Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 988

But just as she was about to start, Qianhiro Ken’s attention was paid to Chihiro Yi’s lips fluttering, and she immediately made a startled sound.

“There seems to be some movement.”

Feng Qi immediately put down the golden needle in his hand and looked at it carefully. Indeed, even his eyelids were squirming slightly.

Chen Feng also came over curiously.

Seeing Qianxunyi really woke up, Feng Qi let go of his position and gave Qianxunqian.

And then, Chihiro Yi’s muddy eyes really opened, but he didn’t have the strength to even sit up.

Chihiro Ken hurriedly leaned forward and yelled softly to him.

Chihiro Yi’s mind was still sober, he recognized Chihiro Ken and immediately whispered something in his mouth.

But the voice was too subtle, Qianhiro Ken had to put his ear to his mouth.

As for Chen Feng, the two naturally couldn’t hear anything.

Outside the study, there are fallen leaves falling, it is the gloomy sky, the slight wind.

Someone lightly stepped on the fallen leaves without paying any attention, and continued to take a step.

Slowly like a stroll.

But in his heart he was concerned about the situation in the study.

Qian Xueqiu did see Qianxunqian and the others entering it, just watching them look nervous, and adding the things that Qianxunqian urgently purchased, these made Qianxueqiu have to doubt what he was doing.

I just thought about it and brought a doctor. If it wasn’t for prolonging the life, it would stimulate people to wake up, and it must be because of something that had to be explained.

Qian Xueqiu’s first thought was to give Emperor Taihao, that thing no one seemed to care about it now, Qianjia was busy with the death of Qianxunyi, and even many people, like outsiders, thought it was robbed by Molang.

And Molang lost a huge wave in Qianjia, and it seemed to have gained vitality, and there was no idea of ​​fighting again.

But he knew that this thing must be hidden somewhere in Qian’s family. Now thinking, maybe only Chihiro Yi knew about it, and the reason why Qianhiro Qian was so sneaky might be to get the whereabouts of this thing and to contact the sea lion building.

As they were pacing, the study door was opened, and Chen Feng and Feng Qi walked out.

Chen Feng was also taken aback when he saw Qian Xueqiu who was looking towards here not far away.

But Qian Xueqiu just smiled at him and left directly.

“Aren’t we supposed to tell the people from Qianjia?”

After speaking a few words with Qianhiro Ken, he didn’t even finish the words, so he completely stopped the beating of his heart.

This result is known, but the real face of death still makes people feel miserable, Qianhiro Qian is lying on the bedside, a little sad and unwilling to come out.

Feng Qi took Chen Feng out and left him the time.

“Let’s go, if you meet someone, just let him inform you.” Chen Feng said.

Soon, the people of Qianjia learned about this, and they gathered in front of Qianxunyi’s study. Maybe some people were crying, but they were happily rejoicing in their hearts. Some people were expressionless, but they might be sad in their hearts.

I can’t see their hearts, but knowing the superficial things is the most unbelievable.

Sitting on the stone bench in the small courtyard, Feng Qi was a little lost.

Chen Feng accompanied him and asked softly, “Are you still thinking about that matter?”

Feng Qi said in a low mood, “I think I may not be suitable to be a doctor. In fact, every doctor should be able to face life and death very simply. This is an inevitable thing, but for every time you see death, It will be particularly uncomfortable. When the master died, I almost fainted crying.”

Chen Feng picked up a stone from the ground and placed it in front of Feng Qi.

He asked, “What do you say this is?”

Feng Qi looked at Chen Feng suspiciously, obviously not knowing what he wanted to do: “Isn’t it just an ordinary stone?”

Chen Feng said: “Then do you think he will die? If he dies, will there be other stones crying for him?”

Feng Qi shook his head, looked at Chen Feng with wide eyes, and said, “I am not a child.”

Chen Feng picked up the stone again and said gently: “You are not a child, and the stone will not die, let alone crying for him, because crying itself is respect for death, because of many emotions, because of fear, Because he is afraid of the kind of farewell that cannot be seen again, because there are so many. And the stone has no life, so he doesn’t need this kind of respect, he doesn’t feel anything, but people are different.

He is a real human being. He has feelings and can perceive. With attachment, crying becomes an emotion and a kind of respect. ”

Feng Qi was in a daze, as if thinking about what Chen Feng said.

After a while, she leaned on Chen Feng’s shoulder and said softly, “Then can I cry for a while through him?”

Chen Feng didn’t expect that she would ask like this, but it was a man’s obligation, and he would naturally not refuse.

Long Ling, who was hiding in the corner and did not come out, heard what she had just said. She also seemed to have a chord in her heart, but she couldn’t say it.

Qian’s funeral was held soon.

Many people have come, but their minds have changed a lot.

Chen Feng participated in the funeral of a thousand families, and now he has participated in the funeral. It is really watching the process of the thousand families going from prosperity to decline.

But he didn’t accompany him to wait until everything was over. Not long after the beginning, he drove the car to send the two sisters home.

Qian’s family may be the most dangerous time at this time, and Chen Feng will not worry about keeping them here.

But just walked out of the gate and was about to get in the car, a person stood up from the corner and stopped Chen Feng and the others.

The other party must have guessed that Chen Summit passed by here, so he was waiting.

But Chen Feng didn’t know this person.

“Are you from Molang?” But there was a feeling that made him believe that the other party was Molang.

The other party was also slightly taken aback, chuckled and nodded, “Sure enough, Shao Chen is really good, you can guess all of this.”

Chen Feng looked like a torch, as if he didn’t dare to relax, he protected the two behind him, and said to the person, “What do you want to do?”

The man smiled and said, “Just to inquire about the whereabouts of a person with Chen Shao.”

Chen Feng guessed that the question they were asking was probably Qianer, but pretended not to know, and asked the other person in doubt: “Who?”

I don’t know how he revealed his stuff. The other party actually said affirmatively: “Sure enough, Shao Chen knows that person. I think Shao Chen will cooperate with him. If he does it, he will hurt these two beautiful women. It’s a shame.”

Chen Feng only regarded him as tentative. He insisted that he didn’t know anything and said, “I don’t even know the person you want to find. How do you want me to cooperate, and if you dare to do it, you will definitely die.” It’s miserable.”

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