Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 80

The train ran for a while, seeming to feel a little bored, and Zhuang Haoren turned his attention to Chen Feng and A Hao.
He had to find a way to find the face lost in Liu Yiyi on Chen Feng and Ahao.
The two of them looked like ordinary people, without backgrounds, and they were very bluffing.
“You two, go to Jinling to work.” Zhuang Haoren’s tone revealed a sense of supremacy.
Ah Hao closed his eyes and said nothing, as if he was asleep.
Chen Feng felt a little funny, so he said lightly: “Well, I plan to go to Jinling to find a construction site for a few days.”
“People like you can only go to the construction site.” Liu Yiyi glanced at Chen Feng disdainfully and said.
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled without speaking.
“Many contractors in Jinling know me. Go report me Zhuang Haoren’s name, maybe they can give you a lighter job.” Zhuang Haoren said indifferently, with a tone of charity.
“Thank you, I will try.” Chen Feng smiled and said.
“Yeah.” Zhuang Haoren nodded slightly, and said again: “But it’s okay to report my name, but if you let me know, if you talk about my name, do anything wrong, and do other things, I can’t spare you! I’m in Jinling There are more than just contractors who I know.”
You even threatened yourself? Chen Feng smiled bitterly, but he nodded and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t.”
Chen Feng’s reaction made Zhuang Haoren feel very boring. What he hoped to see was that after he showed his unusual identity, Chen Feng knelt and licked him, greeted him respectfully, and begged him to enjoy his meal.
But Chen Feng is like a wood, he can’t even flatter.
You deserve to be poor for a lifetime and work for a lifetime! Zhuang Haoren snorted coldly and thought to himself.
Seeing that he couldn’t find face from Chen Feng and A Hao, Zhuang Haoren stopped talking, and simply squinted his eyes and prepared to sleep.
On the side, Liu Yiyi took out his mobile phone and started calling, as if he was asking his family to send a driver to pick him up.
The train ran for another two hours and arrived at Beizhou Station, which is only one stop away from Jinling.
This time I parked, many people swarmed into the car. As the tickets were sold out, most of the people who came in were standing.
For a time, the carriage where Chen Feng was located was full of people.
As there are more people, various smells begin to diffuse.
Some people don’t take a shower all year round, some fart, some bad breath and body odor…
Chen Feng’s brows wrinkled insignificantly, and the smell was indeed a little overwhelming.
This is true for Chen Feng, who has amazing endurance. It is conceivable that Liu Yiyi, who is spoiled and spoiled, will be like this now.
Her pretty face was already pale, and it seemed to show signs of vomiting at any time.
At this moment, an old man dressed as a migrant worker was squeezed by the crowd and squeezed to the side of Liu Yiyi.
Suddenly, a pungent sweat and sour odor was added to the nose.
Liu Yiyi couldn’t help it anymore, covering his mouth, got up and ran to the bathroom.
As soon as Liu Yiyi left, Zhuang Haoren became the first victim.
“Old thing, go away, it’s really stinky!” Zhuang Haoren covered his nose and cursed directly.
The old farmer looked embarrassed, and hurriedly apologized to Zhuang Haoren in his native dialect, but Zhuang Haoren didn’t listen at all, cursing, “You are not worthy of riding a train at all, MD disgusting stuff!”
“Hurry up! Go as far as you can! Don’t stand here to get Laozi’s eyes!”
Chen Feng’s expression was slightly cold, this Zhuang Haoren was a bit too much!
The old farmer’s face flushed, and he also knew that he was stinky, but with such a large space in the carriage, now that he was full of people, he couldn’t even move a step.
“Grass! Disgusting stuff, if you don’t let go, if you don’t let go, I will kill you!” Seeing that the old farmer was just muttering sorry but still standing still, Zhuang Haoren threatened viciously. A lot of anger was aroused by Liu Yiyi, and he was full of sorrow. This simple old farmer was a good punching bag.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, this boss, I’ll get out of here.” The old farmer said with a local accent and bowed his knees.
Immediately the old farmer turned around, trying hard to squeeze a way, but Zhuang Haoren stood up directly, kicked the old farmer’s butt up, kicked and cursed: “I will help you get out!”
Before Chen Feng took the shot, A Hao had already stood up and grabbed Zhuang Haoren.
A Hao’s face was terribly cold, and there was a bitter chill in his eyes.
“What are you doing? Dirty things, remove your dirty hands!” Seeing that the worker who was holding him down turned out to be the wage earner he had just looked down on, Zhuang Haoren suddenly became angry and wanted to pull Ahao’s hand away from his clothes. .
But how can Zhuang Haoren, who is always pampered and lacks exercise, can be better than Ahao’s strength, he used the energy of milking, but Ahao’s hand still doesn’t move.
“Grass, let go!” Zhuang Haoren’s face flushed. He wanted to punch A Hao, but A Hao looked obviously uncomfortable. He was afraid that if he hit A Hao, he would end up worse.
A Hao gave a cold snort and slammed Zhuang Haoren away, slamming his face on the table.
If it were not for Chen Feng to be on the side, he would definitely beat Zhuang Haoren to death for fear of missing Chen Feng.
“I’m fucking your mother!” Zhuang Haoren staggered up from the ground and cursed: “You wait for me. I get off the train and I will kill you!”
Ahao glanced at Zhuang Haoren coldly, without speaking.
At this time, Liu Yiyi came back, and after vomiting, her face looked much better.
Seeing Zhuang Haoren and Ahao actually had a conflict, Liu Yiyi’s expression suddenly became strange.
what happened?
“I won’t kill you today, I’ll give you your surname!” Zhuang Haoren spit, and continued to threaten fiercely.
“The boss, this little brother is not sensible…” Seeing that Ahao was hated by Zhuang Haoren because he was hated by Zhuang Haoren, the old farmer suddenly felt a little bit sorry and wanted to intercede for Ahao.
Unexpectedly, Zhuang Haoren directly spit on the old farmer’s face and cursed: “What’s the matter with your old stuff, don’t get out of the car, I’ll take care of you!”
A Hao clenched his fists, and there was anger surging in his eyes. If it were not for Chen Feng, he would definitely tear Zhuang Haoren’s mouth!
“I…I’m going now.” The old farmer gave A Hao an apologetic look and was about to leave. He was afraid that standing here again would make Zhuang Haoren hate A Hao even more.
At this time, a faint voice sounded, and the old farmer’s footsteps stopped, but he saw that the young man who was sitting at the window just now was silent.
“Ahao, get up and give your seat to this old man.” Chen Feng said lightly. Zhuang Haoren would not let this old farmer sit here, he even wanted this old farmer to sit here!

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