Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 596

The third floor is in the nature of boxes. Each box is equipped with professional beauty narrators to provide guests with more distinguished services. The identity of the guests on the third floor is usually more prominent and the betting volume is larger. They belong to the senior members of the racing circuit. .
After 6 o’clock in the afternoon, in addition to underground racers from all over the world, some guests to watch the race also came one after another. Among them, there are many big business leaders in Yanjing and even the Yangtze River Delta.
In the face of all this, Chen Feng coped with ease, did not show the slightest arrogance, but treated others with courtesy.
“Bo Shao, the Korean drivers are here, and one of the drivers hit our girl!”
Just when Chen Feng had dealt with the big business men and was about to find a box with Yu Wenbo for tea, a racing staff entered Boxes, Chongyu Wenbohui reports.
“What’s going on?”
Yuwenbo said, his face changed. The girl in the staff’s mouth was a sexy girl, and she was also a racetrack staff. Every time the race started, they would wear several layers of underwear and underwear in a sexy way. Create the atmosphere, but also the person who announced the start of the game. When they covered their chests and dropped the last layer of bra, the game officially started!
“The Korean driver is a pervert. He saw a girl of us go up to strike up a conversation, and patted the girl’s ass as a gangster. The girl was unhappy, and he was slapped twice.” The staff reported angrily: “Other than that, that The Korean driver still clamored that she didn’t want to see the girl anymore, so she got out of here immediately. The girl was very aggrieved and didn’t know what to do, so she found me crying.”
“I’ll take care of this.”
Yu Wenbo groaned. Make a decision and stand up directly.
“Wenbo, let me go with you.”
Chen Feng also stood up. He wanted to know how Yu Wenbo handled this matter.
After the winter solstice, although the daylight hours have become longer, the day will be dark after six o’clock. The parking lot of the scenic spot is brightly lit and full of various sports cars and road racing motorcycles, but none of them have a Korean license plate. Car.
Chen Feng and Yu Wenbo learned from the racetrack staff that all the Korean drivers, including the Korean car Wang Pu Changjun, had checked and adjusted their cars, and then drove them to familiarize themselves and adapt to the track.
For this reason, Chen Feng and Yu Wenbo, with eight security guards from the racing track, were actually thugs in the town, and came to the end of the track and the starting point.
Although the Korean driver slapped the sexy girl in the face, the preparations for the race were proceeding in an orderly manner.
On the open space at the beginning of the track, a temporary stage was set up. The staff was adjusting the lighting and sound. The artists participating in the opening ceremony performed make-up in the background to prepare for the stage. Many underground racers and spectators stood there. Not far away, waiting for the opening ceremony.
“Om~” At 6:40, with a roar across the sky, one after another sports cars arrived at the end.
Also headed by is a Bugatti Veyron, which is the car of Goryeo King Park Changjun.
Following Park Changjun’s Bugatti Veyron was a Königsell, which was the car of Park Changjun’s apprentice Li Dongqing.
Behind the Bugatti Veyron and Königsell, there are sports cars coming one after another, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, almost including all major sports car brands.
The last one arrived was a few motorcycles, each of which cost more than one million.
According to the schedule, in addition to the sports car race tonight, there is also a motorcycle race, and the motorcycle race is on the top, which is an appetizer.
Afterwards, under the gaze of Chen Feng, Yu Wenbo and others, Park Changjun took the lead and parked the car on the side of the road. More than 30 sports cars and motorcycles lined up in a row, which was spectacular.
Seeing Park Changjun and others stopped the car, Yuwenbo immediately took people over, and Chen Feng followed Yuwenbo. At first glance, he looked like Yuwenbo’s bodyguard.
At the same time, Park Changjun’s two bodyguards also walked towards Park Changjun’s Bugatti Veyron for the first time.
Huh! Huh! Huh!
In an instant, whether it was the staff preparing for the opening ceremony, or those drivers and spectators waiting for the opening ceremony to begin, they all cast their sights on the past, wondering what happened. As everyone watched, Park Changjun took the lead to get out of the car. He saw Yu Wenbo approaching with an uncomfortable expression, raised his brow slightly, and then looked away as if he hadn’t seen it.
“Master, what did you think that guy wanted to do when he brought people here?”
Li Dongqing got out of the car and walked to Park Changjun’s side. He frowned and asked when he saw Yu Wenbo walking by.
“Piao Changjun, someone reported to me just now that your driver hit the staff of the racetrack, is there such a thing?”
As if in response to Li Dongqing, Yu Wenbo brought people closer and asked straightforwardly.
Before Park Changjun could speak, Li Dongqing took the lead. He blew his nose and stared at Yu Wenbo, and said angrily: “Pay attention to your identity and the tone of voice to my master!” ”
Does it have anything to do with you? Yu Wenbo frowned and stared at Li Dongqing.
“I hope you understand how noble the identity of my master is, not to mention you, even if the leader of Yanjing and even the Huaxia underground world comes, you can’t be so rude to my master! ”
Li Dongqing responded coldly, and then said again: “Just now, a bitch was slapped twice by our people because of his misplaced position. What’s wrong? Do you want to stand up for that woman? ”
” Who did it? “Yu Wenbo asked back.
“I played, what do you want?”
A Korean driver in a racing suit stood up. He flew two external young models last night. He hasn’t enjoyed it yet. After seeing the sexy girl with a top-notch figure before. , Seizing the heart, molested in the past.
“I give you two choices. First, you slapped yourself twice, apologized to my staff, and then compensated for mental damage. Second, my person slapped you twice. You lose your qualification to the game tonight, immediately Get out of here!” Yu Wenbo said word by word.
Swish…was stunned to hear what Yu Wenbo said, whether it was Park Changjun and Li Dongqing, or the other Korean riders, their expressions changed instantly, and their faces showed varying degrees of irritation.
Because, in their opinion, Yu Wenbo shouldn’t stand up for lowly sexy girls, let alone be so arrogant in front of them!
“Do you know what you are doing?” Li Dongqing spoke again, her expression gloomy.
“Of course I know.” Yu Wenbo responded coldly, “Besides, I will remind you again that this is China, if you dare to spray manure with your mouth, I don’t mind teaching you a lesson!”
Li Dongqing is now Furious, he wanted to say something, but was blocked by Park Changjun.

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