are not qualified to contact the supercar club.
Those who can enter the supercar club must be the young masters of the major giants.
But Chen Feng looked a little face-to-face, and he didn’t want to be a wealthy young master, but more like an ordinary person.
“This is my eldest brother, Chen Feng.” Yu Wenbo introduced it carelessly, his tone full of pride.
Hearing Yu Wenbo’s tone, Ji Hong and others’ expressions suddenly became serious.
Yu Wenbo is in the supercar club circle, but he is famous for his arrogance. It must be no ordinary person to be treated so respectfully by him.
Although this Chen Feng looks ordinary, he is very likely to have some hidden identity.
After trying to understand this level, Ji Hong walked out of the crowd with a smile , and led the drivers to meet Chen Feng: “Hello, Shao Chen.” “Hello.” Chen Feng smiled and said hello. Yu Wenbo asked him before. As for the identity of Ji Hong, in addition to being the president of the supercar club, Ji Hong is also the king of Chinese cars. Ji Hong is very famous in the world of underground racing circles.
“Chen Shao, they are all drivers from all corners of the world. Many of them are like me and like racing.” Ji Hong met Chen Feng, standing one meter away from Chen Feng, pointing his finger at the driver behind him and laughing. Tao.
“Chen Shao!”
Upon hearing Ji Hong’s introduction, the riders unanimously said hello to Chen Feng. As a strong force in China Underground, they all have special identities, not the second generation, or the elite in a certain field, otherwise Can not afford to buy a sports car of millions or even more than tens of millions.
But it depends on who is special, and it’s better than ordinary people.
Compared with wealthy heirs like Yu Wenbo and Ji Hong, who are worth hundreds of billions of dollars, they are nothing at all.
Therefore, the people brought by Yuwenbo, regardless of how ordinary they look, as long as Yuwenbo is serious, they must be treated respectfully.
“Hello everyone.”
Chen Feng greeted with a smile, and then chatted with the drivers for a few words, then walked away with Yuwenbo, and Yuwenbo led him to browse and listen to Yuwenbo’s commentary.
The second floor is also a hall, but the decoration is more luxurious and the equipment is more advanced.

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