Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 896

Ah San was looked at by this look, but couldn’t help but shocked his heart, but he randomly saw Chen Feng’s limbs bound, and he cursed himself secretly in his heart.
Then he slapped the whip from the side and kept beating Chen Feng’s body. The old man seemed to enjoy the scene very much. He sat on the chair beside him, admiring Chen Feng’s painful appearance.
It wasn’t until Chen Feng fainted because of his weakness that he couldn’t bear it, and Ah San stopped beating.
“Let’s stop here today, don’t let him die.” The old man turned and left after speaking.
Ah San nodded and said yes.
And Long Ling finally woke up leisurely. Seeing Feng Qi in front of her, she seemed to recall what happened before she fell into a coma.
Suddenly woke up at night, but couldn’t sleep anymore, so she had to go to the study to kill time, but she didn’t expect to be stunned in the middle of the road, and she didn’t remember what happened after that.
But now I see myself in an unfamiliar room with my sister next to her, still asking her worriedly, “Where are we now?”
Feng Qi recounted everything he had seen, and when he heard Chen Feng murdered, Long Ling couldn’t help being excited.
But now she didn’t see Chen Feng, she asked again, “Where is Chen Feng?”
Feng Qi shook his head, “They wouldn’t tell me, but they must have caught him.”
Feng Qi remembered the people he saw before he fell into a coma. Several people surrounded Chen Feng and beat him, but he could hardly hear Chen Feng’s shouts.
Long Ling also sat up, and said, “Take me over to see Master Qian.”
After leaving the door, the two sisters went directly to the dining room, but at this time there was only one guy sitting on the chair near the door.
He seemed to be only about twenty years old, but he was sitting there quietly reading a book, and when he heard someone coming in, he looked up and smiled at the two sisters: “Why don’t the two sisters take a break?”
He showed a very gentle smile, but Long Ling’s cold eyes were attracted.
“Where is Master Qian?” Long Ling asked coldly.
The young man replied: “Grandpa Qian seems to have gone outside. Are you looking for something to do with him? If it is something very important, you can tell me that I can solve it for you.”
The young man looked very enthusiastic. He probably didn’t know what happened.
Long Ling didn’t waste any time on him, but still said coldly: “Wait for Master Qian to come back and tell us.”
It seemed that they were here suddenly, and Chen Feng was not rescued either. The two of them could only go back to the room just now and wait.
The young man suddenly put down his book and chased after him, and walked in front of the Chang’s sisters.
Long Ling looked at him disgustedly, and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”
The young man didn’t have any impatience. He still smiled: “I want to ask the two young ladies if they are hungry. You have been in a coma for so long.”
But at this moment, Feng Qi’s stomach screamed out of time. She was already hungry, but she didn’t dare to eat the food here or ask them for it.
Long Ling looked at him and said, “If you have one, you can send some to our room.”
After all, it was a request, and Long Ling’s attitude was a little milder.
The teenager agreed with a smile.
It didn’t take long for someone to sit in the room before the door was knocked. Knowing that the young man had just brought food over, Feng Qi opened the door for that person.
As expected, the young man was holding two lunch boxes. He just wanted to bring them in, but Feng Qi snatched them directly, and was locked outside the door.
The young man gave a wry smile, but didn’t say anything, looking at the closed door, he went back to the dining room to read his book.
Towards the evening, the Chang’s sisters came out to ask again, but the answer was still not there.
I thought I was looking for Chen Feng’s traces in the villa, but it’s a bit big here, except for a house here, there are also on the left and right of the garden. If you look for every house here, it’s probably going to be spent. Times of Day.
Long Ling had to give up this idea and continue to wait for the old man’s return.
But until the next day, the young man once again moved two dinner plates and knocked on the Chang’s sister’s door.
Feng Qi opened the door for him. He wanted to keep him closed, but he heard Long Ling say: “Let this gentleman in, I have something to ask him.”
Although the young man looks gentle and looks like people and animals can’t move, Feng Qi always feels a bit unpleasant, but since Long Ling has spoken, she can only let him in.
Because in this unfamiliar environment, it is naturally impossible for the Chang’s sisters to dress up properly. Although they are plain noodles, they still look very clean and delicate.
Long Ling sat on the edge of the bed and asked the young man to sit on a chair in the room. When he sat down, Long Ling asked, “When can Lord Qian come back?”
The young man shook his head and said, “I don’t know about this. Grandpa Qian didn’t say it before going out. But it should be soon, right? He said he would talk to the two.”
Since he has not returned, Long Ling is not prepared to struggle more with this issue, and continues to ask: “He doesn’t know who you are in this family again.”
The young man laughed and said, “But it’s not an important person, just a friend who came over as a guest.”
Long Ling didn’t believe this, and questioned: “It’s just that friends can be the master here. It seems unlikely, right?”
The young man laughed again: “It’s a little bit out of date, but before Grandpa Qian left, he told me to entertain the two, so I should be more useful to talk here.”
“But you still didn’t tell us who you are?” Long Ling said.
“Sorry, I haven’t introduced myself yet. My last name is Bai, and my single name is Su. Dare to ask the names of the two young ladies.”
What can be received is Long Ling’s cold eyes: “You don’t need to know this.”
Despite being treated like this, this Bai Su was still not at all annoyed, just smiled and looked at the two.
Long Ling asked again, “Are there any special people detained here?”
Long Ling also knew that there was no answer to this question, but he still held the attitude of trying to see if he could come out.
Just as she thought, Bai Su shook his head.
“I have been here for about a week, and apart from the two young ladies who came in, there was no one else.”
Long Ling didn’t ask what he wanted to know, so he became cold again and said, “You can go out now, we want to eat.”
Being treated like this by Long Ling, anyone with a bit of anger would put his face down, but Bai Su still had that tepid attitude.
Long Ling let him out, he stood up and said goodbye, then turned and left.
Even Feng Qi felt that his attitude was too cold. When Bai Su left, Feng Qi said, “Sister, this guy looks pretty good.”

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