Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 630

“Second, as I said before, I have a good impression of this magical country, but I also encountered unhappy things after arriving here. A Yanjing named Chen Yingcai used deception and inducement to attract us to invest. All kinds of despicable means made me so angry that I doubted the investment environment of Yanjing and Huaxia, and even made the decision to cancel the investment. Fortunately, at this time, my benefactor and friend Chen Feng told me that it was just Case by case.”
“Facts have proved that what my benefactor said is correct. It is just a case. Others of China are very good, such as our respected Mr. Wang Xieyuan. But I still want to say, I don’t want to In the process of investment implementation, I saw this person named Chen Yingcai, and I do not want to encounter similar cooperation that requires sincerity!”
“Finally, thank every friend present, I believe that with the strong support of Huaxia and Yanjing , Yingguo Enterprise and Huaxia Enterprise will be able to achieve multi-field cooperation to strengthen the bridge of friendship.”
Soon after everyone’s gaze and expectations, under the spotlight, Annie opened her mouth slowly with an elegant smile. In English, with a noble mouth, she would pause for every sentence she said, and then it was translated by the on-site staff and resounded throughout the venue.
As Annie’s voice fell, there was deafening applause in the venue, as if it was about to overturn the roof.
Chen Yingcai is over!
During the applause, this idea came to all Huaxia personnel on the scene.
After being criticized by Annie in the presence of so many bigwigs, Chen Yingcai would never want to appear in officialdom no matter how much his background.
On the contrary, Chen Feng might have been noticed by higher-level leaders because of this incident.
“Lao Xie, in order to prevent the Eagle State Consortium’s investment issues from recurring, you immediately convene a meeting to study Chen Yingcai’s handling decision, and then report to the organization department. I will truthfully report the situation to the organization department and ask the organization department to strive to leave the Eagle State consortium. Yanjing had previously announced Chen Yingcai’s decision to the public, which was considered to be an explanation to Annie and the Eagle Country Consortium.” After the meeting, the leader led Annie and others into the car and got into a red flag car. Immediately gave instructions to Xie Yuan who was sitting next to him.
“Yes, leader.”
Xie Yuan took the order at the first time, and then took out the phone directly in front of Wang Hong and asked the secretary to notify the director of the organization to stop, and the latter would issue the notice of the meeting. At one o’clock today, a meeting was held to deal with Chen Yingcai. Conferences.
One point, the special meeting was held on time, and all Yanjing bigwigs including Xie Yuan attended. At two points, the meeting ended, all participants reached an agreement and made the following decision.
Chen Yingcai was dismissed.
This decision caused a sensation in Yanjingnai.
Chen Yingcai, but one of the most outstanding people in the third generation of the Chen family, he has now been dismissed.
Moreover, not being allowed to enter officialdom for the rest of his life, this punishment is almost equivalent to a death sentence for Chen Yingcai!
“Chen Feng, you wild species, you wait for me! I’m not finished with you!”
Chen Yingcai yelled after hearing the punishment decision, clenched his fists, his twisted face filled with hate In the evening three days later, Anne, who lived in a star-rated hotel, put on a silk pajamas and lay on the soft bed in the bedroom after she finished bathing. He picked up the phone and dialed Chen Feng’s number.
“Dear Feng, what are you doing?” Annie asked first when the call was connected.
“Nothing, what’s the matter?” Chen Feng asked.
“Tomorrow, I will follow my father back to Eagle Country.”
Annie said with a look of dismay: “The past few days have passed like a dream. I really want to never wake up from this dream.”
“You are playing so hard that you don’t want to go home.”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly, he knew very well. Because of her special status, Annie is rarely able to play freely. She has left the Eagle Country only a few times, especially since she almost died in the hands of terrorists eight years ago. She seldom moves around in the Eagle Country.
“Well.” Annie said with a bit of coquetry, “How about I go and play with you for a few more days?”
“As long as your father allows it, it’s okay.” Chen Feng responded with a smile, knowing this possibility. The sex is minimal.
Sure enough, Annie sighed depressed and said: “I applied with him, but he didn’t agree.”
“Then you can go back to Eagle Country, and I will go to Eagle Country to find you when I have a chance.” Chen Feng smiled.
“Okay. My father said, I’m sorry I didn’t see you this time. When you go to Eagle Country, you must get to know you.” Annie said with joy.
At this moment, she was like a girl in love, feeling very happy that the man she liked was recognized by her elders.
Chen Feng could perceive Annie’s joy, and he could also feel the hidden affection, but he pretended not to know anything, deliberately bypassed the topic and talked about it. Twenty minutes passed quickly.
“Dear Feng, I am waiting for you in Eagle Country. I will see you there or leave.”
Twenty minutes later, Annie hung up the phone reluctantly, then put her phone aside, got out of bed, and glanced at Chen Feng’s direction outside the window. .
In fact, when getting along with Chen Feng these days, she really wanted to ask Chen Feng a question.
That is whether Chen Feng liked her.
But in the end, she didn’t ask.
Because Hathaway told her that Chen Feng is already married.
And Chen Feng’s wife is also very beautiful, not inferior to her.
When she asked Chen Feng this question, it would only embarrass Chen Feng.
Therefore, she chose reason.
“But how long can this reason last?” Annie murmured softly, and then fell into confusion.
At the same time, not far from the Forbidden City, in the alley with extremely high thresholds and strong defenses.
Four special vehicles with special license plates parked at the gate of the Chen Family Courtyard. The first one was with the license plate starting with Beijing AV0, and the three vehicles behind, one with a military license and two official licenses, belong to that Kind of license plate that traffic police dare not stop when driving into the street.
In the inner courtyard of the Chen Family Courtyard, Chen Boyong and Chen Jianguo were in the lobby, while Chen Yingcai was sitting on the sofa with sullen expressions.
In the hall, no one spoke, it was very quiet, and the atmosphere seemed very depressing.

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