Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 952

He even felt that the one in it was at least the realm of a grandmaster, but if it was inseparable from a grandmaster, the other party must also be another grandmaster.
Just as he was thinking about it, through the door, he saw the inner room where countless gold jewels were piled up.
Chen Feng is also the first time he has seen the background of a large family. They may not have strong current economic capabilities, and may not have a few seconds of capital flow of hundreds of millions of dollars, but if compared with the initial accumulation of wealth, their background is not bad. Hang all modern enterprises.
And some of these things cannot even be purchased with money.
However, Chen Feng only glanced twice. Zhao Donglai didn’t even bother to look at it, so he walked straight to the empty door inside.
Just standing at the door, I saw the cracked wall that had been beaten, and even the granite that could not be shaken by an explosion actually cracked some slabs and fell down.
A steel needle inserted next to Chen Feng didn’t reach it, and only a tail was left outside. Chen Feng wanted to touch it but was stopped by Zhao Donglai: “That thing is poisonous.”
Chen Feng asked in surprise, “How do you know?”
Zhao Donglai stared at the “Thousand Flames” who was fighting, and slowly said, “That guy is a thousand-faced snake wolf.”
Chen Feng was pondering the name, and the two fighting people also noticed the two newcomers. “Qian Yan” smiled and said, “Haha! Someone actually recognizes me.”
Qianhiroken seems to have never heard of the name: “A thousand-faced snake wolf, why I have never heard of it.”
Thousand-faced Snake Wolf grinned and said, “Of course it is impossible for you to know anything from a frog at the bottom of a well.”
Chihiro Ken was furious, but he couldn’t help him for a while, and even fell slightly downwind, making him very aggrieved. He had never fought such a stubborn fight before, and he always felt constrained and powerless. Use all.
At this moment, two women also walked out of one of the rooms.
Chen Feng recognized the woman with wolf head tattoos on her shoulders at a glance. Although she was covered by black gauze at this time, Chen Feng could see clearly only from this outline.
He didn’t know the one next to him, but the feminine posture of the woman made him take another look.
“They are looking for Emperor Taihao.” Zhao Donglai shouted.
Qianhiro Qian also shouted: “Little friends, stop them, my thousand family must have a lot of thanks.”
While he was talking, the thousand-faced snake wolf took the opportunity to slap Chihiroken’s shoulder with a palm, causing him to step back.
“When fighting with me, I dared to be distracted.”
Qianxun humbly spit, and looked at the other person grimly: “This is how you push Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will let you see and see what is the foundation of Qianjia.”
After speaking, for some reason, his aura became fierce again.
“Thousands of opportunistic methods.” Zhao Donglai reported it clearly again.
Although I don’t know this technique, I just look at Qianxun Ken and I know that it must stimulate the body’s strength, but I don’t know if it is the same as Chen Feng’s, with great side effects.
Chihiro Ken, who had increased his strength, also gained the upper hand for a while, and his strength and speed seemed to have increased dramatically, suppressing the opponent’s constant punching.
Without thinking about it, Chen Feng rushed towards the woman in Molang.
“Hmph, I didn’t expect that he would come to the door by himself.” The feminine woman sneered.
“Hey, don’t do it at will!” Zhao Donglai also shouted from behind, but seeing Chen Feng make a move, he had no choice but to rush up.
A silk thread came towards Chen Feng, and the steel needle tied to the end of the thread shocked Chen Feng. He made some mistakes to think that this was the steel needle inserted into the wall just now, but after looking at the speed, he woke up.
After he avoided it, Zhao Donglai also rushed over, and he shouted, “What’s the hurry, it’s better to wait for us to find out the thing and do a competition. The winner can naturally be taken away, and the loser doesn’t need to be extravagant. ”
He said so, but fortunately Chihiro Ken was completely immersed in that crazy battle now, he didn’t realize that Zhao Donglai was also here for that baby.
The two Molang looked at each other, and the feminine woman said, “Okay, it’s up to you.”
However, Chen Feng didn’t want to let go of it. The previous hatred with the other party was not resolved.
Zhao Dong came to see Chen Feng’s intentions and gave him another hand: “What’s so anxious about this? head.”
Chen Feng had to put it down again, and the two women watched Chen Feng on guard and walked into the other room.
“Let’s go, it’s not that easy to get into the treasure house of Thousand Houses in general. If you really fancy something now, no one knows even if you take it away.”
Zhao Donglai can still say such easy words, only because the two masters can’t separate any thoughts to pay attention to other people.
If they want to leave, no one can even stop them, but they can’t leave, they can only hold on to each other.
Chen Feng also walked into these rooms, really shocking.
Only the things he knew made him unable to estimate the price, let alone those he didn’t know.
Zhao Dong came around for a while, and didn’t find what he wanted, so he left without a trace of nostalgia.
Chen Feng is even more curious about him. If he can restrain himself, it is only because he is rich, but he is almost uninterested like Zhao Donglai. Chen Feng can only think that it may be behind Zhao Donglai. There must be wealth that cannot be underestimated.
The four people are still very quick to find a few rooms, but each does not trust each other.
When they were all over, they looked at each other: “Things will not be on you, right.”
“If you don’t believe it, or if everyone can be frank with each other, then you don’t agree with hiding things on your body.” Zhao Donglai grinned.
The feminine woman chuckled: “Is the little brother so anxious? If the little brother is willing to give things to the sister, the sister can accompany you well, you can do anything you want, how about it? Is the little brother interested? Even if two people are together, it’s not impossible for my sister to think about it.”
That charming gesture made Zhao Donglai a shudder. This was an encounter with a fairy.
“I think it’s fine. I’m afraid that even the bones will not be left.”
“A courageous guy, I’m scared at this point.”
The woman covering her face looked at it coldly and said, “Don’t play, things are still important. It is really impossible to put that thing on them. In other words, the thing is not in the eight rooms.”
Chen Feng can also see that according to the gift Emperor Taihao seen in the previous exhibition, the two women can’t hide themselves, so this thing should still be somewhere.

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