Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 79

Due to the rush of time, Chen Feng and Ahao didn’t buy the tickets for the sleeper, but only the seat tickets.
After getting in the car, Chen Feng took a seat by the window.
Ah Hao consciously sat down in the corridor.
The train rubbed the rails and made a clacking sound. Chen Feng looked out the window in a daze. His thoughts were flying. He had stayed in Cangzhou for three years and had never left Cangzhou for half a step. This time he went to Jinling. This was his first time out. Far door.
After arriving at Jinju Station, the train stopped for a while, and a middle-aged man in a suit with a big belly entered the carriage.
The middle-aged man covered his nose as soon as he got in the car, his face full of disgust.
After coming to Chen Feng and A Hao, the middle-aged man picked up the ticket, took a look, and then sat opposite Chen Feng.
After sitting down, the middle-aged man put his black briefcase on the table, glanced at Chen Feng and A Hao, and saw the clothes that Chen Feng and A Hao were wearing. They did not have a shirt of his own. Gui, the middle-aged man snorted disdainfully, closed his eyes directly, and didn’t bother to talk to Chen Feng and Ahao.
After a few more minutes, with a gust of fragrance, a beautiful shadow appeared in everyone’s sight.
This is a young woman wearing a pink Gucci shirt and carrying a Chanel bag.
The woman has a fair and delicate face with melon seeds, tall and graceful, her temperament is cool and dusty, and in her beautiful eyes, she also has a slightly impossibly proud color.
Like the middle-aged man sitting opposite Chen Feng, after the woman entered the carriage, she saw the chaotic environment of the internal organs of the carriage, and the woman’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, but the performance was not like that of the middle-aged man. So obvious.
Then the woman raised her slender legs and walked towards Chen Feng. When she walked to A Hao, the woman picked up the ticket and glanced at her seat number, then pouted her little cherry mouth in dissatisfaction.
Then the woman glanced at the middle-aged man and Chen Feng who looked like Brother Pig. Seeing that they were both seated by the window, the woman turned her gaze to Chen Feng and pointed at Chen Feng and ordered: “You, follow I change my seat!”
Chen Feng didn’t even turn his head, and kept looking out the window.
Seeing Chen Feng ignoring herself, the woman suddenly became a little embarrassed, and said crisply: “Are you polite? Do you want a gentleman for girls?”
Chen Feng turned his head, glanced at the woman, and said lightly: “I don’t know.”
“You…” The woman got angry.
“Beauty girls, don’t be familiar with this kind of person, I’ll change to you, you come and sit on my side.” The middle-aged man with a beer belly stood up immediately, with a flattering smile on his face, and said diligently.
He hit Liu Yiyi into the carriage, and began to stare at him. The figure of the devil, the face of the angel, the beauties of this level, are no more than those of female stars.
And judging from Liu Yiyi’s appearance, it is obvious that he is still an inexperienced university student. He can definitely win it easily with a few tricks.
“No need!” Liu Yiyi glanced at the middle-aged man disgustingly, and said coldly. Compared to Chen Feng, she hated this greasy middle-aged man even more. From the moment she entered the car, she stared at her, as if she couldn’t wait. She just took off her clothes.
“Then where are you sitting? You can’t stand still.” The middle-aged man had a thick face and he still smiled.
“You need to care!” Liu Yiyi glared at the middle-aged man, then sat down beside the middle-aged man, facing Ahao’s seat, but her beautiful eyes kept staring at Chen Feng, as if to Eat Chen Feng in general.
Chen Feng smiled faintly, turned his head away, and continued to look at the scenery outside the window, without any intention of paying attention to Liu Yiyi.
“Huh, play a trick of catching in front of my old mother! I want to see how long you can play!” Liu Yiyi sneered in her heart. She sees people like Chen Feng too much, and wants to pursue her directly, afraid that she will refuse, so she deliberately pretends He looked cold and dismissive of himself.
This kind of person only needs to dry for a while, and in the end, he will run over and lick himself like other suitors.
Liu Yiyi is very confident.
“Beauty, my name is Zhuang Haoren, what’s your name.” The middle-aged man asked with a flattering smile. He must take Liu Yiyi down before he gets off the train.
“Get out!” Liu Yiyi didn’t even look at Zhuang Haoren.
Although he was scolded, Zhuang Haoren was not angry, and continued to smile and said, “Beauty, you are going to Jinling to go to college. I know Jinling very well, and I have several companies there…”
“It’s my shit!” Liu Yiyi glanced at Zhuang Haoren in disgust. There are several companies and you will come to take the train.
Zhuang Haoren chuckled. Why is this chick so irritable? It’s like taking explosives.
“Beauty, it’s not right for you to say that. How can it be none of your business, multiple friends and multiple paths. If you are friends with me, Zhuang Haoren, your business will be mine in the future. Whatever difficulties you have? You can ask me for help, especially financial, as long as you are short of money, just call me, hundreds of thousands of that is not a problem, I can transfer it to you without frowning, beauty, this is me I’ll keep in touch later.” Zhuang Haoren smiled and took out his gilded business card and handed it to Liu Yiyi.
Unexpectedly, Liu Yiyi took the business card and threw it into the trash without even looking at it.
“Tubaozi, do you think grandma is short of your hundreds of thousands?” Liu Yiyi sneered. She really didn’t expect that she would meet a self-righteous stupid like Zhuang Haoren when she went out the door. She was the school flower of Jinling University and her The suitors, who picked up a family property at random, have exceeded one billion, and they are all young handsome men, upstarts like Zhuang Haoren, and they don’t even have the qualifications to give those young handsome men shoes.
“Beauty, you are a bit too much like this.” After repeated ridicules, Zhuang Haoren finally became a little uncomfortable, and said with an ugly expression: “If you are not short of money, would you come to take the train?”
“Grandma aunt has money, but grandma aunt just wants to take the train. Can you control it?” Liu Yiyi arrogantly said, but she regretted it. She should listen to her mother and ask the driver to send herself to Jinling. The reason why she took the train was not It’s not that she doesn’t have the money to buy air tickets, but she wants to experience what it is like to take a train. She has grown up so much that she has never done a train.
But I didn’t expect that the first time I took the train, I ran into the best of Zhuang Haoren, and Chen Feng, who was a pretender.
“I can’t control it, you’re awesome, let’s go.” Zhuang Haoren sneered.
“Knowing that Auntie is so cute, just close your stinky mouth!” Liu Yiyi’s face was smug, like a proud little hen.
Zhuang Haoren snorted coldly and didn’t say a word.
Chen Feng, who was sitting across from the two of them, shook his head, only to feel a little funny. At first glance, this chick was a child who was held in the palm of the hand by his family since childhood. Yes, maybe you have a crooked look at this chick.

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