Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 962

Zhao Donglai didn’t know the white-faced young man, but if Chen Feng was there, he would definitely recognize him.
He is Qianning who has escaped from Qianjia.
But why he is here is very intriguing.
“You want him to get the piece of real gift to Emperor Taihao, it doesn’t seem to be easy.” Qian Ning asked.
The old man nodded: “Do you believe he can get it? If he can get it, then I will have to look at the Zhao family with admiration.”
“Why do you want him to do it there?”
Both the evil man and the old man laughed, but smiled silently.
But then Qian Ning seemed to want to understand the reason, it was just an act of disrupting the audiovisual and acting like a fisheye.
As for the genuine piece to be obtained, naturally it still needs to look at their own actions.
At this time, the old man said: “Thousand Young Man, you have finished watching the movie, so you have to let us know why you found us.”
It turned out that Qianning didn’t find Molang under Molang’s arrangement. He found Molang and wanted to say something, but looking at Molang as if he had other arrangements, he wanted to leave.
However, the old man asked him to stay and watch. Qianning was not curious about Zhao Donglai, but he did not refuse, so the old man would only say this after Zhao Donglai left.
Qian Ning said: “To deal with Qianjia.”
The evil man looked at Qian Ning in amazement. It is not difficult to know who Qian Ning was. The affairs of Qian Ning that day were aroused, and it can still be used as an after-dinner talk.
But if Qianning thinks that Qianning is going to deal with Qianjia because of this, this matter is not so easy to accept.
“You kid doesn’t want to be an undercover agent, right?” The evil man said in an angry voice.
Qianning had a cold face and said, “If you don’t believe me, then I can go without disturbing you.”
He even got up and left as he said.
The old man stopped him: “Thousand Young Man, stay.”
Qianning looked at the old man: “What else do you want to say?”
“If you don’t believe in nature, you still don’t believe it, but it’s not completely impossible to talk about it.”
Qianning looked at the other person with some doubts, his thoughts were naturally that only by believing could he continue talking.
“What do you want to do.” The old man looked at Qianning easily: “It doesn’t matter whether we believe you or not, we just want to see what you do.”
Qianning thought for a while and said, “Kill Chihiro Art.”
As he said, he stared at the other two, and the other naturally showed a surprised expression, which is not a trivial matter.
And Qianning slowly said: “I think this is not much different from what you have to deal with Qianjia. When Qianxunyi dies, Qianjia will definitely collapse.”
The old man thought: “Indeed, although Qianjia looks very powerful, but the interior is very messy. Everyone is pregnant with ghosts. If Qianxunyi dies, Qianjia will surely be messed up by himself.”
But then he shook his head again: “Not to mention that at this stall, it is impossible for him to leave Qianjia, and it is impossible for the master of Qianjia to watch Qianxunyi be killed.”
Qianning said, “I have a way to get Chihiro Yi to leave Chin’s family, and Chihiro Ken will not follow him. And you only need to send seven or eight people to kill Chihiro Yi.”
But after saying this, there was no answer immediately.
And Qian’er who had sent Zhao Donglai away also came back at this time.
The old man said to Qianning, “I can’t give you the answer now. If you want, leave a contact. I will let you know in two days.”
Qianning didn’t seem to have thought of confirming the matter immediately, so he nodded and said, “Yes.”
Before Qian’er sat down, the old man asked her to take Qianning away.
Qianning did not refuse, and walked out after Qian’er.
When she waited out of the private room and only Qian’er and Qian Ning were two, Qian’er smiled and said, “Thousand Young Man, I admire you very much. Just knowing that you dare to take the bride away from marriage, I will I want to see you in particular.”
Qian Ning did not speak, but followed Qian’er behind.
Qian’er seems to be immersed in her own imagination: “If a woman can find a man who loves her so much in her life, it is worth death. It is a pity that there are too few men like this.”
She sighed as she spoke.
Qianning said: “I just did what I should do for the person I like. If Ms. Qian’er hasn’t found the man she likes, you might as well wait a while, but it hasn’t appeared yet.”
Qian’er said: “Forget it, if I wait any longer, I will be all old and yellow. When that happens, I won’t even have youth, so I can talk about true love.”
Qianning didn’t know how to reply even more, so she was silent.
After a while, the two walked outside.
“Miss Qian’er, please go back.” Qianning said.
Qian’er laughed, “Could it be that Young Master Qian doesn’t wait to see me so much, knowing that he has reached the door, so he is anxious to drive me away.”
Qianning frowned slightly, wondering what this woman wanted to do.
“I did not mean that.”
Qian’er touched Qian’er’s chest with one hand lightly, and slowly said, “I know you didn’t mean that. Am I kidding you? But you are really casual, which makes you unhappy. .”
Qian Ning’s body was slightly backward, trying to avoid the approach of this woman, but Qian’er got even more inches, and her body got closer and closer.
Qianning could even smell the scent of the other person. He solemnly said, “If there is nothing wrong, I think I will leave first.”
Saying, I’m leaving.
But Qian’er grabbed his arm and said, “Young Master Qian, what do you mean by leaving in such a hurry? Can’t you see my thoughts?”
She winks like silk, her lips and teeth are pursed lightly, and she is a stunner. When a man sees something that is seldom unmoved, he doesn’t feel it, and there must be a problem in his heart.
But Qian Ning couldn’t say what it was. His eyes didn’t fluctuate, and he still said solemnly: “Miss Qian’er may have misunderstood. I already have someone I like, and I won’t do anything I’m sorry to her.”
Qian’er smiled and said, “You know, I know, no one will know anymore, who will tell her things, for you, but it’s cheaper for you, I won’t pester you again, you are afraid what.”
If this is an ordinary person, it is too late to be happy, and if you get a bargain, you don’t have to be responsible.
But Qianning is a stubborn person, abide by the bottom line, it may be his insistence, he still refused: “I am not afraid that she knows, as long as I know it, then I can’t help her.”
He hopes to say this so that Qian’er will not think about it, but he seems to realize that it is not the case. Qian’er’s eyes are even more blurred when she looks at him, as if there is a kind of sex that wants to swallow him.

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