Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 664

Under Chen Hui, in addition to Ye Nantian, there are also many retired old people in the army who are also walking along the river. After they see Ye Nantian, they will smile and greet each other, and some people will chat with Ye Nantian.
Their eyes and words are full of respect.
On the one hand, Ye Nantian was once the pride of the Wumeng. Megatron has made countless contributions to the Wumeng.
On the other hand, Ye Nantian suffered the greatest calamity in his life. He was besieged and disabled by the strong of the gods. After a brief period of sinking, he regained his strength. Not only did he still serve as an instructor in the military league, he taught his own combat and martial arts experience. , And never put any difficulties and demands on the Wumeng in life.
On the contrary, he refused the arrangement of the Wumeng to provide him with a life guard, and he was completely dependent on himself!
He has no wife, no children, and no relatives.
How strong heart and willpower is needed for a dead person who has no relatives and cannot stand up, living alone for so many years?
No one knows, but everyone admires him.
Half an hour later, Ye Nantian controlled the wheelchair by himself and returned to his residence along the asphalt road. He suddenly saw a red flag sedan with a military license plate parked at the entrance of the small building.
In the car, Chen Feng saw Ye Nantian pushing his wheelchair back to the small building, and his heart trembled slightly, then he quickly got out of the car and greeted him.
“Xiaofeng, you are here.”
Ye Nantian stopped the wheelchair and looked at Chen Feng with a smile, his eyes full of satisfaction and pride.
Although his relationship with Chen Feng is just a brother, in a sense, Chen Feng is his only relative in this world, because when Xiao Guozhong accepted Chen Feng as a closed disciple, he did not have too many He taught Chen Feng, but gave Chen Feng to him, so he was regarded as Chen Feng’s senior, but also Chen Feng’s half master.
Now that he saw Chen Feng beheading the descendants of the Jing family, he would naturally be proud of Chen Feng. no respond.
Standing in place, Chen Feng looked at Ye Nantian in front, his nose a little sour.
Under Chen Hui, Ye Nantian, who was famous in the martial arts world of the world, has lost his former demeanor. At this moment, he is more like an old man who has been late in life. His hair is white, his face is covered with wrinkles, and his body is full of aging. Breath.
“Brother, do you want to find someone to accompany you?” Chen Feng asked softly with his eyes red.
“No, I’m fine alone.”
Ye Nantian shook his head and rejected Chen Feng’s kindness. He had been living alone for so many years and had already adapted.
“But, you are getting older now, and living alone is somewhat inconvenient.” Chen Feng hesitated and said, the years are merciless and have left deep marks on Ye Nantian. When he left Yanjing three years ago Ye Nantian he saw was not what he is now.
But three years later, Ye Nantian became a late old man…
“It’s not in the way, don’t worry about me, go, let’s go in and say.” Ye Nantian swayed.
When Chen Feng heard the words, he didn’t say much, but walked straight behind Ye Nantian and pushed Ye Nantian into the courtyard of the two-story building.
Because, he knows very well that Ye Nantian, who was once a genius in the Wu League, has his own pride, even if he is now a waste, he does not want to be desecrated the last pride in his heart!
Chen Feng pushed Ye Nantian to the stone table in the small courtyard, then entered the room and poured a glass of water for Ye Nantian.
“Xiaofeng, since you are back to Yanjing at this time and came to see me, you should be participating in the global martial arts competition, right?” Ye Nantian drank his mouth water, then put the water glass on the stone table and asked Chen Feng.
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded and said firmly: “I want to collect some interest from the enemies who besieged you that year through this global martial arts competition. Their disciples will definitely participate!”
“Xiaofeng, I know that you are a person who values love and righteousness. You really want to avenge me. This makes me very pleased.” Ye Nantian sighed after hearing this, “However, I hope you remember, give My revenge is not the most important thing. The important thing is that you must become stronger and live.”
“Today you are in a situation that is no worse than I was back then. If you don’t have a strong backing, you are likely to follow in my footsteps. This is the last thing I want to see in my life! “At the end, Ye Nantian’s tone became serious, and at the same time it was filled with a little worry.
As he said, Chen Feng now has many enemies, and many of them are powerful forces like the Japanese martial arts circle. If they don’t have strong strength, they will probably be killed abroad.
“Don’t worry, brother, I will cherish my life, live well, strive to become stronger as soon as possible, and then find out those enemies who besieged you back then to liquidate them!”
Chen Feng nodded solemnly, then changed the conversation, and said the purpose of the trip, “By the way, brother, according to President Guan Nantian, the descendants of the Western Regions Buddhism, the sword king, the Ji family and the Tianshan Sword Sect have all. You may have to compete for the qualifications of the global martial arts competition. You fought against people from these four forces separately. You should have an understanding of their martial arts characteristics. Can you tell me about it.”
“The Western Regions Buddhism is a branch of ancient Buddhism. Today it is mainly gathered in southern Tibet and other places. The martial arts learned are mainly Dharma boxing, which is characterized by a strong physical body and a fierce boxing technique. The emphasis is on a fierce word.”
“The so-called king of swords is actually the descendants of the Wang family of the martial arts family. The Wang family used the sword technique to shock the Chinese martial arts world. Later, the family members were scarce, and in the present time, the descendants have been almost cut off. From now on, the sword technique is known for its domineering and mighty. There was a legend that once the swordsman of the Wang family drew his sword, he would never die. The sword method of the Wang family was too heavy to kill.”
“The Tianshan Sword School was once one of the most powerful schools in the Chinese martial arts world. It is known for its swordsmanship. The swordsmanship of this school is weird and changeable, focusing on a weird word.”
“The Ji family, like the Jing family, is famous in the Chinese martial arts world. The world martial arts, only fast is not broken. The Ji family’s Wuxue expresses this sentence vividly, focusing on a fast word.”
“Fierce, kill, treacherous, and fast, these four words basically represent the characteristics of the Western Regions Buddhism, Sword King, Tianshan Sword Sect and Ji Family Martial Arts.” Ye Nantian recalled the martial arts competition that year and integrated information about these four forces. He gave Chen Feng an answer, and then predicted: “The strength of the descendants of the four forces should not be weaker than the descendants of the Jing family. If it is true as you said, they will compete with you for the only qualification to participate in the global martial arts competition. Don’t take it lightly!”
“Brother rest assured, I won’t make the mistake of underestimating the enemy.” Chen Feng nodded, then looked at the sun rising slowly in the east, thoughtfully: “If they want to compete for that place, they should be born. , I am waiting for them to fight!”

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