Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 70

At this moment, inside the luxurious box of Guyue Villa.
Xu Feirong picked up a glass of red wine on the table and drank it. After drinking, Xu Feirong wiped her lips, lifted the empty bottle in her hand, and glanced at the white-haired young man sitting opposite, and said blankly. : “Mr. Bai, is this all right?”
The white-haired young man sitting across from Xu Feirong squinted his eyes and smiled, “Miss Xu is really good at drinking.”
“Wang Jiang, fill up Miss Xu!” The white-haired young man glanced at a fat man beside him and said.
The fat man named Wang Jiang immediately got up with a smile, poured Xu Feirong a slow glass of red wine, and pushed it in front of Xu Feirong: “Miss Xu, please!”
Xu Feirong bit her silver teeth and said, “Mr. Bai, I don’t drink well, so I can’t drink anymore.” Since entering the box, she has drunk almost two bottles of red wine, but Bai Guangyi on the opposite side is still not drinking. Ken let her go.
“Huh?” Bai Guangyi frowned slightly and said in an unhappy tone: “Miss Xu doesn’t want to give me Bai Guangyi face?”
Xu Feirong’s complexion changed: “President Bai, I didn’t mean it, but, I really can’t drink anymore…”
“Then don’t drink it, Wang Jiang, send Miss Xu home!” Bai Guangyi said coldly.
“Miss Xu, please go back.” Wang Jiang’s expression also became cold.
Xu Feirong clenched her powder fist, and a reluctant smile appeared on Qiao’s face: “President Bai, I can drink more, but Mr. Bai promised me…”
“As long as Miss Xu is willing to drink, things can be discussed.” Bai Guangyi’s face also reappeared with a smile.
“I hope President Bai will do what he says!” Xu Feirong took a deep breath, picked up the red wine in front of him, and drank it all in one go.
Song Jun lowered his head, seeing Xu Feirong drinking a glass of red wine like boiled water. He was also very uncomfortable. He was called by Xu Feirong to help stop the wine, but he really came here. After that, he never drank a glass of wine, and he didn’t even dare to say a word.
Just because the man sitting opposite Xu Feirong’s surname was Bai, from Jinling Bai’s family.
He couldn’t afford to offend the Jinling Bai family.
Therefore, he dare not stop Xu Feirong’s wine!
Even if he knew what would happen after Xu Feirong was drunk, he didn’t dare.
After being infused for another ten minutes, Xu Feirong’s pretty face was already flushed, and her beautiful eyes were full of misty colors. At this moment, she looked extremely charming.
The snowy white gully looming on the chest made people feel hot in the lower abdomen, and his eyes breathed fire.
Seeing that the drink was almost done, Bai Guangyi waved his hand to stop Wang Jiang who was pouring the wine.
“Miss Xu, now we can talk about your parents.” Bai Guangyi laughed.
Xu Feirong bit the tip of her tongue, and a piercing pain came, which finally made her sober.
“President Bai, how can you help my parents?” Xu Feirong smiled reluctantly. Her parents were in the liquor business, and the largest winery in Cangzhou was run by her parents.
Last month, a liquor group in Jinling ordered a batch of liquor from the distillery. After his father Xu Zijie brewed it according to the usual procedure, he sent it to Jinling. As a result, someone who drank liquor died in the hospital the next day.
Father Xu Zijie and mother Zhao Mei were arrested that night, and they are also facing several criminal lawsuits.
Xu Feirong knew very well that the liquor made by Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei had no problems at all and was definitely framed, but the Jinling prosecutor did not believe it and determined that Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei were the murderers.
In desperation, Xu Feirong begged Bai Guangyi. The Bai family was very powerful in Jinling. As long as Bai Guangyi said a word, the investigation could be restarted, and Xu Zijie and Zhao Mei would also be able to settle their grievances.
“Miss Xu, to tell you, I do know the leaders of the Jinling prosecutors. As long as I say a word, your parents’ case can be investigated again. But, Miss Xu, after helping you, how can you thank me? “Bai Guangyi licked his lips, the lust in his eyes did not hide.
“President Bai, what do you… want?” Xu Feirong asked with a strong smile.
Bai Guangyi suddenly got up and came to Xu Feirong, jokingly said: “I want Miss Xu to play a game with me.”
“what game?”
Bai Guangyi squeezed Xu Feirong’s chin frivolously, and the evil charm said with a smile: “A game of undressing! I take off one, you take off one!”
“President Bai, please respect yourself!” Xu Feirong’s pretty face was frosty, and she pushed away Bai Guangyi’s big hand.
“Self-respect?” Bai Guangyi sneered, slapped, and slapped Xu Feirong’s pretty face with a firm slap. “Smelly bitch, don’t be shameless! I can see you, it’s your eight lifetimes. The blessings that cannot be repaired.”
Xu Feirong held her pretty face, tears in her beautiful eyes.
Seeing Xu Feirong’s pitiful look, Bai Guangyi’s expression of excitement became stronger, and with a grinning smile, he directly pressed Xu Feirong on the sofa and prepared to ride on it.
“What are you doing, don’t come over!” Xu Feirong backed away in horror, but the more she resisted, the more excited Bai Guangyi became.
“What are you doing? Of course it’s you! Hahaha.” Bai Guangyi licked his lips and said.
“Song Jun, save me.” Xu Feirong couldn’t help turning her gaze to Song Jun who was asking for help, but saw that Song Jun was lowering her head at this time, she didn’t even dare to look at her.
Xu Feirong laughed miserably, and the disappointment in her heart could not be compounded. Is this the so-called man in her eyes? He didn’t even have the courage to speak for her.
Bai Guangyi gave Song Jun a funny look, then smiled and asked, “Are you her boyfriend?”
Song Jun hurriedly shook his head like a rattle: “Young Master Bai, I am not her boyfriend, I am her classmate.”
Bai Guangyi nodded and said, “Then I want to fuck with her, don’t you have any comments?”
“No objection, no objection, it is Fei Rong’s honour to be featured by Young Master Bai,” Song Jun said with a charming smile. Although he also likes Xu Fei Rong, he couldn’t even think of robbing Bai Guangyi against women.
“Haha, your kid is witty.” Bai Guangyi laughed, but in his heart he despised Song Jun.
“Song Jun, you are shameless!” Xu Feirong was trembling with anger. She didn’t expect Song Jun to be so weak that she was not as weak as Chen Feng.
Song Jun’s face was blushing. After all, he was too persuasive about this matter, but it was impossible to admit it. Instead, he quibbled: “Fei Rong, I am thinking about you, Young Master Bai is such a good man. You can’t find it with a lantern on weekdays. Today is such a good opportunity…”
“Get out of here!”
Before Song Jun finished speaking, Xu Feirong, whose pretty face was full of tears, smashed the wine glass on the table onto his face.
Song Jun let out a scream and stepped back, covering his face.
“Xu Feirong, what are you doing?” Song Jun shouted angrily. Is this woman crazy? Why don’t you beat Bai Guangyi instead of hitting him.

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