Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 7

“Shao Chen, it seems that you don’t understand the situation of Yuquan Mountain.” Shen Hongchang smiled bitterly, and said: “Actually, I want to develop Yuquan Mountain more than anyone else. After all, I also used Yuquan Mountain to get to where I am now. It is not an exaggeration to say that Yuquan Mountain is my food and clothing parents.”
“However, Yuquan Mountain is too big, and the mountain is high and dangerous. Shen spent ten years with the entire Shen family and only developed a quarter of it. In the later stage, the capital chain almost broke and the company went bankrupt. So the rest is Three-quarters of it, Shen doesn’t even dare to think about it right now.
Chen Feng smiled and said nothing. From Shen Hongchang’s words, he could hear that Shen Hongchang also wanted to develop Yuquan Mountain, but he did not have such a big appetite.
“President Shen, what if you add me?” Chen Feng smiled. Shen Hongchang doesn’t have such a big appetite, but he does!
In other words, the Chen family behind him!
Chen Feng also put forward his true purpose, to develop Yuquan Mountain, only on one hand, and more importantly, Chen Feng wants to take this opportunity to test the bottom line of the Chen family.
Yuquan Mountain is an excellent opportunity.
Tens of billions are nothing to the Chen family, but they are definitely a lot.
He wanted to see how much the Chen family was willing to pay for him.
Shen Hongchang’s expression changed. He did not expect that Chen Feng was so courageous that he would dare to touch the bottomless pit of Yuquan Mountain when he first arrived.
Naturally, Shen Hongchang didn’t know the subtle relationship between Chen Feng and the Chen family. If he knew that Chen Feng invested in Yuquanshan, he had never thought of making money at all, then he would probably cry.
“Chen Shao…If Chen Shaozhen is willing to invest, then this will happen naturally.” Shen Hongchang looked happy and said quickly.
The development of Yuquan Mountain is not only a financial issue, but also technology, resources and other difficulties that cannot be solved by the richest man in Cangzhou, but if Chen Feng joins him, many problems will be solved.
After all, Chen Feng is standing behind, but the Chen family in Kyoto, there is the Chen family, not to mention a Yuquan Mountain, even ten, I am afraid that they can win.
Because that kind of big family represents not only wealth, but also power!
Seeing Shen Hongchang’s movement, Chen Zhong appeared calm, but his heart was miserable. He wanted to tell Shen Hongchang loudly that this kid Chen Feng was digging a hole for you, don’t jump in!
But he didn’t dare to say that, because Chen Zhennan told him that in any case, he should not let outsiders know the true relationship between Chen Feng and the Chen family!
Obviously, Chen Feng also saw this, so he was confident.
Chen Zhong smiled bitterly. Last night, he had just used five million surgical fees to make Chen Feng suffer a secret loss.
This morning, Chen Feng returned him with Yangmou, and it was still a Yangmou worth nearly 50 billion!
This is Chen Feng, who gave him his power!
The expression in Chen Zhong’s eyes was even more complicated, and he suddenly felt that he couldn’t see through the Yi Shao in front of him.
“Then Mr. Shen doesn’t mind, cooperate with me?” Chen Feng asked with a smile like an old fox.
“Haha, it’s my honor to cooperate with Chen Shao.” Shen Hongchang laughed. Before he thought about how to get in touch with Chen Feng and hug Chen’s thigh.
Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, Chen Feng threw an olive branch to him, and Shen Hongchang had no reason to refuse.
“Then… happy cooperation!” Chen Feng squinted his eyes and stretched out his hand with a smile.
With two big hands tightly held together, the largest investment project in Cangzhou City’s history was born…
No one knows that this investment project is just the first step for Chen Feng against the Chen family.
On the side, Chen Zhong couldn’t help sighing, secretly feeling distressed for his Patriarch.
Chen Zhong is naturally responsible for the specific cooperation matters. As the power holder, Chen Feng only needs to finalize the general direction.
So after eating at the Shen’s house, Chen Feng quickly went down the mountain. He was going to pick up Xia Mengyao from get off work, which has become Chen Feng’s habit.
After Chen Feng left, Shen Hongchang squinted his eyes and hooked his hands at a man with tattooed arms: “Ahu, you go to investigate this Chen Feng. I want to know all his information. Remember, you must Concealed, not let him discover.”
“Yes, Lord Shen!”
Ahu nodded respectfully, and then left.
There was a solemn look across Shen Hongchang’s face. He could become the richest man in Cangzhou from a local ruffian, and he would naturally not lose sight of it.
From the first sight of Chen Feng, Shen Hongchang discovered that Chen Feng is not simple. He is not the kind of arrogant and arrogant brother he has seen before. On the contrary, Chen Feng is very clever, and he seems to be very clever. There are calculations.
Even Shen Hongchang gave birth to a feeling of seeking skin from a tiger.
Therefore, Shen Hongchang naturally had to investigate clearly what kind of person Chen Feng was.
“Abao, you go to the garage, drive out the car I mentioned a few days ago, and then give it to Shao Chen.” Shen Hongchang ordered again, he knew very well that people at Chen Feng’s level regarded face more Everything is important. The security guard under his hand was not only an electric car, but also Chen Feng’s face!
So even if Chen Feng made it clear that he would not be held accountable just now, Shen Hongchang was a little worried. He directly gave Chen Feng a luxury car, which was enough to give Chen Feng face, and Wang Dahai’s matter could be completely exposed.
Thinking of this, Shen Hongchang couldn’t help but feel pain. If Wang Dahai, an idiot, didn’t kick Chen Feng’s electric car, he would not have to send out his 20 million supercar as an apologetic.
I’m afraid Chen Feng is the only one in history to trade an electric car for a supercar.
Shen Hongchang now has the heart to kill Wang Dahai.
After Chen Feng didn’t know that he had left, Shen Hongchang thought so much. If he knew it, he would probably laugh from ear to ear. He could only say that Shen Hongchang was too cautious.
Yunsheng Building, the tallest building in the west of Cangzhou City, is also the headquarters of Xiajia Company.
At noon, Xia Mengyao was standing at the door of the building. She had looked at the door of the company several times, but still did not see Chen Feng.
On weekdays, Chen Feng is very punctual. As long as she gets off work, she stands at the door unmoved, waiting to pick her up. Why is it late today?
“Oh, isn’t this our Xia beauty? Why, I’m waiting for Chen Feng to pick you up on an electric bike.” A strange voice of Yin and Yang sounded behind Xia Mengyao, Xia Mengyao frowned, she didn’t need to look back, she also knew that behind her The person is her cousin, Xia Zilan.
Xia Mengyao didn’t speak. She hadn’t dealt with Xia Zilan since she was a child. When she grew up, Xia Zilan asked her for trouble again and again.
Xia Zilan wore a red bohemian dress with exquisite makeup. Her face was considered pretty, but it was far less impressive in front of Xia Mengyao, who was facing the sky.
Seeing Xia Mengyao ignored herself, Xia Zilan was not angry, but sighed: “Mengyao, sister thinks, fate is sometimes strange. When you were young, you were the most beautiful girl in our Xia family. Grandpa they all said , In the future you will marry a rich and powerful child in a yellow robe, and become the happiest girl in our Xia family.”
“You didn’t disappoint Grandpa. You really got married with a yellow robe, but it’s a pity that it’s a takeaway, haha!”

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