Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 71

Bai Guangyi frowned and kicked Song Jun, cursing, “Do you dare to yell Lao Tzu’s woman?!”
“Young Master Bai, sorry, sorry…” Song Jun hurriedly nodded and bowed in apology.
“Go!” Bai Guangyi snorted coldly, and said.
“Young Master Bai, I’ll get out of here, and you play slowly.” Song Jun smiled, and then left the box in a panic. As for Xu Feirong’s life and death, what does it matter to him?
Seeing Song Jun leaving, Xu Feirong couldn’t help despairing. Who else can save her now?
“Wang Jiang, close the door, I will play with this stinky bitch first, and when I finish playing, I will reward her to you.” Bai Guangyi smirked.
“Thank you, Shao Bai.” Wang Jiang nodded hurriedly, his eyes filled with excitement. Xu Feirong is a superb stunner, but he can’t even see him on weekdays, but today, he can be touched by the broad sense of Bai Guang. , Have fun, even if Bai Guangyi plays the rest, he doesn’t mind.
After Wang Jiang finished speaking, he closed the door and left.
Seeing Bai Guangyi approaching herself like a hungry wolf, Xu Feirong had to press the text message send button. This text message was a distress message she wrote before coming and sent to Xia Mengyao. If possible, she didn’t want to Let Xia Mengyao get involved in this matter.
But Song Jun’s betrayal made things beyond her control.
Almost as soon as Xu Feirong pressed the send button, Xia Mengyao received the text message. After seeing the content of the text message, Xia Mengyao’s pretty face suddenly changed color.
“Chen Feng! Fei Rong has something wrong with her!” Xia Mengyao hurried to the first floor with her mobile phone.
Chen Feng couldn’t help sighing from the bottom of his heart, and sure enough, it was as he expected.
“What happened to Fei Rong?”
“I don’t know. She sent me a text message, saying that she was in Guyue Villa and someone wanted to treat her and asked me to call the police.” Xia Mengyao said anxiously.
“Have you called the police?” Chen Feng frowned.
“I reported it when I got downstairs, but the police said it would take at least half an hour to get there.”
Chen Feng shook his head, and the daylily was cold for half an hour.
“Chen Feng, why don’t you accompany me over?” Xia Mengyao also realized what was wrong, and looked at Chen Feng imploringly.
“Mengyao, Guyue Villa is fifty kilometers away from here…” Chen Feng was a little helpless, fifty kilometers, plus traffic jam, it would take at least an hour.
“Then what to do?” Xia Mengyao was a little panicked.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make a call and let my friend go first.” Chen Feng thought of Han Long. There are hundreds of people under Han Long. He should have a way of this kind of thing.
Chen Feng walked aside and dialed Han Long’s phone.
“Chen Shao!” Han Long was still a little surprised. He didn’t expect Chen Feng to call himself so soon.
“Are there any of your people near Guyue Villa?” Chen Feng asked straightforwardly.
“Guyue Villa?” Han Long was taken aback, and said hurriedly: “Shao Chen, that is not my site, but if Shao Chen needs it, I can immediately let the brothers rush over.”
“how long it takes?”
“The fastest 20 minutes.” Han Long replied.
Chen Feng frowned. Twenty minutes might not be enough.
“Shao Chen, the matter is urgent?” Han Long asked tentatively.
“Chen Shao, Gu Yue Villa is Gu Dongchen’s site. If Chen Shao knows Gu Dongchen, he can ask Gu Dongchen to help, and his people can rush over in as little as three minutes.” Han Long is not sure about the relationship between Gu Dongchen and Chen Feng What does it matter? After all, Chen Feng just chopped off Gu Dongchen’s hand not long ago. It is possible that Chen Feng subdued Gu Dongchen like him. It is also possible that Gu Dongchen still resents Chen Feng now.
“I don’t have Gu Dongchen’s phone number.” Chen Feng said, he was sure to let Gu Dongchen pass, but the key was that he couldn’t contact Gu Dongchen now.
“Chen Shao, I have, or should I call him now?” Han Long continued to test, and he was already sure that there was no obedience relationship between Chen Feng and Gu Dongchen.
“Call him and ask him to go to Guyue Villa to save people immediately, just say that I said it!” Chen Feng undoubtedly said.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Han Long hurriedly agreed.
Listening to Chen Feng’s tone, he seemed confident?
Han Long quickly dialed Gu Dongchen’s phone.
“Gu Dongchen, where are you now?” Han Long asked straightaway.
“Oh, Lord Han? Why do you always have the time to call me?” Gu Dongchen said in a strange manner. He and Han Long have always been at odds. When the two meet, Han Long likes to talk about seniority.
“Gu Dongchen, I don’t have the time to quarrel with you now. Listen, Chen Shao asks you to save someone at Guyue Villa. If you don’t go, you will be at your own risk.” In case, Han Long still added it.
“Shao Chen? Which Shao Chen?” Gu Dongchen was clever, and immediately got up from the bed. He was now frightened when he heard the word Chen.
“Which Shao Chen can be? Of course it is Shao Chen who cut off one of your hands!” Han Long joked.
A shock of thunder exploded in Gu Dongchen’s mind, and Gu Dongchen’s expression turned pale for an instant. Why is this evil star?
“Han Long, why did Chen Shao let you find me?” Then, Gu Dongchen reacted. Why was Han Long looking for him? Could it be that Han Long was Chen Feng’s spokesperson?
“Because Chen Shao is my master now.” Han Long said lightly, and didn’t feel how shame to say that. Not everyone can be the running dog of the Chen family.
“You…” Gu Dongchen looked incredulous, Han Long turned out to be Chen Feng’s running dog!
“Gu Dongchen, Chen Shao’s people are in danger right now, so dare to spend time here, if something goes wrong with Chen Shao’s people, hum, you think about the consequences!” Han Long snorted.
“Master Han, don’t say anything, I’ll let people pass.” Gu Dongchen swallowed and said. If it really delays Chen Feng’s affairs, Chen Feng will definitely make him unable to eat.
Gu Dongchen immediately made the call to a KTV next door to Guyue Villa. The person in charge of watching the scene was his person.
At this moment, in the box, Xu Feirong was rather miserable.
The skirt of the lower body was torn open by Bai Guangyi, and the white thighs were looming.
The forehead was also knocked open by the corner of the table, leaving a trail of blood.
Xu Feirong resisted fiercely, which also aroused Bai Guangyi’s anger.
“Grass! Stinky bitch, dare to move, believe it or not, I will kill you!” Bai Guangyi picked up the broken bottle on the table and threatened viciously.
“Bai Guangyi, I won’t let you succeed if I die!” Xu Feirong said tragically, biting her silver teeth.
After talking about the goods, she glanced out the window and flew directly, actually planning to jump off the building!
“Smelly bitch, what are you doing?!” Bai Guangyi was also surprised, and hurriedly stepped forward to hold Xu Feirong. Xu Feirong is really going to have something wrong. Although he will not enter the game, the trouble will never be small.
At this moment, the door of the box was knocked open.

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