Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 642

But the martial arts masters such as Guan Nantian, Kong Ming, Zhang Tianshi and Zhao Wudao secretly sighed that Jing Teng was too mad, and he was also a cruel person.
“It’s a descendant of the Jing family. This tone is stronger than athlete’s foot. Could he be sure to defeat Chen Feng? Besides, Chen Feng hasn’t agreed to the battle yet!”
Maybe the Jing family’s score is too big. , Perhaps Jing Teng was so arrogant that it made the warriors on the other boat look down, and some of them whispered and complained.
“You’d better be nostalgic and clamp your mouth!” Although the voice of the man was small, he was still heard by everyone present. Among them, Jing Teng gave the man a cold glance, and the words were full of threats. .
Faced with Jing Teng’s threat, the man was quite upset, but thinking of the power of the Jing family, and seeing Jing Shiming’s eyes swept, he had to lower his head and did not dare to speak again.
Not only him, but the disciples of other sects were also very upset with Jingteng, and they all looked forward to Chen Feng’s emergence as soon as possible, and gave Jingteng a bitter lesson, and even sent Jingteng directly to Wang Ye to discuss how to be a low-key person.
While looking forward to it, they couldn’t help asking themselves in their hearts: It’s past noon, and Chen Feng has neither challenged nor showed up. Is it true that he is afraid of a battle with Jingteng as the legend has it? Not only the children of all sects, but with the arrival of the Jing family, they saw the strength of the Jing family, and even some martial arts masters began to suspect that Chen Feng would not dare to fight with Jing Teng.
With such doubts, everyone continued to wait, but Jing Teng went to the cabin to adjust his state.
An hour later, Lu Zhengfeng, Jia Manhao and other bigwigs also came here, entered the blockade with the guest card, and boarded the third ship.
In addition, Chu celadon and some Chu family members also came, and they boarded the third boat.
At four o’clock, the sun began to set, and everyone was a little impatient. They couldn’t help but talk again. There was only one theme: Will Chen Feng come again? Won’t come!
Most people have such a thought in their hearts, but they did not leave. Instead, they are still waiting. They plan to wait until the sun sets. If Chen Feng does not come by then, they will leave.
“Since that coward is too determined to come, then I will force him to come!” At the same time, Jing Teng looked at the setting sun and said in his heart, then picked up the phone and dialed his cousin Jingren’s Call, “Brother Ren, it looks like he won’t be here anymore. You can let Muyang take action!”
“Okay!” On the other side of the phone, Jing Ren responded immediately, then hung up the phone and spoke to Muyang next to him. Said: “Teng brother said he can do it.”
“Lord Jingren, please lead the way!”
Mu Yang stood up and said blankly.
He knew the meaning of the word “hands-on”, in the name of Jingteng, to take Chen Feng’s wife Xia Mengyao as a maid!
“Then Xia Mengyao will probably resist fiercely. You must be careful when you move. Try not to hurt her, let alone kill her.” Jing Ren reminded.
“Don’t worry, Master Jingren, if I kill a fish like her, if I kill her, I can slap her to death with one hand. If I don’t want her to die, it would be a luxury for her to commit suicide!”
Mu Yang sneered. Then followed Jing Ren strode into Yuwenbo’s villa.
According to the information they received, Xia Mengyao was taken here yesterday, but they did not know that Chen Feng was also here to retreat.
At this time, in Yuwenbo’s private villa, Xia Mengyao and Yuwenbo Yuwenqian brothers and sisters, Jianzong genius Wang Qian, and the four brothers of the Chen family were waiting outside the villa.
Xia Mengyao was also the news that Chen Feng was about to compete only yesterday.
After learning the news, she rushed over from Zhonghai overnight.
But because Chen Feng has been in retreat, she did not see Chen Feng.
At this moment, Chen Zeli walked in anxiously. As soon as he came in, he directed at Chen Zewen: “Brother, the master just told me that there is already a crowd of people on the West Lake. Almost half of the people in the Chinese martial arts world have come over. Now, they are all waiting for
Uncle Chen.” “Most of the people in the Chinese martial arts world have come here?!” Chen Zewen and everyone in the field were obviously surprised when they heard Chen Zeli’s words. Obviously, they did not expect that there would be such a big one on the West Lake. Battle.
“Or, I’ll go in and wake him up.” Xia Mengyao glanced at the crowd and said hesitantly. Among so many people in the field, she and Chen Feng are the only one who has the closest relationship, so he should call him. Chen Feng.
“Wait.” At this time, Wang Gan waved his hand to stop Xia Mengyao, and he said in a deep voice: “I just went in and observed it. I found that Chen Feng had entered a state of’entranced’. At this time, this time we Never interrupt him.”
“In the state of God?” Hearing Wang Qian’s words, everyone was stunned. In the state of God, what state was it?
As if he could see the doubts of the people, Wang Gan explained: “The state of “entering the gods” means that the warrior reaches the state of unintentional by chance.”
“The so-called unintentional, unmoved, selfless, and empty, that is, abandoning self consciousness. If you have self-awareness, all sorts of distracting thoughts will occur from this, and you will not be able to concentrate on your ability and potential. The immobility of mind and spirit recorded that: No self is not empty, but that the heart can do whatever it wants, and will not stay at any moment In terms of the state of mind of a particular thing.”
“If the martial artist enters the state of enlightenment, the perception and comprehension of martial arts will have an unimaginable effect. Throughout the ages, many martial arts masters have broken through levels in the state of enlightenment and entered a new field. of. ” ” You could say, in terms of weapons were ecstatic state is scarce, usually above 99 percent Warrior life can not get into the magical state, only a handful of martial genius can In martial arts training, he occasionally enters the state of’entering the gods’ and reaching the state of no mind, which leads to the leaps and bounds of the martial arts realm and becoming a master of the generation.”
“Since the state of enchantment is so rare, don’t disturb him first, and wait until he wakes up from the state of enchantment. .”
After listening to Wang Gan’s explanation, Xia Mengyao spoke first and made a decision directly.
No one else had any objections to Xia Mengyao’s decision.
After all, Xia Mengyao used to be Chen Feng’s wife, and it can be said that she is the closest person to Chen Feng among all the people present.
On the other hand, Xia Mengyao’s original intention to make this decision was also for Chen Feng’s good.
Therefore, they have no reason to refute Xia Mengyao.
Soon, two hours passed.
However, when everyone didn’t expect it, Chen Feng was still in a state of concentration, showing no signs of being sober.
At this time, Yu Wenbo received a call.
After hanging up the phone, Yu Wenbo’s face became weird.
“My dad said that all the fascinating figures in the Chinese martial arts world have arrived at the martial arts competition, and the Jing family have also arrived, so I’ll wait for Brother Feng.”
“It’s already past four o’clock. If you don’t notify Brother Feng, I’m afraid the time will not come. It’s time.”

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