Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 654

Next moment.
The two voices sounded almost simultaneously.
Chen Feng hit Jingteng’s chest with a terrible internal energy burst, Cui Gula ripped through Jingteng’s internal defense defense, and then blasted into Jingteng’s body, causing De Jingteng’s ribs to burst instantly!
Jing Teng flew out like a baseball that was hit, his chest collapsed, bloody and bloody, blood spurted in his mouth like a rain of blood.
“Uh…” The sudden scene completely shocked everyone including Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming!
In the setting sun, they stared wide-eyed, staring blankly at Jing Teng, who was flying upside down, blood spurting in the air, as if they could not believe that all this was true!
They couldn’t believe that Jing Teng, who had just turned the situation and completely gained the upper hand, was about to kill Chen Feng, but in a blink of an eye he was hit by Chen Feng, and he was directly hit!
At this moment, they even suspected an illusion!
“Bang” with the sound muffled, Jing Teng’s body crashed to the ground, curled up together the general body as shrimp, chest bloody, and constantly oozing, his mouth also kept coughing up blood.
Because, at this moment, his meridians are almost broken except for the broken ribs, and his internal organs are all shattered. Not to mention getting up and continuing to fight Chen Feng. If he doesn’t deal with his injuries in time, he will not even be able to save his life.
“I…I read it right? In an instant, Jing Teng was blown away by Chen Feng with a punch?”
“It’s not just about flying, you look like Jingteng, you are obviously injured very seriously!” “I didn’t expect that after the two fiercely fought a number of moves, the two moves would be the winner, which is incredible!”
As Jing Teng landed, everyone recovered from the shock one after another. On the first ship, the tianjiao from various sects took the lead in discussing it, and everyone was amazed.
“This life and death battle is really a twists and turns, which is unexpected.”
“Yes, when we think that they have come up with the strongest strength, they all retained their hole cards, and their hole cards are all too strong.
” That’s right, their strength seems to be endless, and this battle can be called the pinnacle of the young generation in recent decades!”
At the same time, the martial arts masters on the second ship also sighed.
In their view, the final confrontation between Chen Feng and Jing Teng just now was like a roller coaster. The two constantly switched between heaven and hell, which made them feel particularly exciting.
“I didn’t expect that in just a few days, Chen Feng’s strength would have improved so much.”
Not only an ordinary martial arts master, but even Zhao Wudao, the master of gossip sect, couldn’t help but sigh.
“What Kungfu did he use in the end? It feels a bit familiar, but very strange.” Zhang Tianshi, the head of the Wudang School, looked thoughtful.
“I don’t see what martial arts it is, but it is certain that it is extremely effective in actual combat and extremely lethal!” Master Kong Ming also expressed his own views.
Guan Nantian and Wu Zhizhou did not say anything. They both have official identities. It is not appropriate to comment on themselves at this time, but to pay attention to Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming.
They are worried that Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming will intervene!
Once this happens, they will stop it immediately!
However, both Jing Teng’s father, Jing Shiming, and Jing Yunfeng, who was promoted to the master of martial arts, were dumbfounded.
In the setting sun, they stared wide-eyed and looked at Jing Teng, who had been hit hard, like two vivid stone sculptures, their faces were full of disbelief!
Can’t you believe it?
Yes! They couldn’t believe that after Jing Teng used the ultimate move of Yin and Yang to damage Chen Feng, when he used Yin and Yang again to end the martial arts, Chen Feng would suddenly be reversed.
On the contrary, in their opinion, Jing Teng should smash Chen Feng badly by Cui Gula, or even blow Chen Feng with a punch!
“Uncle Chen is mighty!” In response to Jing Yunfeng and Jing Shiming, Yu Wenbo, Chen Zeli and others shouted with excitement.
Originally, they were very worried about Chen Feng’s defeat because they saw Chen Feng’s injury. At this moment, they saw Chen Feng blasting Jingteng with a fist, leaving Jingteng lying on the ground like a dying dog. How could they not be excited. ?
Not only are they excited, but Chu Celadon, Xia Mengyao, Yu Wenqian and others!
At this moment, they unanimously breathed a sigh of relief, and their hanging hearts also fell.
Chen Feng won!
After seeing Jing Teng’s tragic situation, the group of gangsters represented by Nangang Lu Zhengfeng and Jia Wanhao from the southwest, marveled at the horror of Chen Feng’s strength, they also made such judgments.
“What…what’s the situation?”
At the same time, Jing Ren, who was thrown into the lake by Chen Feng before, opened his eyes and happened to see this scene. At the moment, it was like encountering a ghost in broad daylight. First, he sat in horror. I got up, then rubbed my eyes vigorously, trying to make myself see more clearly.
Then, he saw clearly.
He clearly saw Jing Teng curled up in blood, shivering, as if he would die at any time.
“This… how is this possible?”
This discovery made Jing Ren dumbfounded.
Even Jingren is like this, let alone Jingteng himself?
On the deck, Jing Teng stopped coughing up blood. He raised his head with difficulty and looked at Chen Feng not far away. His pale face was completely occupied by an expression of disbelief. It felt like he was asking: He… How did he do that?
Jing Teng’s response was dull footsteps.
Chen Feng stepped towards Jingteng, his steps calm and strong, the distance of each step was almost the same, as if he had been measured with a ruler.
One step, two steps, three steps…
Under all eyes, Chen Feng came to Jing Teng step by step.
“Ah…you…what martial arts did you use in the end?” Jing Teng coughed up blood again, blurted out and asked, unwilling to fill his eyebrows, it felt as if he didn’t know the answer, even if it was to the Yin Cao netherworld Will not be reconciled.
“Kill your martial arts!” Chen Feng responded coldly, then raised his foot, ready to end the battle, and sent Jingteng to the Palace of the King of Gods.
Seeing this scene, Jing Teng’s face changed drastically, his eyes and fingers were filled with fear, fear from the depths of his soul! this moment.
He had forgotten how arrogant and arrogant it was when he left the customs to completely treat Chen Feng as a dead person!
He also forgot, when Chen Feng did not say anything, he was so swollen and vicious that in order to force Chen Feng to show up, he did not hesitate to let Wutong Muyang take Xia Mengyao as a maid!
He even forgot the cruel words Zeng put down before the start of the competition: throw Chen Feng to the West Lake to feed the fish!
At this moment, he felt that death was so close to him for the first time. His strong desire to survive made him scream and struggle to stand up subconsciously. As a result, his injuries were affected and he kept vomiting blood.

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