Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 955

Zhao Dong was terrified after he came, so he shouldn’t mention this sentence just now.
But since he said it, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and think about how to save: “Senior’s ability to disguise is unparalleled in the world, and he is also the most mysterious and arrogant among the world’s masters. If we talk about the level of martial arts, those of us, the masters, cannot see clearly. , But when it comes to being a person, seniors are most admired, so I also denied the idea just now…”
Hearing Zhao Dong’s effort to flatter him, Snake Wolf disliked him and interrupted, “Enough, as for what I want, that’s my business. You two boys almost broke my plan. Now this looks like a province. I’m going to do it.”
Listening to it, he seemed to be about to do something with them.
He was originally a grandmaster, and the two of them couldn’t fight anyway, not to mention that both of them are injured now, and it is even difficult to escape.
But just as I thought about it, a voice came from the cave: “If you have the kind, fight Lao Tzu again. Lao Tzu has to take your skin off.”
Hearing that voice, I knew it was Chihiro Ken.
Snake Lang frowned, and he didn’t seem to expect Qianhiro Ken to catch up again.
“Fortunately you are lucky today.” He said to Chen Feng and the two, then turned and left.
Qianxun Qian chased it out, and saw the direction the snake wolf was fleeing, and immediately chased it up.
Both Chen Feng and Zhao Donglai were relieved.
What happened in Qianjia seemed to be spread out at a faster speed, and it was impossible for Qianjia to reveal the shortcomings by himself, so it could only be the group of Molang.
A fake treasure was exhibited, and at the same time that one was actually robbed. No matter how the Qianjia denied it, it still embarrassed them outside.
Ever since Qian Xueqiu knew it, she had been frowning. He had made the idea, but the current situation has made things worse.
It was the invited guests who offended, and no one would think that it was a happy thing to be teased, even if the opposite was Qianjia.
However, no one has come to look for Qian Xueqiu until now.
He thought for a while, and took the initiative to go out. Although the family did not find him, it does not mean that he was not wrong. He wanted to take the initiative to admit his mistake to the Patriarch.
And soon when he came to the door of Chihiro Art, he knocked.
“Come in.” A voice came from inside.
Qian Xueqiu pushed the door and walked in.
Chihiro Yi was sitting at the desk inside, and when she saw Qian Xueqiu coming in, she was a little surprised, but she couldn’t see any anxiety about this happening on her face.
“I didn’t expect you to come here.” Chihiro Yi said his thoughts directly.
Qian Xueqiu said politely, “Patriarch, this matter…”
But before he could finish speaking, Chihiro Yi intercepted him.
“I know what you want to say, this matter has nothing to do with you.”
“It’s nothing. Someone wants to deal with Qianjia. You can’t deal with it alone. And I agree with the plan. If I really want to punish, I should be the main responsibility. With that idleness, it is better to think about it. There is no way to save it.” Chihiro Yi said harshly.
Qian Xueqiu had no choice but to give up the idea of ​​continuing to admit his mistakes.
Naturally, he knew in his heart that this matter was not too wrong for him, but in these thousands of houses, he was a side door, if he kept his attitude a little lower, he might not have known that it was in that corner. Don’t say that you can still see the face of the Patriarch.
Since Chihiro Art didn’t embarrass him, he could say something about the next thing.
And Chihiro Yi looked at him as if he had something to say, and asked, “What else is there?”
He rationalized his thoughts and said, “Patriarch, there is actually not much to do for Qianjia. I think I should take the initiative to recognize it, send someone to each house to explain the matter, and an apology, so as not to create gaps. ”
After speaking, he looked at Chihiro Yi, and Chihiro Yi also looked serious and seemed to be thinking too.
Chihiro Yi hesitated: “Will this make my Qianjia lose face? If there is no deterrence, it is impossible to guarantee that in the future, no one will make trouble for my Qianjia at will.”
Qian Xueqiu naturally knows what Qianxunyi is worried about, and replied: “Patriarch, the deterrence between families is not based on famous voices. Strength is the most important thing. If someone dares to do something in the future, they will be a chicken and a monkey. It’s more troublesome, but now that people are jealous, it seems that my family is scared. It’s better to admit it frankly and find a way to solve it.”
But this is not easy to make a decision.
After thinking about it, Qianxunyi still didn’t think about it, so she could only let Qian Xueqiu go out first.
And Qian Xueqiu, who left the room, could only shook his head. If the matter was still attached to facial problems, then it would be like a betrayal. Although Qian’s family is a big family, there are no longer a few people who covet that wealth. Once they are united, Qianjia may really be in danger.
After walking two steps, he saw a strange figure. When the person got closer, he noticed that he saw the other person.
“Shao Chen!” he shouted at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng was also surprised. He saw that it was the young man from the Thousand Family that day. He stood in front of him and said, “Are you also looking for your Patriarch?”
Qian Xueqiu nodded.
That day, Chen Feng and Zhao Donglai stood outside the entrance of the cave. Not long after Qianxunqian chased him out, thousands of family members came over. After understanding the situation, they did nothing to Chen Feng, and even took him to Qianjia to recover from his injuries.
After Chen Feng was able to move, he actively wanted to thank Chihiro Art, not wanting to see Qianxueqiu here.
“I also want to thank you Qianjia, so I went to find him to thank you.”
It was just a nodding acquaintance, Chen Feng didn’t intend to chat with him, but just as he was about to leave, Qian Xueqiu stopped him.
“Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng turned around and looked at him suspiciously: “Something?”
Qian Xueqiu thought for a while, and said, “Young Master Chen, can you please do me a favor on that day?”
Chen Feng looked at him curiously. If it was about that treasure, even if he wanted to talk about helping, it was Qianxun Yi who came over and said to him instead of here, after random encounters, a more casual request.
So Chen Feng frowned.
Qian Xueqiu seemed to know his abruptness well, and hurriedly explained: “Shao Chen, this is actually a private request. I know and abrupt, but I may not have much choice.”
Chen Feng did not speak, but just stared at him.
“Shao Chen, do you remember Qianning?”
Chen Feng’s expression was moved. He naturally remembered that the man who took the bride away at the Thousand Family Bride’s Engagement Banquet, and no one in the entire Thousand Family would be ignorant of his existence.
But looking at Qian Xueqiu, he didn’t know what he meant by mentioning Qian Ning at this time.

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