Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 6

“Shen… Boss Shen, I’m… I’m sorry.” Wang Dahai’s Adam’s apple squirmed, his eyes were full of horror, and he dared not use his 100,000 courage to hit Shen Hongchang.
Shen Hongchang slapped Wang Dahai’s face fiercely, and slapped Wang Dahai to the ground.
Then he turned around again and respectfully bent over to Chen Feng and said: “Chen Shao, I’m sorry, I was shocked.”
The action is done in one go!
The audience is silent!
Several security guards rubbed their eyes together, it seemed that they couldn’t believe what they saw.
The richest man in Cangzhou stooped to a young man? !
If this scene is to be spread, I am afraid the whole Cangzhou will be shaken!
What is the identity of this young man? !
Several security guards’ minds roared, but they felt heavy breathing.
“President Shen is serious, I’m fine.” Chen Feng said with a slight smile. Needless to say, Chen Zhong can recognize the person in front of him. After all, he is the richest man in Cangzhou. Chen Feng often sees Shen Hongchang’s photos in the Caijing Daily.
“Shao Chen, this matter is my negligence. Don’t worry, I will make them pay the price for those who offend you today.” Shen Hongchang’s eyes flashed a touch of misfortune, Wang Dahai and others almost made him dead. You can’t be merciless.
“President Shen, spare your life!”
“President Shen, I was wrong! Let me go.”
Puff, puff…
As soon as Shen Hongchang finished speaking, Wang Dahai and a few security guards knelt on the ground together, tears streaming down, and the price in Shen Hongchang’s mouth was not just as simple as making them lose their jobs, and breaking their hands or feet was light!
“Shut up!” Shen Hongchang yelled coldly, and several people were silent.
Shen Hongchang’s expression is cold, he can become the richest man in Cangzhou from a white body, but it is not just about doing business.
Since these people dare to offend Chen Feng, they must be prepared to pay the price!
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, and he could see that Shen Hongchang’s appearance did not seem to be fake. I am afraid that Wang Dahai and others would really be severely punished.
“Forget it, Mr. Shen.” Chen Feng waved his hand and said, “They didn’t do anything to me. Mr. Shen let them continue to work. If Mr. Shen feels uneasy, he can deduct one month’s salary for each of them. , It’s a punishment.”
Chen Feng finally relented. Although Wang Dahai and the others were wrong, they were not so wrong. Chen Feng did not want to ruin Wang Dahai’s life for his own reasons.
After leaving the Chen family, Chen Feng understood a lot in the three years of delivering food. For people at the bottom of society, it is sometimes difficult to live just alive.
Perhaps for myself, it was just a decision made casually, but for Wang Dahai and others, this decision was about a lifetime.
Shen Hongchang was a little surprised, but Chen Feng said so, so he would have to sell Chen Feng’s face.
“Thank you Chen Shao!” Shen Hongchang gave a few people a cold glance.
Hearing this, Wang Dahai and the others hurriedly climbed up to Chen Feng and kowtowed their heads to apologize.
Chen Feng didn’t say anything. He only hoped that after this incident, Wang Dahai and a few people would have a long memory. Not everyone was as good as himself.
Shen Hongchang also breathed a sigh of relief, Chen Feng’s performance was still very surprising to him, and it was completely different from other big and young people he had met.
Not only did Chen Feng not be domineering, but he didn’t seem to have the slightest arrogance. If it weren’t for Chen Zhong, he wouldn’t believe it. The man in front of him was actually from the Chen family in Kyoto.
And this…
It turned out to be riding an electric car.
Shen Hongchang couldn’t help but glanced at the torn apart electric car on the ground with a strange expression.
“Master, let’s go in.” At this moment, Chen Zhong stood up with a smile.
Chen Feng nodded slightly, and led by Shen Hongchang, Chen Feng entered a European-style castle-style villa.
The decoration of the villa is elegant and elegant, and the white jade-like walls are refreshing.
Along the way, Shen Hongchang introduced to Chen Feng that this villa is the best one on Yuquan Mountain, with panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows. People living in the villa can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain without going out. .
The villa covers an area of ​​more than 500 square meters, with its own swimming pool, gym, cinema, small garden… In short, all the high-end facilities, everything.
This villa was built by Shen Hongchang for the elderly. It was not sold to the outside world. However, after Chen Zhong said that he wanted to buy it yesterday, Shen Hongchang naturally did not dare to refuse. He sold the villa to Chen for a price of 50,000 square meters. Loyal.
Said to be sold, in fact, it is almost the same as giving away, because even the most ordinary residence on Yuquan Mountain costs 100,000 yuan per square meter.
This villa with the best location, with a view of the mountains and the moon, even if it is 500,000 per square meter, there will be countless people rushing for it.
Chen Feng was very satisfied with this villa. He believed that if Xia Mengyao lived in it, he would be very happy.
“Chen Shao, it’s getting late. I prepared a luncheon at home. Can Shao Chen appreciate his face and give Shen a chance to make amends.” After taking Chen Feng to see the villa, Shen Hongchang tentatively asked, although Chen Feng had already said I didn’t care about Wang Dahai and the others, but Shen Hongchang was still a little nervous, for fear that Chen Feng would think more about it when he returned.
“President Shen, you are serious, what apologizes are not to make amends, the previous things have passed, I will not take it to heart, but I will develop in Cangzhou in the future, and may have to trouble Mr. Shen to take care of it.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, from the beginning of taking over the Chen family’s industry, he had to deal with the local tycoons in Cangzhou. Shen Hongchang is a smart person. If he can, Chen Feng wants to pull Shen Hongchang to his side rather than the Chen family.
“Haha, Chen Shao, you are joking, and you dare not take care of it. If Chen Shao finds a place where Shen is useful in the future, he should greet him as soon as possible, and Shen will do his best to help.” Shen Hongchang smiled boldly.
Chen Feng smiled and didn’t speak any more. Just listen to what Shen Hongchang said. He wouldn’t be so stupid to believe it.
The world is booming, all for profit, the world is bustling, all for profit.
Without the Chen family, Shen Hongchang would never look at himself.
“By the way, President Shen, I think this Yuquan Mountain is quite big. In addition to this villa area, there are many places with beautiful scenery and excellent geographical location. Why doesn’t President Shen consider continuing to develop?” Chen Feng suddenly Asked.
Yuquan Mountain is the most famous scenic spot in Cangzhou City. The jade spring on the mountain gushes from a rock gap, and the water curls with silver flowers, like a jade rainbow hanging upside down. It is one of the three wonders of Cangzhou. Emperor Qianlong once gave Yuquan the world’s first spring. During the Yuan and Ming Dynasties, Yuquan Mountain was a sacred place for tourism, and now it is a well-known 5A scenic spot throughout the country.
However, Yuquan Mountain is extremely difficult to develop due to its large area and steep terrain in many places, requiring extremely high capital investment.
It is said that Shen Hongchang invested all his financial resources before, and only developed less than a quarter of Yuquan Mountain, and three quarters of it was a virgin land.
Facing this bottomless virgin land, Chen Feng had an idea in his heart.

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