Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 961

Zhao Donglai stood there, and he looked at the old man sitting in the middle. Although he didn’t know him, he knew at a glance that he was definitely the leader.
As for the other two, a white-faced young man and a fierce villain sat aside, and after Zhao Dong came in, he looked at him.
It’s just that he doesn’t know these two people.
Qian’er said to the old man, she also sat on her seat, and drank the drink in front of her herself, as if her mission was completed here.
At this time, the old man looked at Zhao Donglai with a smile, his face was kind, which made people feel good.
“I went to the treasure house of a thousand families that day, was it you?” the old man asked.
Zhao Donglai didn’t think he had any possibility of resisting, so he nodded honestly.
Seeing Zhao Donglai’s compliance, the old man smiled and told him to sit down. Zhao Donglai didn’t think much, and walked to the position beside Qian’er and sat down.
It’s just that Qian’er gave him a sideways glance, but didn’t say anything.
The old man continued to ask, “Where are you going to do?”
Zhao Donglai replied: “Naturally, it is also to bestow emperor Taihao. Just like your purpose, it is impossible for you to grab something from a thousand families and not allow others to share a share.”
The evil man looked bad and said, “Boy, pay attention to your attitude.”
Before Zhao Dong came to refute, the old man stretched out his hand to stop him from speaking. He said, “No, this is something that people see.”
With that said, he nodded to Qian’er, and Qian’er took out a box from the bag beside her knowingly.
Zhao Donglai looked at the box in surprise: “This is the box that was in the treasure house that day.”
He recognized it at a glance, and he had touched it with his own hands, so naturally he would not forget it.
Qian’er put the things on the table, and Zhao Donglai was sitting beside her, so the box was not far away. He even thought, holding the things and ran away, not knowing the chance of success.
But naturally it was impossible to think about it. The old man also interrupted his thoughts and said, “You can take out the things inside and take a look.”
Zhao Donglai looked at each other in disbelief, “You let me take it out?”
The old man nodded.
But if you get a treasure, you must be very careful if you get it. Even if Zhao Donglai can’t run away with it, if he breaks it, wouldn’t they feel distressed?
Zhao Donglai couldn’t figure it out, but it had nothing to do with him. He still picked up the wooden box.
It was troublesome to open it alone, and Zhao Dong looked at Qian’er while holding the things.
“What are you doing?” Qian’er asked knowingly.
“Help me.”
“No, I don’t have to help you.”
Qian’er said so, but Zhao Donglai was helpless, he had to ask for help and looked at the old man.
In the end, the old man nodded, and Qianer helped to open the wooden box.
The things were still inside, but Zhao Donglai looked at the old man in confusion.
With just this expression, the old man knew that Zhao Dong looked at it, and the contents were fake.
Zhao Dong asked, “What does this mean? If you don’t want me to see it, you don’t have to put a fake thing in it, right?”
The old man chuckled and said, “You really recognized this thing. I saw it after at least a long time, but you only knew his true and false at a glance.”
Zhao Donglai was worried. He just lost his vigilance and actually forgot to expose his identity.
But the old man said so, but he was not speaking, nor was he ready to continue the discussion.
The old man seemed to see his thoughts, and just said: “We are not in a hurry to know your identity, but when we got this item from Qianjia, he was fake.”
Zhao Donglai was even more surprised, but he didn’t know whether this was the old man’s use of words to coax him, or whether it was the case.
But after thinking about it, he said, “If this is false, then what do you mean, the real gift of Emperor Taihao is still in the Thousand Family.”
The old man nodded and said, “Yes, Qianjia fooled us all.”
Zhao Donglai didn’t have too much resentment. Qianjia didn’t want to be snatched away. Naturally, he needed to do something, and he didn’t really snatch it, so it has nothing to do with him.
It’s just that the things that have been preached outside are a bit untrue now.
“What are you telling me for? You won’t let me help you to really grab the one in Qianjia’s hands.” Zhao Dong looked at the old man.
But the old man just looked at him with a smile, Zhao Donglai had a bad feeling.
“You don’t really think that way, right.”
Qian’er said at this time: “Do you have any other choice? If you agree, you may still have a chance to survive. If you don’t agree, you may die here now.”
Zhao Donglai took a breath, he didn’t think this woman was joking.
“If I can get things from Qianjia, I won’t go with you to grab this fake. Are you too high on me.”
The old man smiled and said, “We naturally know that you can’t do it alone, but aren’t the guys behind you also OK.”
Zhao Donglai felt scared, but the last thing he didn’t want to mention was still known by the other party.
“You already knew my identity?” After knowing it, he didn’t care anymore: “But I still can only refuse. The people behind me have forgotten this humiliation long ago, and all they can do is live.”
When the old man heard it, he sighed and said, “It’s really a pity that such a prosperous Zhao family has actually declined to such a degree.”
“It’s nothing to be a pity. Success or failure. History has always been a victor, and it is impossible to guarantee that Qianjia will follow in our footsteps. As for Mowolf, you may die even more miserably.” Zhao Donglai sneered.
Upon hearing this, Qian’er and the evil man glared at Zhao Donglai. If the old man were not present, they might have already started Zhao Donglai.
Zhao Donglai didn’t care, but looked at the young man. He didn’t know what the young man came from. The other party had always been sitting there quietly. He was indifferent when he heard him mocking Molang. He didn’t seem to be Molang’s. people.
The old man’s attitude was not stunned, and said: “How the desert wolf exists, or even how long it can exist, is still the protagonist now.”
He pointed to Emperor Taihao, who was in front of Zhao Donglai, and said, “Leave aside those for the time being, we just want the real piece, and you have to find a way to get him for us, no matter what method you use.”
This is like being difficult for a strong man, but the old man’s words seem to be extremely firm, and he even believes that Zhao Donglai must have a way to get the real gift of emperor Taihao for them.
As for whether he agreed or not, Qian’er took the rest of him out, and there were only the three people before him.

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