Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 711

Someone conceded defeat in the first battle, which was unique in the history of world martial arts competitions. The audience was boiling, and some people were talking in low voices.
“This Arthur is really strong!”
“That’s right, Nanipal surrendered quickly before Arthur took the shot. This aura is unique!”
“You don’t understand. Although Arthur didn’t make a move on the surface, his momentum just now climbed to the extreme. Under this pressure, Nibo didn’t dare to fight hard, so he chose to surrender very interestingly!”
As Nipal gave up, there was a lot of discussion in the field.
Not only the general audience, but even the fighters of this competition are talking about it, after all, this matter is too incredible.
“Hmph, I think Arthur deliberately increased his breath and crushed the opponent. This is forcing the opponent to surrender. This is obviously bullying, a bit too much!”
Ji Yun looked at the figure on the stage, plus what had happened just now, couldn’t help but say.
“Well, a little bit of suspicion of bullying!”
Tianying nodded to the side and said, “You should know that the previous quota was only a few dozen, but now it has increased to more than 60. In this case, there will be a situation where there is a big difference in strength, facing people who are much higher than themselves. Opponents, it is inevitable!”
“From this point of view, the next game will be interesting. I think there will be a situation where one move will be used to control the enemy, and even the opponent will be completely overwhelmed with all strength!
Although Chen Feng did not speak, he agreed with Tianying’s words. This competition is indeed different from the past. Xiang Nibo came to participate in the competition as soon as he entered the stage of transformation, let alone face the sixteen. The strong, even those ordinary players, he has some shortcomings.
This first game really attracted the attention of many people, even the big guys in the VIP room.
“Arthur does not lose his position as the captain of the guard of the Holy See. He surrendered his opponent without a trick. This kind of thing has never happened before!”
The VIP room, as the secretary general of this martial arts competition, Zeus, looked at the pope beside him at the moment, and praised without concealment.
“Haha, where, where, maybe the young man doesn’t want to fight Arthur at all, he may want to retain his strength to deal with the next game, nothing more!”
The pope’s humble expression, but his expression at the moment, even if an individual is not blind, he can see his pride.
In the first game, Arthur defeated the soldiers without fighting and made history. As the Pope, he had a very bright face.
Before the pope’s words came to an end, several representatives of Wuzhizhou, Tsarist Russia, and the United States also expressed their opinions and praised Arthur.
“Hey, this Arthur is really strong. If Chen Feng fights him, I don’t know if he can win!”
Wu Zhizhou looked at Arthur on the stage and analyzed inwardly. If there were no accidents, the two of them would definitely meet in the game, but they would not be able to tell when there was no match.
Wu Zhizhou fought against Chen Feng during the last selection. Chen Feng’s performance was very satisfied. He was originally extremely confident. At this moment, Arthur could surrender his opponent only with his momentum. This kind of strength made him a little shaken. Up.
At this moment, Arthur became the existence that everyone was paying attention to. In the discussion of everyone, Arthur looked at the Holy See saint in the VIP seat, and then bowed a gentlemanly. Then he turned and left the ring without looking back. Seeing that Arthur had left, Nipal also hurriedly left here. He was the player in the first game and the first to admit defeat. There is no such thing in the history of martial arts competitions. At this moment, listening to the people around him, He wanted to get into the cracks in the ground.
“Okay, the first game is over, I don’t know how you guys are watching? Is it fun?”
After the two players left, the young host walked to the middle of the competition venue, took the microphone, and asked the audience.
“What, it’s not enough!”
The audience also responded tacitly.
For ordinary warriors or ordinary people, it is really not addictive. Their strength is too low and they don’t understand the reason. Only the kind of strong can understand that it is Arthur who overwhelmed the opponent with his aura.
“To be honest, I haven’t watched addiction either. Why? This is because the two of them didn’t fight at all.”
The host continued: “But don’t worry, the game has just begun. This is only the first game. There are still thirty-two long games today. I believe that the next game must be exciting. I won’t say much. Applause. Please come on stage for the second game!”
As soon as the host spoke, two contestants came from two different directions. One of them was from Tsarist Russia and the other was from a certain country in Africa.
After the two took the stage, with the referee’s order, the two fought together instantly. You punched and I kicked, and the audience applauded. Anyway, this is the game, but for this low Those who are strong are still not interested in the competition of rank martial artists.
When the host announced the matchup for the third game, they all cheered up.
This game ended soon, and the player from Tsarist Russia won.
“Well, the duel just now was very exciting. The next step is William from the European Union against Lebanon from Vietnam. Let us applaud!”
“it is good!”
The audience boiled over, and the strongest match was the most thrilling and exciting at the same time.
“Arthur won without a fight just now, so what wonderful performance will William, who is known as the favorite to win the championship like Arthur!”
This young host, although young, will particularly stir the emotions of the audience and drive the atmosphere of the audience.
The game started immediately, and the host speeded up and left the competition arena.
Then the audience looked towards the passage of the players, and in the expectation of everyone, William took the lead in coming out.
He is still dressed in a black windbreaker, wearing a grimace mask, and it feels mysterious and terrifying.
As soon as William appeared, there was another cheering in the audience, and William’s loyalists shouted his name loudly.
William turned a blind eye to the shouting or restlessness of the audience, and was not affected by the surrounding atmosphere, but slowly and calmly stepped onto the stage.
Not long after William appeared on the field, his opponent Li also walked out of the player channel, but his appearance did not attract the attention of the audience, and the audience’s sight was still on William.
It can be seen from this point that the two people are far apart.
William always wears a mask, giving people a very mysterious feeling, but it is his strange behavior that has caused others to speculate: Why does William wear a mask everywhere?
William walked slowly to the arena. During the walk, he swept his eyes to the viewing area, and he saw Chen Feng almost at a glance. William narrowed his eyes and didn’t know what he was thinking.
When the two came on stage, the middle-aged referee came on again. After looking at both sides, he asked: “Do you know the rules of the game? Do you need me to repeat it?”

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