Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 973

He was lying on the ground, still not ready to get up, and then saw that the car heard Chen Feng in front of them.

Then a man walked down from above. He removed the pair of glasses, but his dress was still shiny and pink. Chen Feng also immediately recognized the guy who bullied Wu Xin in the western restaurant.

It seems that he has avenged his personal revenge.

Chen Feng thought, and stood up directly.

The two plainclothes who had caught Chen Feng looked at Chen Feng, and suddenly became curious that Chen Feng seemed to be a different person.

But naturally they don’t need to care about Chen Feng. Under their authority, Chen Feng can only obey.

“You also know that standing up just saved us from pulling you. You see that guy, just follow him.”

One of them pointed to Liu Shaojie and said.

Chen Feng nodded, looking very honest, but he already wanted to punish this bad guy in his heart.

Liu Shaojie watched Chen Feng walk over. He didn’t expect that it would be as simple as catching Chen Summit, and even Zhang Long told him that if he asked him to pay attention, he would forget it.

However, thinking that Chen Feng might be able to martial arts, he was still a little wary, and asked plainclothes: “He won’t break free from the shackles, right?”

One of the guys smiled and said, “Master Liu, don’t worry. This is made of stainless steel. Even the knife is constantly cutting. How can he be freed unless he is a Superman.”

As he said, the other guy also laughed haha.

Although Young Master Liu didn’t quite understand, since the other party had already said so, he followed and smiled together, covering up that he asked such a stupid question.

Chen Feng walked to Liu Shaojie’s side, knowing that this guy was surnamed Liu, and said, “Let’s go, Master Liu.”

With that said, he actually walked to Liu Shaojie’s car on his own, then opened the door and sat in.

Liu Shaojie looked at Chen Feng who was already in the car in amazement. He always felt that something was wrong. This shouldn’t be an attitude of being caught, but he was still looking at the shackles in Chen Feng’s hands.

He thought for a while, and said to the two plainclothes, “Could you put more shackles, I can lock his feet too.”

The two people were a bit contemptuous, but their faces were not easy to show. They just smiled with Liu Shaojie: “Of course there is, Master Liu, wait a minute.”

After speaking, he took another one from the car and handed it to Liu Shaojie.

He held it in his hand and tried it. It was really firm and the texture was good.

With the two of them still there, he immediately walked to his Chen car, and then took it on Chen Feng’s feet.

Chen Feng still didn’t struggle, but this guy was really cautious.

After sitting all of this, Liu Shaojie let the two people leave without worry, and he returned to his position.

Looking at Chen Feng in the back of the car, Liu Shaojie sneered: “Have you ever thought that there will be today, Master Chen.”

Chen Feng didn’t expect that he would know his name, but after thinking about it, he also reported his name when he was arrested just now, but he didn’t know where he knew it.

Chen Feng said: “I really didn’t expect this, but you found me to deal with me, it shouldn’t be as simple as killing me.”

Liu Shaojie said, “That’s natural. If you dare to humiliate me like that in the restaurant, you should be prepared to be tortured by me. I want you to know what the real pain is.”

This sounded familiar, and Chen Feng didn’t know how many times he had heard it, but in the end it was not him who suffered the pain.

Liu Shaojie drove to a large villa in the suburbs. Although the house here is not his own, it can be used at will.

Before he arrived, several people stood waiting at the door.

He got out of the car and said to the group of guys: “Bring me the guy in the car.”

Knowing that Chen Feng’s feet were also restrained, he sent someone to lift Chen Feng.

After a while, several guys carried Chen Feng and walked towards the villa.

But when Chen Feng entered, he discovered that the villa was filled with various instruments of torture. This is rare now, but Chen Feng saw them one by one. If it was not specially prepared for him, it would indicate this Liu Shaojie. He is a sadistic person.

There was a stove burning on the side, with seven or eight iron pancakes in it, and some sparks spattered from time to time.

It makes people feel creepy when they look at it.

And this group of people lifted him and sat on a stool, like a tiger stool, and then someone was going to tie it up. Chen Feng looked at Liu Shaojie and said, “This is what you prepared for me today? It’s really rich. Do you want to use it all on me?”

Liu Shaojie smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s still a long time. I won’t let you die easily. All kinds of emergency medicines and even a doctor is there. He will try his best to rescue you before you die. It is impossible to save, and at that time, I think you will leave this world very comfortably. As long as you want to thank me or hate me, that will be after death.”

Chen Feng also laughed. He has been patient all the time, just want to see how this guy will torture him. Now that he has got his wish, he doesn’t need to pretend.

Although the shackle in his hand is strong, as long as it has a keyhole, he doesn’t even need brute force to destroy it.

And now the rope tied to his foot, as soon as he applied force, it turned into an unknown number of cuts, and collapsed to the side.

As for the guy who just stood aside, Chen Feng also tried hard, and the other party flew out and landed on a shelf, smashing the props on the ground.

Liu Shaojie was also flustered. He never thought that Chen Feng would still be able to struggle, so he immediately called someone to grab him.

But looking at the guy who just flew out, the rest of the people were panicked, for fear that they would also fall behind.

But Liu Shaojie immediately cursed: “If you dare not go, are you not afraid of me? I want you to die but there are many ways.”

As soon as I heard this, I knew that Liu Shaojie was great, so they looked at each other and rushed up together.

At this time Chen Feng had stood up, and he was looking for items that could be unlocked.

The guys who rushed over looked very vicious with weapons.

But before they got close to Chen Feng, they were all hit on the ground one by one. The people who fell on the ground seemed to have difficulty even getting up.

Liu Shaojie was still there urging these guys to stand up, but this was no longer possible.

At this time, Chen Feng also found a tool that could open the shackles, a key ring on a guy’s body.

He pulled off the key, then used a loop of iron wire to take it apart, and became an iron wire again. Then, he bent a little at the tip, and it was done.

I saw him use this tool to put it in the keyhole and fiddle with it a few times before opening it.

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