Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 993

The voice immediately spread clearly, and in the darkness, it appeared more clear.

Chen Feng realized that it was not good, he was shouting companions.

He thought about it, and turned around to run away.

But the other party obviously wouldn’t be as Chen Feng wanted, and Hengjian immediately chased him up.

But what Chen Feng was waiting for was at this moment.

The ghost-faced person’s reaction was still sensitive, and he immediately blocked his chest with a sword, but Chen Feng also used a lot of strength to directly bend the long sword, and even hit the opponent’s chest.

Guimian quickly retreated, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

But Chen Feng was not in love with fighting, and he didn’t even look at the opponent’s injury. He forced the opponent back, immediately turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

After a while, a sword of the same length came and stopped in front of Chen Feng. After a glance, he knew that he must be in the same group as the man just now.

Chen Feng also just fought and retreated. If surrounded by them, it would be difficult to run.

Finally, I finally ran out of such a remote place, as if to a more lively place.

The guys behind them were also afraid of making some noise, and they didn’t catch up here.

It has been a long time before Chen Feng quietly returned to Zhao Donglai’s hiding apartment. Downstairs, Qian Xueqiu was standing there waiting.

Looking around, there was indeed no one, and Qian Xueqiu’s expression was very calm, before Chen Feng walked out.

“They didn’t find you?” He asked curiously.

Qian Xueqiu showed a puzzled expression and said, “Didn’t you chase it up? Didn’t you catch it?”

Chen Feng said: “People are catching up, but they are traps. Although I don’t know who the other person is, they are not weak.”

Qian Xueqiu just nodded, as far as he was concerned, he didn’t actually have much idea of ​​what kind of strength.

Chen Feng didn’t discuss this topic with him either, just said: “The other party doesn’t look like Molang. Judging from the behavior of Molang, they can’t be so sneaky.”

Qian Xueqiu said, “If it wasn’t for the desert wolf, and planned to besiege you, have you offended any other forces here?”

Chen Feng thought the same way, but after thinking about it, naturally he didn’t find a suitable goal.

Simply put it aside for the time being, if you meet again, maybe you will know who the other party is.

It’s just that Zhao Donglai’s life or death is unknown, and it seems that he can only wait until the other party’s next plan.

By the next day, the thread pulling thread on Chen Feng’s body had not been resolved. Although it seemed that he couldn’t feel anything, this thing was like a thorn in his throat and a awn on his back. It made people feel better if it was resolved.

Chen Feng decided to explain the whole story to Long Ling clearly. Thinking about it this way, she should not have any misunderstandings about herself.

But after seeing Chen Feng in Longling, he deliberately avoided.

As soon as he sat down, he got up again to leave, and Chen Feng hurriedly chased after him.

“Long Ling, you should have misunderstood me!” Chen Feng grabbed Long Ling’s arm and said.

Long Ling turned his head and looked at Chen Feng holding him, looking at him with cold eyes, and whispered: “I don’t think I have misunderstood you. And please take care of yourself.”

When Chen Feng saw that he was holding Long Ling with only a thick or thin wrist, he felt a little rude, and immediately put it down.

But as soon as he broke away from the restraints, Long Ling was about to leave.

Chen Feng rushed to her, stopped her, and pleaded, “You really blamed me!”

But Long Ling still said in a cold tone, “Is it my fault to have a good time with other women? I really didn’t expect you to be like this.”

Chen Feng looked at Long Ling with a headache, as if this so-called silk thread must be just for the guilty man.

But Chen Feng knew that Long Ling just didn’t know the inside story. He said seriously, “Long Ling, listen to me and wait until I finish. If you still think like this, I really have nothing to explain. .”

Long Ling was also a little moved, so he relaxed and looked at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng knew that Long Ling was giving him a chance, and he was happy in his heart, and said to Long Ling, “Sit there, I will tell you in detail.”

Then, Chen Feng began to explain how he met Qian’er, and then how to be teased by her. In the end, Qian’er explained to Long Ling one by one the fact that Qian’er planted the silk thread on him in order to understand the medicine.

Listening to Chen Feng’s words, Long Ling’s face was still quite suspicious.

“She is still a virgin.” Long Ling and Chen Feng said.

It doesn’t sound like a question, but a certainty.

Chen Feng didn’t understand Long Ling’s meaning, but was rather surprised: “I didn’t expect her to do that. When everything was over, I looked at her as if desperate. But what she said in the end , I think she wants to get rid of her current shackles more.”

Long Ling was silent, lowered his head, not knowing what he was thinking.

Chen Feng asked, “How can this thread pull the thread be untied, and it seems that I can’t feel anything. Is it really a poison?”

Only then did Long Ling raise his head and slowly said, “He is a poison, and it is extremely poisonous. If it happens, it will only take a few seconds before he will die.”

When Chen Feng heard this, his head was big, and his mouth opened wide and asked, “This is really so powerful? How can I untie it.”

But Long Ling shook his head and said, “There is no cure.”

Chen Feng was even more frightened. When Qian’er told him, he naturally didn’t want to believe it, but now Long Ling told him that way, he seemed to have no choice but to admit it.

He asked timidly, “When will he have an attack? Am I going to die anytime now.”

Long Ling said: “Now you will be fine. This thread is only used to punish the guilty man, so when the poison is on, it is also when the blood of a man is spurting, and the heart is infatuated.”

She said it implicitly, but Chen Feng still understood what she meant. If that was the case, he didn’t need to worry for a while.

Seeing Chen Feng’s feeling of unburdened, Long Ling added: “It’s not just that time, as long as blood pressure and shortness of breath are just after strenuous exercise, under the same feeling, thread pulling will also happen.”

This made Chen Feng scared for a while. The escape like yesterday did not trigger. It may be considered his fate, otherwise he would have died in the hands of the poison without those people.

But then he thought for a while, and felt that since there is no cure, why did Qian’er still say that she can solve it, and Chen Feng asked curiously: “The woman asked me to bring the antidote for heartbroken gu to her, so she was willing Untie it for me, is she lying to me.”

Long Ling said silently, “If she really said that, you can try it, maybe she really can do it.”

Looking at Long Ling, Chen Feng was also confused by her.

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