Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 67

In fact, Han Long is more entangled than everyone at this time. He has been on the road for more than 30 years. How can he not understand that Chen Feng is suspected of defrauding him, but what if?
In case Chen Feng didn’t deceive him, he really only gave him two choices. If he is not a dog, he will die!
Will Han Long dare to gamble his life?
He dare not!
He spent most of his life in the blood and blood, and finally broke into his current foundation. Now he is at the age of enjoying Qingfu, let him die? He can’t bear it!
Although being a dog is not decent, it can even be said to be embarrassing.
But compared with Xiaoming, the face is not worth mentioning!
“I’m a dog!” Han Long smiled miserably, and finally made a choice.
As soon as his voice fell, he felt his neck loosened, and then he was thrown to the ground.
“Master Han!”
“Grass! Kill him!”
A group of younger brothers were filled with righteous indignation, and they had to act on Chen Feng when they came up. They didn’t know much about justice, and Han Long was threatened.
“Stop it!” Han Long yelled coldly, stopping everyone.
It’s not that he didn’t think about repentance, but just now Chen Feng threw him on the ground without even thinking about it, without asking him to make any guarantees. Obviously, Chen Feng is full of confidence and self-confidence. He is not afraid of repentance at all!
As for where the confidence came, Han Long already had an answer in his heart.
Chen Feng, he can’t afford it!
“Master Han, so many of us…” Some younger brother was not convinced, thinking that Chen Feng was nothing but that.
“Stop talking!” Han Long waved his hand and looked at Chen Feng calmly: “Mr. Chen, from today, I, Han Long, will be your dog, Mr. Chen, I will bite whoever you let me bite! ”
“it is good!”
Chen Feng squinted his eyes and replied simply and neatly, this Han Long, who can afford to put it down, is considered a number one. If he hadn’t met himself, I am afraid he would really be able to make a name in Cangzhou.
However, following himself, Han Long will not necessarily be worse than before, but will have a bigger stage.
“Junwen, you and Mr. Chen’s previous affairs, Uncle Han can’t mix up. But Uncle Han suggests that you should bow your head to Mr. Chen immediately and apologize for your mistake. A generous person like Mr. Chen will not follow You usually care about it.” Han Long turned his gaze to Shen Junwen again. Actually, to say that he hates the person most in his heart, Shen Junwen must be in the top three now. After all, it is because of Shen Junwen that he came to this muddy water.
But this is the end of the matter. He can’t do anything to Shen Junwen. After all, Shen Junwen still has Shen Hongchang behind him. He can only be a peacemaker to resolve the contradiction between Shen Junwen and Chen Feng. If not, Chen Feng asks him to deal with Shen Junwen. What should he do?
Shen Hongchang, he could not offend him either!
Shen Junwen’s face was pale, with cold sweat on his forehead, and fear appeared in his eyes looking at Chen Feng for the first time. This kind of fear, even if Chen Feng brought down his dozen bodyguards before, he had never had it.
But now, he has it!
He was really scared, even an underground emperor like Han Long was willing to be Chen Feng’s dog.
Chen Feng is not the trash in everyone’s eyes, he is pretending to be a pig and a tiger!
Shen Junwen wiped the cold sweat on his head, and hurriedly said to Chen Feng respectfully: “Mr. Chen, I had no eyes before. I apologize to you here. I was wrong. I shouldn’t treat you because of Xu Feirong. Dissatisfied with birth, let alone covet the beauty of my sister-in-law, Shao Chen, please forgive me.”
“Just apologize is over?” Chen Feng gave Shen Junwen a blank expression.
Shen Junwen was shocked, and remembered what Chen Feng said before let him get out of Cangzhou, but Cangzhou was his foundation. If he left Cangzhou, he would never live as decent as he is now. Everyone called him Shen when he went out. less.
But face… is life important?
Shen Junwen made a choice with Han Long.
“Mr. Chen, I will go to the United States tomorrow, and I will never return to Cangzhou in this life.” Shen Junwen gritted his teeth and said that Cangzhou has no place for him. Even if it is Shen Hongchang, he will not necessarily protect him, even if Shen Hongchang has that. strength.
Chen Feng suddenly smiled. He patted Shen Junwen on the shoulder and said: “Don’t be nervous, I’m kidding you, you don’t need to go to the United States, just stay in Cangzhou, but give my mother the 100 million, you have to come back.”
Shen Junwen was stunned, and hurriedly said with gratitude: “Mr. Chen, that one hundred million will be regarded as my respect for Madam Lin…”
“Huh?” Chen Feng frowned: “I said I told you to come back, you have to come back. If you have more money and nowhere to spend, you can give Han Long the one hundred million, and let him reward the brothers.”
“Yes, yes, Mr. Chen, I will come back for the 100 million yuan and honor Uncle Han.” Shen Junwen was a little confused, isn’t Lin Lan Chen Feng’s mother-in-law? Although the two have hatred, there is no need to go with that one. He couldn’t get past a billion, but Chen Feng didn’t dare to violate it any more, so he had to hurriedly agreed.
Han Long took a breath, 100 million!
Chen Feng actually gave it to him without frowning, and this attitude alone made him feel ashamed.
Han Long didn’t dare to treat Chen Feng anymore. He originally thought that Chen Feng was just a reckless man with skill. Now it seems that Chen Feng’s mentality is also not bad.
In some ways, Chen Feng is more suitable to be a superior.
“Then Han X thanked Mr. Chen on behalf of the brothers.” Han Long looked sincere. He knew very well that he was already Chen Feng’s person. It was better to say that the money was given to him by Shen Junwen. Peak.
“No.” Chen Feng shook his head. He is not short of money at all. Chen Zhong gave him a card last time, and one billion in the card was saved. Chen Feng hasn’t spent a cent until now.
The reason why he gave the money to Han Long was that on the one hand he didn’t want Lin Lan to get the money, on the other hand, it was to appease Han Long and his younger brother, after all, he had hurt Han Long’s face before.
Han Long will be his person in the future, so naturally he can’t let Han Long leave a grudge in his heart.
Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t seem to want to trouble him anymore, Shen Junwen finally breathed a sigh of relief. Just when he wanted to get close to Chen Feng, the phone rang and the caller was Shen Hongchang.
“Niezi! Where are you now?!” Before Shen Junwen finished speaking, Shen Hongchang’s furious voice came over there.
“Uncle, I am in the Queen’s Building.” Shen Junwen was stunned, wondering why Shen Hongchang made such a big fire.
“Shao Chen is next to you?” Shen Hongchang suppressed the anger in his chest and asked. He just got off the plane when he heard a thunderbolt news. Shen Junwen opened a live broadcast, openly asking Xia Mengyao, intending to humiliate Chen Feng.
At that time, Shen Hongchang felt that the sky was about to collapse. He finally got on the Chen family line through Chen Feng, but his nephew actually fell in love with Chen Feng’s wife.
Shen Hongchang was almost fainted by the news.

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