Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 692

“This, this, Master Fang Zheng, don’t worry, I promise not to take him again!”
Chen Feng quickly stated that he respected the Founder Master Chen Feng.
Seeing Chen Feng’s statement, Master Founder couldn’t say anything.
“Remember what I said, I will let Master Wu Zhizhou look at you!”
Master Fang Zheng pretended to say something profound, and hung up the phone directly.
“Great monk, I’m fighting with you!”
Sanjie held his big bald head with an angry expression on his face.
“Flap! Pop! Pop!”
Before he could say anything, there were three more sounds, and San Jie hurried to the side, holding his head, for fear that Master Fang Zheng would give him a few more shots.
“Okay, great monk, my strength will definitely improve after participating in the competition this time. Maybe I can break through the middle stage of Huajin, when we count all our grievances together!”
“Hey, judging from the current situation, Ye Nantian’s junior brother Chen Feng will definitely become a thorn in the eyes of everyone when he participates in the World Martial Arts Competition. He just doesn’t know how to deal with it!”
Founder didn’t pay attention to the three commandments on the side, and he was thinking about analyzing the situation of the game.
Although I don’t know the specific circumstances, if this trip to the Vatican is not cautious, I am afraid that my life will be lost.
The words were divided into two parts. After Chen Feng and Sanjie got better, they wanted to prepare to set off. At this time, Tianying and Ji Yun called back and forth, and both said they wanted to go to the Vatican with Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was a little puzzled about this situation. In fact, he didn’t know that after the last battle with Chu He, he had completely become an idol in the hearts of the two, and a benchmark on the road to martial arts.
Moreover, this time the four of them competed together, which represented the Huaguo martial arts community. They must be united and unanimous. Of course, this time the four are led by Chen Feng.
It was getting late, and after hanging up, Chen Feng was going to the kitchen to make breakfast for Ye Nantian.
“Jingle Bell!”
The phone rang again, and Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Recently, the phone rang too frequently.
Chen Feng took out his cell phone. It was an unfamiliar number, but the call prompt showed the number of Eagle Country. Seeing that the familiar and brilliant face sounded in Chen Feng’s mind involuntarily.
Annie, the princess of the Eagle Kingdom.
“Feng, how are you doing recently?”
A familiar voice came from Princess Anne.
Princess Anne asked about Chen Feng’s recent situation, and she could hear her excitement and a trace of tension.
“How are you recently!”
Chen Feng dealt with it. He hasn’t been very good lately, but there is no need to say this to Annie.
“Feng, that’s it!”
Annie hesitated, and Chen Feng heard from the phone that the other party was a little hesitant.
“Feng, my birthday is about to be celebrated. I hope you can come over to celebrate my birthday with me!”
Annie plucked up the courage to say what was in her heart, she was a little expectant and a little nervous. She was afraid that the other party would refuse.
“Yeah! Yes, if I have time recently, I’ll go there. Give me the time of my birthday and the address where the birthday is held!”
Chen Feng hesitated and agreed.
“What! Feng! You agree, haha great?” An excited voice came from the other end of the phone, and she suddenly cheered like a child.
“Tomorrow at eight o’clock, the address is at the Tower of London!”
“Well, I know, I will definitely pass!”
After Chen Feng hung up, he hesitated and called Wu Zhizhou.
“Hello, Elder Wu, I am Chen Feng!”
After the call got through, Chen Feng did not grind, and said straightforwardly.
“Well, Chen Feng, hello!” Elder Wu responded.
Wu Zhizhou knew that Chen Feng must have something to call, otherwise, based on his understanding of Chen Feng, the other party would not gossip to himself.
“Elder Wu, you told Sanjie that they are going to gather in Xiliang, Sanjie told me, but I have something to ask you for leave!”
“Please… ask for leave?” Wu Zhizhou was a little puzzled, how could the other party think of asking for leave at this juncture.
“Yes, I have something to deal with recently, and I want to go to London first, so I can’t walk with you this time!” Chen Feng was afraid that Elder Wu would be angry, and quickly explained.
“What? If you go to London, at this juncture?” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Wu Zhizhou was stunned. As the elder of the Wu League, he knew too much inside information. Now I don’t know how many forces want Chen. Feng’s life.
Knowing this critical juncture, if Chen Feng leaves China, it can be said that those hostile forces will attack him without hesitation. There are also many strong people abroad. Chen Feng going out like this is tantamount to looking for death.
“Chen Feng, you should know when it is now, you have made too many enemies outside, if you act rashly, you are afraid of your life!”
Wu Zhizhou told Chen Feng about the pros and cons of the matter, hoping that Chen Feng would not ignore his life because of some trivial matters.
“Elder Wu, you are right. I believe that if I change to normal, I will definitely be in danger. I even believe that the other party will directly blast off my plane!”
Hearing what Chen Feng said, Wu Zhizhou was shocked, not knowing what the other party meant.
Chen Feng continued: “But it is different now. In this special period, I am not only safe, but also safe. The brothers have many enemies, and this time their descendants may be one of the people in this competition, and I and them When there is a grudge, almost everyone knows that, in this case, if the other party kills me, then they will become the laughing stock of the martial arts world!”
“Well, go on!” Wu Zhizhou felt somewhat reasonable.
“You think, if the opponent killed me in advance, what does it prove? First, the outside world will think that they are worried that their heirs will be lost in my hands, and the killer. Second, I think if something like this happens before the game, Then the World Martial Arts Organization should not sit idly by.”
“Your analysis is very reasonable, but there is nothing absolute. Don’t be afraid of ten thousand, just in case. This is a matter of life and death, and you have to be cautious!”
Although Chen Feng was right, Wu Zhizhou was still a little worried.
“Elder Wu, don’t worry, those enemies will kill me, and I believe they will join hands, but by no means now, and after the game is over!”
Chen Feng’s words were extremely firm. He thought about the cause and effect of the matter several times, otherwise he would not make such a decision.
“Oh, all right, then you be more careful!”
Wu Zhizhou knew that Chen Feng had decided to go, and it would be futile to persuade him, and finally exhorted Chen Feng a few words.
“Well, thank you Elder Wu.”
Chen Feng quickly thanked him, and then hung up the phone.
In the morning, Chen Feng prepared for a while and boarded a passenger plane from Xiliang to London and then Dibai.
The news of Chen Feng’s departure from China was learned by martial arts circles.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had left China at this critical moment. Almost everyone knew that Chen Feng had many enemies.
Leaving at this time, you must not admire Chen Feng’s courage.

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