Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 68

“Shao Chen?” Shen Junwen was even more dazed. To say that the only one who can be called the young master in this room is as long as he is Shen Junwen. Where did Chen Shao come from?
“Uncle, I don’t have any Chen Shao here.” Shen Junwen was full of depression, and he didn’t think about Chen Feng at all. Although Chen Feng is also named Chen, what is Chen Feng’s identity? The son-in-law of the Xia family was not a young master at all.
Shen Hongchang almost vomited a mouthful of old blood. He understood that his stupid nephew did not know Chen Feng’s identity until now. He wanted to tell Shen Junwen Chen Feng’s identity, but if Chen Feng was standing by, he would be on the phone. It is not appropriate to say.
Shen Hongchang had to gritted his teeth helplessly: “You wait there for me. From now on, you will treat me respectfully to everyone. If you dare to cause trouble again, I will break your leg!”
“Uncle…” Shen Junwen wanted to say something, and Shen Hongchang had hung up the phone.
Han Long on the side was also surprised. What was the identity of the person who made Shen Hongchang treat so seriously and respectfully named Chen Shao?
Could it be…
Han Long turned his gaze to Chen Feng, but Chen Feng’s dress had nothing to do with the two words Young Master.
In less than ten minutes, Shen Hongchang’s Rolls Royce stopped downstairs in the Queen’s Building, and Shen Hongchang hurried out of the car with Ahu and Abao.
This shocked the security of the building, and I don’t know who is on the top floor of the Queen’s Building today, and it can alarm one after another big people.
First super rich second-generation Shen Junwen, then underground emperor Han Long, and now even the richest man in Cangzhou came here.
The greeter at the door respectfully welcomed Shen Hongchang onto the top floor.
As soon as Shen Hongchang entered the restaurant’s door, he saw Shen Junwen who was looking around, and Han Long who was twisting the Buddha beads.
When he saw Han Long, Shen Hongchang’s pupils suddenly tightened. Why was Han Long here? !
He won’t give Chen Feng what happened? !
Shen Hongchang was suddenly anxious, if Chen Feng really had an accident here, then the whole Cangzhou would usher in an unprecedented earthquake.
Because of Shen Junwen’s involvement, I am afraid that the Shen family will be buried with Chen Feng!
Shen Hongchang felt that his calves were a little weak, and at the same time he was always blessing Chen Feng that nothing should happen to Chen Feng.
After walking a few more steps, Shen Hongchang found a figure sitting leisurely on the table eating vegetables.
It is Chen Feng.
Seeing that Chen Feng was safe and sound, and seemed to be in a good mood, Shen Hongchang’s hanging heart suddenly let go.
“Uncle, there is nothing Young Master Chen here, can you make a mistake?” Seeing Shen Hongchang, Shen Junwen hurried forward.
Surprisingly, Shen Hongchang just glared at Shen Junwen, then walked a few steps in front of Chen Feng, who was eating vegetables, and then bowed respectfully: “Sorry Chen Shao, I’m late.”
Shao Chen! ! !
Han Long’s pupils shrank suddenly, as expected!
Shen Junwen’s eyes were almost staring out.
“Uncle, he…he…” Shen Junwen pointed at Chen Feng, speaking a little uncomfortably.
Shen Hongchang raised his hand with a slap, and slammed Shen Junwen’s face fiercely, sternly shouted: “Niezi, don’t kneel down and apologize to Young Chen!”
Shen Junwen touched the blood-red handprints on his face, did not hesitate, and knelt on the ground with a loud thud: “Sorry, Shao Chen, I was wrong.”
Shen Junwen’s face was full of fear. He was really scared this time. He couldn’t imagine what terrifying identity he would be if he could let his uncle, respectfully call Shao Chen’s man.
Chen Feng raised his hand and said lightly: “Get up, I said, the matter between us has passed.”
How dare Shen Junwen get up. Chen Feng had subdued Han Long before. Although he was afraid of Chen Feng, he was not afraid of it. But now, his only reliance, Shen Hongchang, has such an attitude towards Chen Feng. Shen Junwen has nothing to do. I suspect that if I make Chen Feng unhappy, he will definitely die without a place to bury him!
Heavenly King Lao Tzu can’t save him if he comes!
Chen Feng smiled bitterly and looked at Shen Hongchang: “Mr. Shen, let your nephew get up. There was a little misunderstanding between us, but it is now past.”
“Shao Chen, you are too magnanimous. My nephew is used to being domineering. I haven’t disciplined him well. Whoever thinks he will be courageous this time, even you dare to provoke him.”
“I can’t just leave it this time, Master Chen, I have to teach him a lesson.” Shen Hongchang looked at Chen Feng respectfully, and after speaking, he moved his gaze to the side Ahu, gritted his teeth: Ahu, chop off this evil man!”
“Yes, boss.” Ahu expressionlessly drew a short dagger from his waist and walked towards Shen Junwen.
Seeing that Shen Hongchang seemed to have moved, Shen Junwen’s complexion was pale, and even his crotch was already wet. At this time, he didn’t even dare to beg for mercy. He knew Shen Hongchang’s temper. If he dared to beg for mercy, he might not be broken. One hand up.
Seeing Ahu pick up the dagger, he was ready to cut it down.
“Mr. Shen, forget it.” Chen Feng smiled and waved his hand to stop Ahu. He knew that Shen Hongchang’s move was part of a show, just to give him face.
Chen Feng didn’t doubt that if he didn’t stop him, Shen Hongchang would definitely chop off Shen Junwen’s hand and give him an explanation.
Only in that case, Shen Hongchang will inevitably leave a thorn in his heart. It will be difficult for him to subdue Shen Hongchang in the future.
And in the long run, cutting off Shen Junwen’s hand doesn’t make much sense.
“Shao Chen…” Shen Hongchang wanted to say something, but Chen Feng waved his hand and said: “President Shen, I am not that small, and it’s not a big deal, so be it.”
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t seem to be thinking about it, Shen Hongchang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. From the bottom of his heart, he also felt that Chen Feng was really generous, and he was indeed the heir of the super rich.
Shen Hongchang walked up to Shen Junwen again, kicked Shen Junwen fiercely, and shouted, “Thank you Chen Shao!”
Shen Junwen almost crawled to the feet of Chen Feng, and said with his nose and tears: “Chen Shao, thank you, thank you for letting me go. I used to have no eyes. Don’t worry, I will never dare to dare anymore. ”
“Do it later? Tonight you will go to the U.S., and dare to return to Cangzhou in the future, I will skin you!” Shen Hongchang said viciously. Although Chen Feng said he didn’t mind, Shen Hongchang still felt that he would leave Shen Junwen in Cangzhou. , Will make Chen Feng feel compelled.
“Mr. Shen, let Junwen stay in Cangzhou. I still need him to do something.” Chen Feng smiled. He had to rely on Shen Junwen to recover Lin Lan’s 100 million, and then teach Sun Guifang’s mother and son a lesson, so Shen Junwen Can’t go.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Shen Hongchang hurriedly agreed.

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